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Who Would You Rather: Ginger or Mary Ann?

Ultimately, men are divided into two groups. Those who like Ginger and those who like Mary Ann. There are no wrong answers here…except those who pick Ginger. Because Maryann was a damn fine women y’all.

Vote on it.


The 10 most overrated things in sports

The following are a few of the most overrated things in sports, ranging in subject from gaudy helmets to overblown corporate spectacles. It’s time to pump the brakes, sports fans.


In defense of Matt Harvey’s middle finger

This morning, Mets pitch Matt Harvey tweeted out a photo marking the six-month anniversary of Tommy John surgery. In the picture, he is flipping off the camera. Some time later Harvey deleted his account. There was no reason given, just an outright deletion.


13 irrefutable reasons why Amy Schumer is TV’s funniest woman

Amy Schumer is raunchy, Amy Schumer is no-holds barred, Amy Schumer’s not afraid to say whatever comes to her mind. It’s why people love her. She’s the person who can make you laugh even when you’re down. Here’s 13 reasons why she’s the funniest woman on TV.


3 secrets behind why YouTube videos go viral

Rebecca Black. Double rainbows. Nyan cat. Why do some seemingly ordinary videos become Internet sensations? And what do the videos we love say about who we are? YouTube’s Kevin Allocca breaks it down.


Colorado legalized marijuana—now Coors Field has new smoking signs

On January 1st, 2014 Colorado legalized marijuana, allowing the sale of cannabis to anyone 21-years-old and over. Unlike cigarettes however, weed smokers were limited to private property---no sharing a joint outside a building or walking down the street or even while watching your favorite team.


10 life rules to make you a better guy

As you become a man (as opposed to a man-child) you need to pick up some habits that turn you into a better fella. Here are some ways to better yourself while also bettering the lives of those around you.


Can Ronda Rousey shut up already?

For most people there exists a filter between their brain and their mouth—-it’s called common sense. For Ronda Rousey, that filter does not exist.


14 disturbingly honest bad date confessions

We’ve all had bad dates, some of us more than others, but we can now all take solace in the fact that none of us have had anything remotely as bad as these dates happen to us. Right?