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‘Hold On’ by Alabama Shakes, your Spotify Song of the Day
Sam Raimi producing ‘Poltergeist’ remake
‘Star Fox’ for the SNES, redone in super slick HD
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Kim Kardashian sex tape as seen by three old ladies
Sony’s take on ‘Super Smash Bros’ is legit, rather dumb looking
Holding a door open for someone far away prank is hilarious
New Meme You Should Know: Captain Subtle
1/48th scale wooden roller coaster actually works
Man stabbed over Natty Ice tallboy
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ book dissected by 50 Shades of Suck tumblr
Fat Celtics chick attacks Hawks fans
Summer movie preview: 50 must-see flicks of the season
Stupid people lining up to ride ‘Titanic II’
IKEA invents the flatpack camera
Female dentist gets revenge on ex by pulling out his teeth
Julie Tristan sets female reporters back a half century with embarrassing David Freese interview
Sci-fi supercut rules
Nokia finally selling its ugly, useless luxury phone division
The Guyism Speed Round for 4/30
Nicholas Sparks book covers reveal all you need to know about women
The Paulina Gretzky instagram photos are so Paulina Gretzky
The dumbest things hipster parents do (with photographic evidence)
‘Yoga face’ segment produces this hilarious moment
Montreal cab driver runs over people after disagreement
Tawkon app tells you how much radiation your phone is pumping out
Dodgers fans were on their worst behavior this weekend
Arrested man had a ‘meth lab in his pants’
2012 NFL Draft suits: Grades for the best and worst draft day attire
Clippers stage miraculous comeback against Grizzlies
Sh*t Girls say about ‘Girls’
8 things to do to prepare for a fight
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2, Episode 5 recap
A ‘Masters of Movement’ supercut
Derrick Rose’s injury causes 6-year-old to cry like a baby
MIT students turn one of their buildings into a giant game of ‘Tetris’
10 of the dumbest million dollar ideas of all-time
Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner monologue killed
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
When video games and mini golf collide
10 commandments of the strip club
‘This Is 40′ trailer
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘The Avengers’
What to watch
Cam Newton buys Charlotte Condo for $1.6 million dollars
‘Always Gold’ by Radical Face, your Spotify Song of the Day
Panasonic has a 8K, 145-inch TV; your TV officially stinks
This week in e-cards
Dog interrupts newscast with adorable dog face
The dumbest things people do when they have a crush
Is this the new Brooklyn Nets logo?
Dropbox gets auto-uploading and a major overhaul
The swimsuit for the girlfriend who enjoys the beach and ‘Tetris’
The Can is the silliest smartphone accessory we’ve seen yet
Finally, an a cappella rendition of a ‘Final Fantasy’ song
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
10 sex tips to make you better in bed tonight
Dog insists on holding hands while driving
‘Life of Pi’ looks like the weirdest movie ever
The JoeyBra is going to ruin your hookup
Joe Buck calling a Cubs World Series win
Someone made a Zelda related ‘Sh*t Navi Says’
Awesome kid covers Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ perfectly
Giant egg-shaped wine barrel not performing well…yet
Wardrobe malfunctions, a hip Roger Goodell and MILFs highlighted the 2012 NFL Draft
The 27 worst places to wake up drunk
Hear a kid literally argue with himself in ‘Modern Warfare 3′
7 video game facts that could save the world
New ‘Prometheus’ featurette
This is a man doing a full straddle split
What to watch
‘Super Mario Summary’ is exactly as the name implies
Takida’s ‘You Learn’, your Spotify Song of the Day
‘Hotel Transylvania’ wants you to check in
The freaky girl from ‘The Ring’ threw out a first pitch
Samsung invents brain-scanning implant; this will end badly
‘Mortal Kombat’ Vita ad brings hot women in ridiculous outfits to the real world
Three-breasted woman confirmed for ‘Total Recall’
NCAA football headed for playoff in 2014
Catching up with Kate Upton and Jason Pierre-Paul at the AXE Sport Blast Combine House
Older woman plays Black Keys’ ‘Lonely Boy’ with spoons
Descriptive Camera proves an image is worth about twenty words
An Australian brewer is designing the perfect space beer
Five girls you’ll meet at a music festival
Jack Nicholson: The complete hookup history
Golfer Lexi Thompson is looking for a prom date
Google really wants to sell you a self-driving car
Lindsay Lohan needs more insurance than anybody
The Guyism Speed Round for 4/26
Pinterest pictures that’ll terrify men
Theaters might want you to text during movies now
NFL Draft: How one manager keeps his players from going broke
InHand makes concert ticketing easier, cheaper, greener
The Joel Ward goal gave Boston fans a reason to be stupid on Twitter
‘Dance Magick’ is all about a kid with a wishing well and a dream
Kids and dad sing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in car ride to school
The 50 worst video game glitches of all time
Miller Lite Punch Top Can makes shotgunning a breeze
7 of the best movie shootouts ever
Are these two Rangers fans the worst people in the world?
