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What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
A video game based on ‘Home Improvement’ does indeed exist
Get in on our free $1,000 fantasy baseball game before it’s too late
What to watch tonight
Girl in dressing room has best photobomb ever
Bruce Springsteen drinks a fan’s beer during Philly show
Gator just chillin’ in the backyard, eating a tennis ball
iPhone Scuba Case is self-explanatory
‘Triplets’ is real, unfortunately
WWE WrestleMania 28 preview
Hoarding is a serious problem, even in ‘Skyrim’
This Stephon Marbury tattoo is both awesome and awful
Bump Pay lets you settle the check digitally
Charlie Sheen keeps it together on ‘Today,’ barely
Machine Era bottle opener is epitome of form meets function
9 things shockingly more likely than you winning Mega Millions
Utah wants to fine you for listening to your iPod
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
The 100 ugliest people in sports
Man proposes to girlfriend at CM Punk autograph session
Someone actually made an Epic Sax Guy game
Dorky kids rapping about snapback hats are the 2012 Rebecca Black
Hulu finally hits some tablets that people actually use
This is the perfect power hour album to start your party
‘Human Centipede 3′ in danger, state of emergency declared
Is this Rick Santorum almost dropping an n-bomb?
Dubstep does wonders for a video game about farming
Diego Maradona tries to fight an entire section of fans
25 new sunglasses to conquer summer
Drunk guy sings Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of a cop car
Local news actually thinks gamers cursing online is newsworthy
5’10″ James Justice throws down impressive dunk in contest
New ‘Prometheus’ trailer: explosions, aliens
What to watch tonight
Capcom’s DLC initiatives are absolutely ridiculous
86-year-old woman’s gymnastic routine is unbelievable (seriously)
Should you change your operating system?
Middle school teacher resigns after attempting to measure student’s cleavage
What the hell is ‘Rise of the Guardians?’
Leafs fan expresses his disapproval of GM Brian Burke in hilarious fashion
Brazilian freestyle juggling, aka the best spectator sport ever
iPhone money clip lets you lose your phone AND your money
Yet another pedophile has been caught thanks to a Nintendo DS
Kevin Durant hangs out at the Apple store
Tapose: A notebook app for your iPad that works
Mega 64 makes ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ infinitely more watchable
Devin Hester’s Jordan collection will make you jealous
The Guyism Speed Round for 3/29
Kelly Brook uses her assets to promote a good cause
Terry Bradshaw selling Oklahoma horse ranch for $10 million dollars
‘Anchorman 2′ is gonna be on you
Joe Biden thanks Dr. Pepper, the drink, instead of Dr. Paper, the person
Nerds invent tricorder, of course it runs on Linux
Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Rolling Stone’ cover wins the day
Frat boy takes a bite out of a cactus
Rihanna’s disappointed face is the best part of ‘Battleship’ existing
15 authors who were probably fakes
The best scotch whiskys at every price point
A giant pile of ‘Game of Thrones’ preview clips
A roundup of all the new memes mentioned on ‘South Park’
New ‘The Dictator’ Trailer
Easiest $1,000 you’ll ever win is our fantasy baseball game with FanDuel
This history of video games includes Mario having sex with Lara Croft, sorta
What to watch tonight
Ryan Gosling gets his ass whipped in ‘Only God Forgives’
President Obama singing ‘Sexy and I Know It’ works well
Epson Moverio: 3D goggles that might actually have a use
White men can’t trampoline
Daytona Bike Week features a topless beer tub girl
9 badass lasers that prove the Death Star isn’t far off
‘Neighborhood Watch’ movie trailer pulled in Florida
Little boy has no clue at all what his shadow is
The Thor-Stand means you can use a ladder on a sloping hill
Guys are still guys no matter the age
Wait, so ‘Ridge Racer Unbounded’ is actually good?
March Smashedness Finals – Whiskey Shot vs. Seasonal Beer
Why your stereo speakers probably suck
Porn stars cash in on Tiger Woods mistress fame with film
Dakota Rose is a real-life Barbie
Courtney Stodden did a PSA for PETA, for some reason
The 20 most expensive athlete homes
Lindsay Lohan is going to be on ‘Glee’
The Guyism Speed Round for 3/28
XRY phone cracking system shows just how weak smartphones are
Can you chug vodka while doing a handstand?