‘Lawless’ trailer makes me want to drink
What to watch
This week in Facebook idiocy
How to keep ATM skimmers from ripping you off
The 50 most inspirational quotes in the history of sports
Umpire avoids line drive in hilarious fashion
Soccer call mashed up with ‘Saved by the Bell’ is simply flawless
Street surf with the Bombora
Attention parents, stop taking your kids to baseball games
New ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ trailer
Hannah Simone shows us around her sexy place
Yet another wacky employee training video from a game store
This upstanding young man raps about jackin’ it to your Facebook pics
Pictureless Pinterest is a Twitter for Pinterest…without pictures
SayHi is a useful language translator for iPhone
People are freaked out by ‘The Hobbit’
The dumbest anti-sexual harassment stock photos on the Web
For those who enjoy ‘Pong’ and cybergoth-y raver dorks
Carlton Banks organizes Carlton Banks flashmob
PHOTOS: Ten companies control everything you buy
Google Drive is here; do you need it?
Beyonce named world’s most beautiful woman by ‘People’ magazine
HowToBasic teaches you how to fail at the most mundane tasks
‘NBA Baller Beats’ is the new gold standard for stupidity on Kinect
Bikini cleavage-filled prank is oily, cleavage-filled
The girl with the UK’s most beautiful face
The world’s oldest beer is on eBay for $155,000
American Psycho-esque Nintendo fanboy now doing Old Spice parodies
Mr. Irrelevant meet Mrs. Irrelevant, the woman who will bring you great sexual pleasure
Lagunitas’ new tap room lets you see how a brewery is built
What to watch
‘Axe Cop’ coming to Fox
Viral clip for ‘Call of Duty’ features a remote controlled, flying machine gun
Caravan Palace’s ‘Clash’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Drunk Dad: New Meme You Should Know
Is it time to ditch the BlackBerry?
Female Rockets fan makes annoying groupie video
Bud Light ‘Lime-A-Rita’ has finally arrived
Guide to buying golf clubs on a budget
‘Are men stupid?’ asks CNN article
Ashley Madison offers $1 million dollars if you can prove you slept with Tim Tebow
Finally, you can pay a fare with a smartphone
Brian McKnight is teaching biology or something?
Pay $3000 for this ‘Twilight’ sex pillow
Virginia man seeks trophy wife on Craigslist with creepy ad in ‘Writing Jobs’ section
In Denmark, you can use old Nintendo games to pay for a haircut
Blade Driver: Because you need a saw blade firing crossbow
The Web’s best pizza recipes
Just a Royals fan reading a novel behind home plate
This just in: Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be famous without the Internet
The Guyism Speed Round for 4/24
The Taiwanese animation of Ron Artest looks unrealistic
BYD wants you to control your car while you’re not in it
‘Fifth Avenue Frogger’ combines video game with real life, NYC traffic
Pizza Hut unveils cheeseburger and chicken nugget crusts in the Middle East
Looking at the camera supercut
Creepy public breastfeeding ad does not help the cause
The 100 worst names for kids
Beer prices in every Major League Baseball stadium
Deion Sanders divorce drama gets real ugly
‘Dragon Ball Z’ for Kinect looks just as dumb as you imagined
7 politically incorrect TV characters who couldn’t exist today
How fast is the new Windows phone?
‘Mansome’ trailer is hairy as heck
What to watch
It’s Sonic the Hedgehog, acting like a complete twerp
Good Guy Grog: New Meme You Should Know
Rangers fan obnoxiously videobombs Fox Sports reporter Shannon Hogan
‘Death of a Superhero’ trailer kills
‘Heartbeat’ by Childish Gambino, the Spotify Song of the Day
‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ as a drinking game
Meet the Bang & Olufsen ‘affordable’ TV
John L. Smith hired as Arkansas interim head coach
The 25 best sports Tumblrs on the Web
Mega 64 does ‘Skyward Sword’
39-pound cat, equivalent of 600-pound human, available for adoption
Schmidt from ‘New Girl’ shares his workout video
Skype now on Windows Phone…provided it’s not a low-end one
15 of the dumbest jobs in America
Frog sits like human on bench, is now greatest frog in history
That ‘Game of Thrones’ 2D fighter that doesn’t exist keeps looking better
The story of a man who makes $400k/month on domain squatting
Stamp Lamp even makes lighting flat-pack
Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr can speak, who knew?
The Guyism Speed Round for 4/23
Win a ‘Star Wars Kinect’ game and limited edition Brisk bottle
Did the University of Florida eliminate their Computer Science department because of athletics?
This is what UFC fighter Mac Danzig’s ankle looks like after a win
Russian caviar eating contest attempts to be classy, fails
Lana Del Rey cavorts with strippers in ‘Carmen’
SI’s Hot Clicks celebrates 5 years
Lamborghini Urus concept is…kinda ugly
We are all this squirrel with its head stuck in a bag
Claude Giroux embarrassed the Penguins and their fans
The best spring accessories available now
HOF distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell are still innovating
10 steps through the female hot-crazy scale
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2, Episode 4 recap
Coors Light is making Ice Cube look like an idiot
10 fictional bars we’d most want to get drunk at
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
UFC 145: The Real Jon Jones
It’s ‘Castlevania’ redone in ‘Minecraft’
9 famous people who spent time in a mental institution
‘Hunger Games’ sequel has a director
Disney fires studio head
What to watch tonight
In honor of 4/20, let’s watch ‘Resin Hits Evil’
Little kid has most annoying scream ever
Listen to pro gamers wax philosophical about ‘Street Fighter’
Is this the worst overtime goal?
This week in e-cards
Siemens induction stove lets you just toss pans onto the range
Kevin Millar, Pedro Martinez got drunk and gave a toast at Fenway Park
The 11 dumbest Internet memes of all time
‘GTA IV’ is the perfect place to test drive, then completely thrash, fancy cars
Lisa Gail Allred has made the least appealing music video ever
Wicked Lasers: Useless yet awesome
Gabrielle Union taunted Dick Bavetta with Viagra jokes
Another version of Lana Del Rey’s hit song that features video games
Skype is coming to your Xbox 360
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
The only t-shirts you need for summer
This public access show seems like a perfect fit for 420
If you love beer, wear it on your chest with a Pop Chart t-shirt
Why megapixels mean nothing and size does matter
Shaq enlightens our minds with Miami Heat fart analysis
DAILY DOUBLE Spotify Song of the Day
Brooklyn Decker is very healthy (here’s video proof)
‘Golden Balls’ game ends with brilliant mindf—ery
The state of Alabama bans Dirty Bastard
The Caroline Wozniacki music video you’ve been waiting for
9 movie characters we suspect were stoners
Man eats Burger King Whopper with 1050 strips of bacon
Psychofactz: The Tumblr that helps average people feel smart
‘Community’s Danny Pudi interview
What to watch tonight
Just some naked men, rolling around with each other at Safeco Field
Time for another dose of ‘Mass Effect 3′ with uneccesary censorship
Flash Dock: Attach your iPhone to your DSLR
Kelly Brook has a Tumblr, and it is good
Some guy needs $26,400 to create ‘Super Mario Bros’ in Legos
Wait, Mike Tyson got a jail official pregnant?