Jim Schwartz gave players boxing gloves and baseball bats for big hits
Mitt Romney was a real laugh riot on ‘The Tonight Show’
25 people making money off Trayvon Martin
Krysten Ritter shows us around her sexy place
Perhaps the best entrance to a fight ever captured on video
100 ways to stay awake during a meeting
Magic Johnson group buys Dodgers for $2 billion dollars
A behind the scenes look at Valorie Curry as gaming’s next big hottie
Fight between Kentucky-Louisville fans at dialysis clinic
‘Total Recall’ teaser: no Arnie, more Kate Beckinsale butt is now available for your Xbox 360
Save Steve Holt
What to watch tonight
Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are hilariously featured in this Japanese commercial
Alicia Silverstone chews food, spits it into son’s mouth
Chapel Hill bans cell phones while driving completely
DLC for ‘Touch My Katamari’ is, not surprisingly, very wacky
Female beach volleyball players can replace bikinis with shorts at London Olympics
The dumbest tattoos of all time
Churchkey demonstrates how to open their flat top beer can
11 disturbing things tweeted about 16-year-old Kendall Jenner’s bikini photo
Tacocopter is fake…for now; but could it happen?
Signs a woman might suck at being a girlfriend
Little kid hoists half-court shot to beat the buzzer
Musk Up: Did ‘Anchorman’ predict the rise of men’s cologne?
Tenacious D is back
The best athletes to follow on Twitter
Finally, you can take the Mensa test on your Android
Learn the ways of the arcade stick, the gentleman’s way
Kid backflipping nonchalantly in random places is awesome
‘Bully’ to be released unrated
Octomom topless is something you really don’t need to see
The Guyism Speed Round for March 27th
Bacon Lollipops look delicious but have gone too far
Damn, Android phones really ARE named like condoms
Sasha Vujacic lists California home for $2.75 million dollars
Real life Hamburglar robs patrons at Maine McDonald’s
Celebrate! It’s World Whisky Day!
Girl all drunk or high or something humps a tree at Ultra
10 things you were going to do this winter, but probably didn’t
The Gentlemen’s Rant on spring break is a necessary guide
Brandon Knight bathes himself in Gatorade
Handpresso Auto makes a mean cup of espresso in your car
Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife claims he owes her $808,935 in back child support
John Cena prepares for Wrestlemania by lifting a lot of weights
Everything you need to know about ‘Cheetahmen II’ aka one of the worst NES games ever
What to watch tonight
Exclusive Infographic: Hunger Games vs. Running Man
Tiger Woods wants you to know this was his SECOND comeback win
Restaurant creates burger based on Chris Brown and Rihanna
What the hell is a nano-SIM and why should you care?
New Justin Bieber song ‘Boyfriend’ getting attention for not being awful
Horrifying rugby injury will make you squeamish
6 psychotic punishments doled out by famous superheroes
Pair: The app for annoying couples to stop annoying us
For those afraid to drop their PlayStation Vita onto concrete, watch this
How to properly order a ‘Bartender’s Choice’
Behind-the-scenes at the Jennifer Love Hewitt ‘Client List’ photo shoot
‘Baywatch’: The Oral History
Fight in a Nashville Sbarro’s reveals nothing is sacred
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2 cram course
Warning your past self how much video games will suck in the future
Bill Parcells to take over Saints head coaching job?
Should you buy the Nokia Lumia 900?
‘Doctor Who’ goes West with new teaser
Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green being sued for assaulting a photographer
The sexiest athlete moments ever
‘Sh*t People Say to Bartenders’ is actually quite helpful
The Guyism Speed Round for March 26
Jessica Paré performing ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ won the ‘Mad Men’ premiere
Pocket ESN lets you check that used phone for problems
Serena Williams has a new boy toy
Female reporter’s cutaway interrupted by vigorous self-styling session
10 totally irresponsible 2012 NHL Playoff predictions
10 comic book superheroes who need their own movie
Matthew Weiner teases ‘Mad Men’
Word to the wise: avoid ‘Ninja Gaiden 3′ like the plague
8 of the most terrifying legendary creatures
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
NMA is here to remind everyone of ‘Angry Birds Space’
9 celebs who actually went from rags to riches
Belvedere Vodka tweet establishes it as the ‘Rapiest of Vodkas’
What to watch tonight
Who dat? Why it’s Roger Goodell thank you very much!
Brazil gives poor people plastic surgery for free
Lemme Tweet That For You: Fake tweets to torture dear friends
MHSAA prohibits 19-year-old with down’s syndrome from playing basketball
Galileo: A robotic arm for your iPhone
LeBron James and Miami Heat wear hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin
Sulty singer Angelina Lavo is about to hit it big
Drink like Don Draper and the writers of Mad Men
Christian TV network accused of buying $100K dog motor homes with donations
Siray Kong is a model to put on your radar
Totally bored with ‘Skyrim’? There’s always cabbage trick shots
TiVo to get a 500GB upgrade
10 rules for the perfect bachelor party
This music video from German artist Faderhead would make a great game
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
How to spend it: The Beer Tool bottle opener
Joba Chamberlain suffers dislocated ankle on trampoline
Better Bacon app makes you a breakfast god
Kim Kardashian was flour bombed last night
What happens on the Internet in 24 hours
The new ‘Hunger Games’ app for iOS is pretty neat
Elmo and Cookie Monster toys get it on vigorously in kid’s toy bin
Blake Griffin gets bowled over football style
Swedish House Mafia teams up with Absolut for Greyhound
It’s Optimus Prime in ‘Grand Theft Auto’
Woman falls off pier while texting
What to watch tonight
Forever 21 Photoshops out women’s kneecaps for some reason
Kate Upton now works for Skullcandy (in a bikini, of course)
Spotify gets a major app overhaul
10 cocktails with Ne-Yo’s new Malibu Red
And here’s a ladybug getting railed from behind
The Scrubba is a useful, portable, washing machine
The Guyism Speed Round for March 22
The world’s first diamond ring: 150 carats of glory
The dumbest sex advice from the 1960s
Viewer curses after winning $10K on Aussie morning show
The new Katy Perry music video for her song ‘Part Of Me’
VIDEO: The many ways to die in the Mushroom Kingdom
The Commodore 64 returns
Tim Tebow, ‘Please Don’t Go’
Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama were ‘kissing and grinding’
Today’s beer geek goes to a craft beer festival
Korean ‘Rape’ vegetables is probably a bad translation
13 new ideas for your Spring wardrobe
BioWare finally gives in to the legions of whiny, entitled ‘Mass Effect 3′ dorks
Tim Tebow headlines and newspaper covers
What to watch tonight
Dog slams door after getting yelled at by owner
There’s an iPhone case that doubles as a hotspot?
35 best tweets from the #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithPenis trend
Win $1,000 in a free one-day fantasy baseball game with Guyism’s staff
7 awesomely insane guns people actually used
Vapur Anti-Bottle: New slim profile, same great hydration
The new ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ game looks, well, amazing
The 10 best (worst?) pictures of Rihanna in ‘Draw Something’
Michael Andretti selling Miami beach condo for $3.9 million
John Cena talks Wrestlemania, The Rock, and more
Driver cuts off guy at gas pump, leads to massive explosion
VIDEO: The ‘Street Fighter’ vs. ‘Mortal Kombat’ flash mob looks like the best time ever
BREAKING: Sean Payton suspended one-year for bounty program
New government app lets you know how dangerous riding the bus is
The hottest WAGs in Major League Baseball
Are Dianna Agron and Tim Tebow an item?
The Guyism Speed Round for 3/21
Damn, Adriana Lima is pregnant again
Happy Kitchen lets you make your own candy hamburger
VIDEO: ‘The Walking Dead’ video game looks decent
New iPad destroyed by lasers, fire, and more
Blackhawk Secretary Trunk: Lug your office wherever you go
Fox, CNN are really confused about Peyton Manning
The ultimate guide to finding sports to watch on TV
Adrian Grenier is bringing back flat top beer cans
Local news reporter obviously hates female anchor, calls her ‘Sh-tty’
VIDEO: ‘Street Fighter 2′ song performed on the violin by a girl who likes ‘Xena’
VIDEO: Doug Theme Song by Mystery Guitar Man
VIDEO: Shaq is retiring his name
8 ways today’s nerds and geeky things are glorified
What to watch tonight
Father takes son skateboarding sans helmet, falls immediately
VIDEO: Looks like ‘Battlefield 3′, but sounds like a NES game
Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen: You know, for stab-writing
10 reasons strip clubs are dumb
This guy’s Facebook passion for ’21 Jump Street’ is contagious
VIDEO: ‘Super Mario Bros’ is a surrealist masterpiece says PBS
Kathy Griffin tweets about Kardashian Khaos towels – attempted hilarity ensues
Which companies have the best social media?