The 50 most polarizing players in sports
The iPhone Knucklescase will not help you in a fight
Meet Mr. Awesome, professional game player, possible insane idiot
AT&T’s Universal Translator app gets an epic upgrade
‘Cosmopolis’ trailer: Croenenberg meets Pattinson
Qdoba lets customer make giant 7 layer quesadilla
YouTube makeup tutorial teaches you how to look like a puppy
Philly fan snorting mustard is the most Philly fan thing ever
Leonardo DiCaprio: The complete hookup history
‘Magic Mike’ lets Channing Tatum wiggle his dong
‘Super Monkey Ball’ lets you roll a monkey in a ball over a woman’s breasts
The 100 sexiest movie posters of all time
Diving for golf balls is no longer permitted
The Guyism Speed Round for April 19
Google Cloud Print actually becomes useful
Domino’s has one delivery scooter to rule them all
7 reasons summer is better when you’re an adult
Jimmy Kimmel presents Jennifer Love Hewitt with large poster of her boobs did not handle the Pittsburgh scoring outburst well
9 of the costliest love affairs in history
‘Arrested Development’ will premiere all 10 episodes in one day
What to watch tonight
This Week in Facebook Idiocy
‘Medicine’ by We Were Promised Jetpacks, the Spotify Song of the Day
Logitech iPad Keyboard Cover: Two problems, one solution
Is global warming real or fake?
Sixpoint Brewery is expanding from New York to the Midwest
Creepy Russian real doll living full life on Russian Facebook
Funniest suggestions for Demi Moore’s new Twitter name
IKEA Uppleva: A home theater in a flat-pack box, but is it worth $960?
Local news leads off program with story about kindergartener pooping self
LaVar Arrington needs to work on his first-pitch skills
‘Area 407′ looks like a pretty bad area
‘Pizza Heroes’ is both a game and way to land a job at Domino’s
Pebble smartwatch breaks Kickstarter records
Courtney Stodden has discovered YouTube
‘Halo 4′ is due later this year, guest starring Conan O’Brien (seriously)
The Guyism Speed Round for April 18
Famous girls talk about losing their virginity
The 10 best bags for work
Drunk man arrested for attempted robbery with hot dog tongs
The Cavs were down 100-50 after three quarters
Spotable: Probably better than the upcoming Spotify iPad app
New ‘Star Trek’ game looks awesome, despite not looking very ‘Star Trek’
Teens jump in front of NYC trains in game of chicken
The story of a married investment banker with no shame of paying for sex
Jessica Dorrell left her job at Arkansas
100 Hollywood movie titles that sound like pornos
Smosh explains why video games make zero sense in real life
Marian Hossa gets knocked out of the game by Raffi Torres
‘Hot Problems’ is more problem than hot
‘Prometheus’ wishes David a happy birthday
What to watch tonight
The Steelers throwback uniforms are God-awful
Finally, penis warmers have arrived on Etsy!
SRT Viper is a droolworthy modern muscle car
Jessica Dorrell and the 30 most infamous mistresses in sports
Finance guy keeps douchey spreadsheet about dates
‘Fringe’ films two endings
‘Curbstomp’ by Meg Myers, the Spotify Song of the Day
Sigmund: Because your phone whispering to you isn’t creepy at all
Very fat lady doing aerobics? Very fat lady doing aerobics
Hottie reporter Kristina Akra gets a Gatorade bath
Blackmagic Cinema Camera: High quality video at dirt cheap prices
‘First Winter’ trailer looks… cool
All your favorite video games re-imaged as porn
Japanese ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer lacks tentacles, sadly
Inside a six million dollar garage
Oh God no… Heidi Montag has a new album
Drunk girl’s slip-n-slide at Coachella seems like a good but dangerous time
Time for yet another ‘My Little Pony – Skyrim’ mod
Jason Oliveira of ABC30 Fresno cracks up during Broncos male cheerleader audition
Funkin cocktail mixers make drinking a breeze
‘Portal 2′ made into a drinking game
Secret Service agents allegedly bragged to hookers about working for Pres Obama
Belgian Alzheimer’s PSA is brutal, fairly effective
Sam Bradford is dating Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss?
Christina Aguilera morphing into Snooki is now complete
Someone made a portable GameCube out of Tupperware
Todd Bertuzzi does not share well with others
Bacon Jam is the only breakfast condiment you need
‘Walking Dead’ creator gets new TV show
The Guyism Speed Round for April 16
What to watch tonight
Miroslav Underwear thinks this ad will make you buy their product
Kicked out of an NFL game? You’ll need to take a test to get back in
Keg Works’ Brew Cave is the best walk-in beer cooler ever
Let’s all listen to Christopher Walken play ‘Skyrim’
aCar lets you track your gas, get the most out of your tank
Thinking about moving in with your lady? Read this
Infomercial for ‘Randall The Mini Enamel Animal’ is worth a watch
10 signs she’s lost all interest in you
‘Love Interruption’ by Jack White, the Spotify Song of the Day
Someone figured out how to beat ‘Ocarina of Time’ in 23 minutes
Twitcident makes Twitter useful
New Meme You Should Know: Lawyer Dog
These Flyers fans summed up the Penguins series
How to mow the lawn on PCP is a helpful how-to
Dodgers turn really weird triple play
Everything you need to know before picking up ‘The Witcher 2′
What the deal is with ‘digital cinema’
‘I Can Has Cheezburger,’ the TV show
Dog blocks traffic to help injured dog friend
The 10 dumbest things about bodybuilding
This is why you don’t buy electronics at Wal-Mart
‘The Office’ getting ready to fire everybody?
Breast Line Cover stops cleavage, betrays America
Charlie Sheen is now drinking non-alcoholic beer
Man tries out for Broncos cheerleading squad
This IHOP brawl really escalated quickly
The hottest stars of Farrelly Brothers flicks
Cheerleader videobombs father and son
The women of Coachella (200 photos)
8 disgusting foods that have no reason to exist
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2, Episode 3 recap
The best photo of turtle bitchslapping a woman you’ll ever see
11 of the most amazing toys of the 1990s
Let’s all watch ‘Modern War Gear Solid: The Complete Saga’
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Watch two actors from ‘Mortal Kombat’ earn some extra money on the side
What to watch tonight
Because you need the story behind ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ explained in minute detail
Unicycle basketball looks like a really bad idea
Dorm room douche fight includes taunt turned into knockout
Sony SmartWatch tweets, facebooks, emails, still not your phone
This week in e-cards
Trent Richardson taking 17-year-old cancer survivor to prom
Why it’s dumb to play the lottery but we do it anyway
This old man’s obituary is the baddest ass of them all
Livestream Broadcaster: Finally a way to get embarrassing videos up faster
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘The Cabin In The Woods’
Sweet Brown’s ‘I Got Bronchitis’ clip autotuned
‘Three Stooges’ star Carly Craig shows us around her sexy place
The best cosplay of PAX East 2012
The 15 best gaming commercials of the ’90s
Splashtop lets you use Windows on your iPad, mess with friends
Caddie fights off alligator with rake
Sorry, but Washington vs. Hitler, both riding dinosaurs, isn’t a game either
‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ might bang her cat
Man who survived .558% BAC tones it down to .297%
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Nate Dogg back from the dead at Coachella, via hologram
‘Masochist’ by Devin, the Spotify Song of the Day
‘Zelda vs. Jesus’ isn’t a fighting game, but a Kickstarter project
How not to work out your biceps, a video essay
The 25 greatest Nike Signature basketball sneakers of all time
Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron is a worthwhile movement
‘Looper’ might be the big surprise of the year
Everything you need to know about bullet time in ‘Max Payne 3′
Dianna Agron dispels rumors of relationship with Tim Tebow
Jessica Alba wrestled former WWE star John Morrison… wait, what?
Newcastle’s ‘No Bollocks’ campaign is winning the beer wars
7 of the most disturbing moments on ‘Mad Men’
Here’s Blake Griffin missing a breakaway dunk
‘Sin City 2′ starts filming soon
New Meme You Should Know: Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy
‘Battlefield America’ trailer is something else
What to watch tonight
Time to celebrate horrible voice acting in a classy way
Shaq in ‘Grown Ups 2′ makes a lot of sense
‘It Gets Bigger’ is the parody PSA young men need to see
Of course Japan has a hand-reading ATM
A bunch of comics about the problems busty women have
Last chance! Sign up for our free one-night fantasy baseball league to win $500
‘Skyrim’ update for Kinect makes yelling at your TV part of the game
Meet Kristina Akra, the new Nationals sideline reporter
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a minor update, might be worth it
Can you guess the video game locales?