FitBit tracks calories, exercise, shames you into working out more
Chicago cop chokes out obnoxious drunk
VIDEO: The new ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ trailer
VIDEO: Huge rugby hit leads to scuffle
Paraplegic girl gets to try her dream of bungee jumping
FTR Caddy Trek: Finally, a robot golf caddy
The 4 best drinks of 2012. Vote now for the March Smashedness Final Four!
It’s impossible to tell if this ‘Farmville’ infomercial is a joke or not
Comparing ‘Mad Men’ ads to real ones from the 1960s
Patrick Bertoletti POV professional eating competition
Allen Iverson’s ex-wife wants to know how many people he slept with
‘Hot Or Not’ for Xbox Live avatars is actually a thing
The Met Opera app; no, really, they made one
March Madness drinking game will be the nail in your coffin
The Guyism Speed Round for March 20th
Who was the hottest woman on TV last night?
Pedal powered ferris wheel is the most pointless innovation ever
VIDEO: Warriors fan boo owner and almost reduce him to tears
5 diseases we wouldn’t mind having
VIDEO: Everything that’s wrong with the modern beer geek
10 of the sexiest celebrity lesbians
Kansas cheerleaders save man trapped underneath car
What to watch tonight
Old man with a shopping cart full of beer is a true hero
7 scientific reasons you’ll turn out just like your parents
U.S. Army sidearm gets second barrel, utterly insane
VIDEO: Now it’s time for ‘Mass Effect 3′ unnecessary censorship
’2 Broke Girls’ parody trailer is more entertaining than the show
Top 5 Ken Griffey sneakers to rock this Spring
Strumify: Finally, your iPod can teach you to play music
VIDEO: Watch someone play a first person shooter with a steering wheel
11 miserable hangovers that don’t involve alcohol
15 of the funniest Twitter reactions to Peyton Manning signing with Denver
NetZero rolls out budget WiFi hotspots
The none-too-glamorous life of a high end hooker
BREAKING: Peyton Manning to Broncos
VIDEO: Obnoxiously drunk Jets fan makes kid cry
SNAP Skateboard folds for transport, makes you look cool regardless
Drunk girl sings ’50 States Song’ to the amusement of few
VIDEO: New ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ trailer
Girl doesn’t understand miles per hour, shames herself and education system
VIDEO: NMA’s take on ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ is just weird
Kid’s excuse note is the perfect reason to miss school
20 athlete and WAG couples who should have reality shows
Shoenice chugs a bottle of Absolut in 15 seconds
Creighton player Ethan Wragge takes serious abuse on Twitter from North Carolina fans
11 types of people you see at a wedding
VIDEO: Latest ‘Dead Or Alive 5′ trailer looks impressive, plus kind of creepy
14 ways to tell if you’re really a nerd
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
VIDEO: Behold the brand new kill cam in ‘Skyrim’
10 of the best TV shows to have only one season
What to watch tonight
Speedlink wireless keyboard solves the battery problem with a solar panel
Finally, you can get a free pizza with your vasectomy
Air Strike Catapult: A desktop siege machine
VIDEO: This Dick Vitale interview was really uncomfortable
Kid tells the truth about donuts in school essay
8 insulting ways people act ‘Irish’ on St. Patrick’s Day
Sparrow: The only email app you’ll ever need on iPhone
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
VIDEO: Candice Swanepoel is the sexiest workout partner ever
Screencaps, cheerleaders and other notables from NCAA Tournament-Day 2
This is what George Clooney getting arrested looks like
John Elways flies out to visit Peyton Manning
Meghan McCain is not gay, loves sex…with men
Kate Upton’s 25 sexiest sports moments
Jompy uses physics to boil water in 45 seconds
Best ‘Judge Judy’ promo ever is about guacamole
VIDEO: Paul Millsap blows wide open, game-winning layup
Skrillex performed on piano is something to behold
The best (and worst) dressed coaches of March Madness 2012
The 15 best/worst things from day one of the NCAA tournament
10 types of concert goers that piss us off
What to watch tonight
Old man has hip surgery, now can’t stop laughing
Hand-cranked vending machine sounds insane, but could save lives
The hottest fans of March Madness
Gizmon iCA: Turn your iPhone into a classic camera
Screencaps, fans, cheerleaders and other notables from NCAA Tournament-Day 1
Vote now! It’s the March Smashedness Elite Eight!