7 random things you won’t believe are shortening your life
‘Elles’ trailer looks hot
Bloody Bacon & Cheese cocktail pairs perfectly with grilled cheese
Mets heckler calls Jayson Werth, ‘worthless’
Spotify Song of the Day: ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ by Gotye
Ashley Sky is an up-and-coming model… on Instagram
Google Currents gets a revision
Wilder Valderrama: The complete hookup history
South Park mocks ‘KONY 2012′ founder with ‘Jackin it in San Diego’ music video
China censors Kate Winslet’s breasts in ‘Titanic 3D’
Researchers prove that beer makes men smarter
The Guyism Speed Round for April 12
Lingerie Football League launches in Australia; no more games in U.S.?
Finally, the Incredible Hulk made the cover of a fitness magazine
Why AT&T unlocking your iPhone is meaningless
Anne Hathaway Catwoman promo photos for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
‘Hunger Games’ breaks out at ballpark
The 50 weirdest injuries in sports history
Ad agency makes guy slingshot into balloon filled with Mountain Dew for some reason
Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with a Jay-Z parody
7 apologies men sometimes have to make to their ladies
What to watch tonight
‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ movie-style
Arkansas fans mock Jessica Dorrell and Bobby Petrino with blow up dolls
Dog who can’t stay awake is a lot like each and every one of us
N.W.A., the movie
The 15 dumbest superhero movies ever made
This Week in Facebook Idiocy
Toshiba’s new 13-inch Excite tablet may be a little too much
TNT’s Belgium launch includes a button that creates drama
It’s not too late to learn how to use a Power Glove
The best (and brightest) new shoes for Spring
The Batman streaker did an interview with local news
The wine pouch is like an alcoholic wine pouch
12 biggest, baddest, and best limousines
Win $500 in this week’s free one-night fantasy baseball game
‘Resident Evil 6′ has storylines, plus zombies galore
Jessica Dorrell and Bobby Petrino having sex on a motorcycle in this Taiwanese animation
Spotify Song of the Day: ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare
Spotify wants to be the YouTube of music
The Guyism Speed Round for April 11
The Clip is the last keychain you’ll ever need
Every single ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ jump
Old man in nursing home lights up hearing music he likes
The new ‘Devil May Cry’ just keeps looking better and better
Ridiculously Photogenic Guy gets a ‘Good Morning America’ moment
10 must play pinball machines for guys
‘World of Warcraft’ can save a dating session from crashing and burning
Three stages of Betty White’s arrival on Twitter
Gary Ross won’t direct ‘Hunger Games’ sequel
Alison Brie is in a band, is cute
What to watch tonight
Beer shampoo exists and it might even work
Screaming ‘War Eagle’ in a Florida Whataburger will get you beat up
The best of old people writing on a restaurant’s Facebook page
Revolve: Because you need a spinny camping chair
Man leisurely eating snacks (Snackman?) breaks up NYC subway fight
9 supposed action stars who clearly couldn’t fight
You stay classy San Diego fans!
This ‘Pac-Man’ live-action film is actually kind of clever
‘Game Of Thrones’ renewed, surprising no one
New Meme You Should Know: Bad Joke Eel
Kessler Fusion: Get professional special effects shots for, OK, a lot of money
The 100 most heated rivalries in sports
Chocolate printers are now a thing that exists
7 ways NCAA schools can use social media to land recruits
IdeaPad Yoga is bendy, overpriced
Transgendered women to be allowed to compete in Miss Universe
The ‘Double Dragon’ reboot looks like crap
Tips for drinking beer on most major diets
Bubba Watson selling home for $1.45 million
The Guyism Speed Round for April 10
The first five minutes of ‘Lockout’
Figure: Now even the tone-deaf can create music
Meet Sweet Brown, a heroine of local news interviews
Ozzie Guillen suspended five games for Fidel Castro comments
Japanese guy dressed up as a ‘Fatal Fury’ character, scaring pigeons
Snake vomits on cute reporter, makes her squeal
NHL beer tower is a great way to waste money
The best Muppets infographic you’ll ever see
Female fans love them some J.P. Arencibia
It’s Super Mario, going postal
What to watch tonight
Arsenal fans fight security guards at casino
Why would you make Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts smaller?
Finally, someone has started doing performance art with his fingers
30 seconds of point blank shotgun blasts from ‘Max Payne 3′
O.J. Mayo does an awesome JaVale McGee impression
Your basic toolkit: Five must-have apps for your phone
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is PG-13?
The 8 most unusual ‘Unplugged’ concerts of all time
PAX East’s ‘Assassin’s Creed III’ demo leaked, somewhat
Burst of wind from plane engine sends girl flying, literally
Infiniti LE looks bitchin’, still has terrible range
‘Runner2′ was one of PAX East’s best and weirdest games
Royal Dragon Vodka combines art, jewelry, and alcohol
Bubba Watson rules at Twitter
Schiit Lyr: The greatest in audio snobbery
The 20 most awesome Tumblrs on the Web
The Guyism Speed Round for April 9
Lamar Odom leaves Dallas Mavericks
Foreign ‘Wheel of Fortune’ features stupidest guess ever
Erin Andrews, Brooklyn Decker and Chrissy Teigen are at the beach together
Pizza Hut introduces hot dog stuffed crust pizza
The 100 best style trends of the past decade
Burger King girl fight ends in a weave getting knocked off one girl’s head
This supercut of whisky in movies is making me thirsty
iPhone 5 release date rumored to be in October
Of course there is a Kate Upton Easter video
Nicki Minaj’s ‘Beez In The Trap’ is crazy as hell
The very best and worst from the Masters final round
‘A Fantastic Fear Of Everything’ looks awesome
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2, Episode 2 recap
Sofia Vergara killed it on ‘SNL’; screencaps and GIFs
7 ways to know you watch too much porn
Is this the greatest screencap ever?
Radek Stepanek gave Janko Tipsarevic the middle finger after a match
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
7 things you should always bring to the bar
What to watch tonight
‘Raging Bull II’ is being made by morons
7 of the greatest baseball infographics
I’m not sure this kid totally ‘gets’ knock-knock jokes
Blazed Movie Reviews: Comic-Con Episode IV
How to be on Facebook and Twitter and not have your house broken into
Uncensored ‘Ted’ trailer bears watching
This week in e-cards
This is the mother of all cheap shots
25 must-see cars at the 2012 NY International Auto Show
Amanda Bynes arrested; has pink hair in her mug shot
YouTube 3D is not a prank, it’s actually happening
‘Falling Skies’ preview full of alien gore
Yet another Kate Upton bikini video
Prada used metrosexual game characters to pimp their threads
Game between Blue Jays and Indians devolves into discussion about healthcare
Celebrate Prohibition’s end with National Beer Day
Toys you threw out that are worth way more than they should be
Stair to Anywhere: Give your house a spiral staircase
‘Tokyo Jungle’ is animals running amok, wearing hats, having sex
The Brewers sausage race is being carried live
Things that happen in ’90s teen movies that never happen in real life
This is what Google’s Project Glass would look like on you
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating, blah, blah, blah…
Pig plays fetch with dogs
Have Time Warner Cable? You might finally have a live-streaming app
Do you see Jesus’s face in this dead stingray?
Sara Jean Underwood is the ‘Hottest Woman of 2012′
7 year-old pizza tosser will amaze you
Today’s Lesson in Jewish Culture: The Passover dance
10 celebs who allegedly paid for sex
Referee caught in compromising position with female player
Watch a cheerleader soaked in blood sell you ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’
6 things you should avoid saying on a first date
Anthony Davis’ mom wants him to stay in school
What to watch tonight
‘Savages’ trailer is pretty savage
Bobby Petrino had a hot 25-year-old with him when he got into a motorcycle accident
Zac Efron has one weird arm on the cover of Men’s Health
Dogs recreating Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony is ‘Bone Pugz’
PhoneSoap: For the OCD phone user
6 common movie arguments that are always wrong
‘Unbearable’ is a game about a bear that must hug people to breathe
Google Project Glass parody is way better than the product
ASUS PadFone: It’s a phone, it’s a tablet, it’s a laptop
Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard are fighting and it’s getting awkward
Man responsible for the most expensive bar tab arrested
Jennifer Love Hewitt wants Adam Levine to dump her next
Samantha Brick, the lady who thinks she’s beautiful and isn’t, is still going
Who needs ‘Jackass 4′ when you have ‘Skate 3′?
MLB At Bat: A sports app done right
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