VIDEO: Do we need another ‘Halo’ fan film? Maybe not, but here’s ‘The Fallen’
How the RIAA is making your Internet crappier
Cheerleaders of the NCAA Tournament
How to never spill your beer again
The Guyism Speed Round for 3/15
VIDEO: Meet the newest resident of Liberty City
VIDEO: The trampoline dunk is not for amateurs
Should you use a digital wallet?
Cat goes hard to dubstep
VIDEO: The Kate Upton Zoo York commercial that is too graphic for MTV
VIDEO: Watch graffitti artists work while dressed up as ‘Super Mario’ characters
Study: Women hate beards on men
Did you embarrass yourself last night?
10 drunkest cities in America
VIDEO: This ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ ending isn’t real, but should be
What to watch tonight
Because the world needed one, there is now a Kanye West video game
20 pictures of destroyed Lambourghinis for some reason
Anchor tries to pronounce ‘hallucinations,’ gives up
Flat flashlight lights your way, saves space
13 women on Twitter who won’t be taking part in Steak and BJ Day
7 Kama Sutra sex tips that will put you in the hospital
Mike D’Antoni resigns as Knicks coach
Science invents the anti-printer
VIDEO: ‘Octodad’, as the title implies, is about an octopus that’s also a dad
Miesha Tate is not impressed with Ronda Rousey
Day drinking tips from The Guyism Library
Watch With eBay is your girlfriend’s new favorite app
Gillian Anderson admits to having lesbian relationships
The 15 best board shorts for Spring/Summer 2012
Watch four people annoyingly argue about why Mario is a douchebag
Cute kid recites pi to 50 digits in ten seconds
Pwn Plug: mess with your friends from a distance
The Guyism Speed Round for 3/14
VIDEO: Wild three-pointer gives HS team playoff win
Behold the Game Boy Transformer that’s also made of Legos
Hot weather reporter storms off yelling ‘Son of a bitch!’ during live shot
Knob Creek celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with innovation
Brandon Marshall allegedly punched a woman
Adventure gaming’s last hope rocked Kickstarter, but the millionaire Wiccan?
What to watch tonight
Don’t say ‘I don’t have time,’ say ‘It’s not a priority’
Someone is making a ‘Boondock Saints’ video game
3D printing gives us hollow spider guitars
David Spade’s ‘Honest Bachelor’ is better than last night’s finale
‘Not so Fab, Melo’ tweets are saturating the internet
VIDEO: The new Salma Hayek Got Milk commercial is well worth watching
Your next cellphone might come from Dish Network
BREAKING: Fab Melo ruled out of NCAA tournament
Newspaper salutes long-time editor by reporting how he died after sex with a 23-year-old
VIDEO: Tony Hawk video games are looking to make a comeback
The sexiest famous cheerleaders of all time
Pizza Roulette is the only way to make pizza unenjoyable
Strip club makes donation to L.A. Little League
VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing at ‘The Hunger Games’ premiere
Tag Heuer Racer Phone: Shockproof, stylish, offensively overpriced
The Guyism Speed Round for 3/13
Hockey team wants game replayed after norovirus outbreak
VIDEO: Mega 64 does ‘Uncharted 3′
Guyism Finds: The two weather apps you need
Vote Now! It’s March Smashedness’s Sweet and Savory 16
VIDEO: Steve MacIntyre of the AHL attacks goalie twice
Spring Break girl soars through air in colossal failure
The hottest on-screen bathing suits of all time
VIDEO: Remember,’Yakuza: Dead Souls’ comes out today
An interview with Bushmills’ Master Distiller Colum Egan
Kevin Durant selling Seattle home for $2.8 million dollars
VIDEO: Mother asks son to turn his video game off, total meltdown ensues
9 star athletes who played drunk or high
Courtney wins The Bachelor and the crowd goes wild!
What to watch tonight
Erin Andrews is still with ESPN…for now
Smokejumper: A belt that can lift an SUV has been shut down
T-Mobile to add an unlimited minutes plan?
The 7 worst sex lives in the animal kingdom
Doug Christie and his wife are giving porn a try
The Guyism Speed Round for 3/12
Remember kids, real ‘Pokemon’ champions don’t defecate in hotel hallways
Girl does something dumb at Spring Break, film at 11
Nasty virus forces players to withdraw from Indian Wells
Jon Hamm on Kim Kardashian: She’s a ‘f**king idiot’
Google wants you to buy the world a Coke
Do we all actually hate craft beer?
VIDEO: Guy in Japan gets banned on PSN, goes nuts, makes video pleading his case
Vote in ScreenJunkies’ ‘Game of Thrones’ brackets
Orlando high school all-star post-game breaks out in brawl
VIDEO: This semi-faked Mega Man ending in ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ is kind of interesting
Cameras 101: Instagram is not magic
VIDEO: Ravens cheerleaders perform flash mob
Glee! Now there are alleged leaked Heather Morris naked pictures
Local New Orleans newspaper releases worst police sketch ever
VIDEO: Terrell Owens gets flipped over the boards
The new Coors Light aluminum pint could be useful
2012 NCAA Tournament bracket
Best pro-America picture you’ll see today
10 of the most worthless superhero powers of all-time
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
7 of the biggest celebrity sellouts of all-time
What to watch tonight
Vote now! It’s March Smashedness Round 2
Check out the sexy outfits in the Japanese version of ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’
Penguins on an airplane video is adorable
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Gyroboard: Skateboarding without those pesky wheels
Things That Make You Feel Old: Notorious B.I.G. died 15 years ago today
VIDEO: Rob Riggle is here to detail the ‘Call of Duty ELITE’ drop for March
Brett Favre releases statement about Twitter account
VIDEO: The new Rihanna Armani commercial
Jezebel drops another huge takedown piece on the Kony 2012 charity
West Virginia has made a snitch app just for you
Lady goes absolutely nuts on some guy on an NYC subway
David Price hurts his neck by ‘toweling off too hard’
VIDEO: Sorry PS3 owners, but your version of ‘Mass Effect 3′ sucks
Scarlett Johansson is going to do a shower scene
5 Plymouth Gin cocktails to class up your next party
Taco Bell Doritos Taco Loco: The Review
What to watch tonight
REMINDER! March Smashedness round one voting closes tonight
‘The Gentlemen’s Rant’ on the new iPad is worth a watch
INFOGRAPHIC: March Madness
Letter from child to local weatherman is insane, awesome
VIDEO: Chugging 3 beers in 29 seconds with no hands
Rush Limbaugh controversy is over thanks to some dude in a superhero costume
Waiter gets fired for revealing Peyton Manning tip
VIDEO: NASA’s ‘Angry Birds Space’ ad will be cute to some, infuriate others
New patent combines mace, taser, flashlight, rubber bullets, awesomeness
Nolet’s Silver cocktails show off a new style of gin
How not to catch an arsonist
Baylor dons yellow neon uniform for Big-12 tournament
VIDEO: A ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ fan flick that’s actually pretty good
Parents go to Chuck E. Cheese, forget their kid there
iPad Roundup: How’d we do?
VIDEO: Coach calls timeout and ruins dramatic buzzer-beater
Goat eating NYC pizza? Goat eating NYC pizza.
VIDEO: Pittsburgh Energy Alliance thinks dissing gamers will make them want to work there
The 50 hottest women whose last name ends in ‘-ova’
Newspaper food review of new Olive Garden is amazing
VIDEO: Caroline Wozniacki prank FAIL
Guy steals xBox and Wii for drug money, replaces them with his PS3
14 of the most racist old ads
The extremely credible social advocates who want to #stopkony
VIDEO: ‘Infinity Blade: Dungeons’ is your first next-gen iPad game
That KONY 2012 viral video going everywhere is kind of a scam, FYI
‘Community’/'Arrested Development’ intro mashup is nicely done
VIDEO: ‘MLB 12 The Show’ commercial will either warm Cubs fans’ hearts or infuriate them
Men’s pantyhose is a hot new trend now? Really?
VIDEO: ‘Mari0,’ which combines ‘Super Mario Bros’ and ‘Portal’ is a real game
VIDEO: Action Trackchair is a wheelchair with tank treads
iPad 3 press conference live blog
VIDEO: NMA predicts a showdown between Snooki’s baby and Master Chief on Dec. 21
Hair loss ad on Canadian train is the meanest thing ever
The Guyism Speed Round for March 7th
Oh good, there’s a Hulk Hogan sex tape
Ninja Remote lets you switch channels on any TV
Chad Ochocinco did NOT date Kate Upton
Screw the iPad 3, let’s talk about the rumored Valve console
The 100 easiest jobs in the world
Mark Teixeira selling Texas home for $4 million dollars
Austin FOX affiliate’s DC reporter caught sleeping on air
Help us pick the best alcoholic drink of 2012 (March Smashedness Rd 1) has the greatest viral video ad ever
South African road rage is probably the hardest in the world
VIDEO: Kate Upton bounces Justin Verlander from the ‘Perfect Club’
The table read for the sex scenes from ‘Superbad’ is hilarious
London man sets record for most money spent in a nightclub
Kate Upton did another wonderful swimsuit video
Dancing Slave Princess Leia is a reason to like ‘Star Wars Kinect’
And here is a squirrel stealing food adorably
400 Gbps cables? Yes please…
Tim Tebow will NOT be on ‘The Bachelor’
The man who runs a mile and drinks a beer everyday
Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova won’t be getting married any time soon
The Guyism Speed Round for March 6th
Bulldog Gin has 12 botanicals that make for a great drink
Meet Roxanne Myers, the girl who lost her feet due to video games, supposedly
Exmobaby: The baby clothes that read their mind
Verizon coyly confirms the iPad 3 announcement tomorrow
VIDEO: Meet Ratohnhaké:ton, the star of ‘Assassin’s Creed 3′
VIDEO: When storming the court goes wrong
This flatbed truck is like nature’s Viagra
VIDEO: Dorkly pays tribute to Striker, the best worst character in ‘Mortal Kombat’
Bride wardrobe malfunction is the fakest thing to ever fake
What to look for when buying your next mobile phone
Broke 1960s R&B singer Lester Chambers is the 99%
15 of the best tweets about the leaked Christina Hendricks pics
VIDEO: The making of a Bar Refaeli Passionata lingerie photo shoot
The Intoxicase is an iPhone bottle opener
Why TV Everywhere stinks
VIDEO: Celebrate the good guy in ‘Mass Effect’ who acts like a bad one, via song
VIDEO: ‘Clipper Darrell’ breaks down in tears during interview
The Guyism Speed Round for March 5th
VIDEO: Japan has invented the STFU gun – the SpeechJammer
Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer pimps her Playboy spread
VIDEO: The Lydia glitch in ‘Skyrim’ in real life
Anchorman wants Justin Bieber to give him a Hummer
‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ DLC on disc, but you’ll have to pay extra anyway
Five unique cocktails made with Beefeater 24
VIDEO: 100 shots of beer in 6 minutes
Alleged leaked Olivia Munn, Christina Hendricks naked pics hit the Web
VIDEO: Deron Williams scores career high 57 points
Welcome to the new Guyism! Here’s what’s different
7 of the most manly vacation destinations
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Is this Peyton Manning throwing?
6 items all guys should retire after college
Saints ‘bounty program’ could result in fines, suspensions and loss of draft picks
VIDEO: ‘Gamestore’ is a show about dorks working at, you guessed it, a game store
Aereo may make you interested in TV, if it’s not sued
Charles Barkley says Michael Jordan is doing a bad job with the Bobcats
Minka Kelly dating Wilmer Valderrama now, reportedly
VIDEO: The ‘Bum Bait’ is your new way of having fun in ‘Halo’
The Guyism Speed Round for March 2nd
VIDEO: The Navy has a fully operational electromagnetic railgun and it’s awesome
Celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss with his long lost drinking poem
VIDEO: ‘Silent Hill’ for Vita has been delayed, but it’s okay, because no one wants it
VIDEO: J.P. Arencibia with a spot-on impression of Tim Kurkjian
‘Man Tables’ bring class and booze to your living room
VIDEO: The Kinect shopping cart looks like it might be a failure as well
8 things you shouldn’t do if you’re just dating casually
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