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Scumbag girls don’t feel bad about stealing from Girl Scouts
GIFterpiece Theatre: Drunk Kristen Stewart, awesome free kick and impressive cleavage
Grouplove ‘Tongue Tied’, your Spotify Song of the Day
And here’s a British elephant playing soccer
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘The Bourne Legacy’ trailer: New Bourne, still badass
The 50 most feared video game athletes of all time
BANG! Lamp lets you shoot out the lights
Latest Humble Bundle is the best damn gaming deal you’ll find
The best way someone has ever been asked to do the dishes
7 awkward, uncomfortable and funny moments from the National Spelling Bee
Security guard takes down streaker with nasty two-arm shove
‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ is the next DC Universe fighting game
The 100 greatest video games ever
Ryan Reynolds: The complete hookup history
Flipboard for Android officially here, all may rejoice
Sony considered a download-only PlayStation 4
This little kid’s Dougie has defeated all the other Dougies
‘The Power of Bacon’ is my kind of power ballad
Guyism Speed Round for May 31
10 ways to dominate your summer internship
Tons of ‘Iron Man 3′ spoilers and speculation
HydroView lets you capture those precious swimsuit moments
‘Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark takes the Cinnamon Challenge
French Open participants almost come to blows during match
Woman pepper sprays crowd to steal beer and bacon
8 of the best movie face-offs of all time
Anze Kopitar scores nifty overtime goal to give Kings 1-0 series lead
‘The Imposter’ trailer tells an amazing lie
GIFterpiece Theatre: President Obama and Puff the Magic Dragon, wardrobe malfunctions and Elisha Cuthbert
Man with most literal tattoo ever is captured in this graphic photo
Behold the future of car crashes in video games
Edward Sharpe ‘I Don’t Wanna Pray’ , Spotify Song of the Day
This week in Facebook idiocy
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Finally you can use bananas to play ‘Super Mario Bros’
North Dakota woman marries herself
Fan retrieves foul ball but loses pants in the process
Couple married for 64 years matches all of their outfits together
Japanese smartphone comes with radiation detector
‘Hitman: Absolution’ trailer features nuns with guns
More news on the ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ delay
The 10 worst celebrity tattoos
New Meme You Should Know: Calming Manatee
Israeli scientists create new marijuana that won’t get you high
Arianny Celeste kicked her boyfriend in the face
Guyism Speed Round for May 30
Comprehensive map of ‘Breweries of the United States’
Nokia’s Batphone will not call Commissioner Gordon
Animated ’50 Shades Of Grey’ trailer is hella creepy
5 reasons you should never take advice from celebrities
Hamster learns how to play dead, is coolest hamster ever
Hot on Instagram: Mirjam Schuurkamp
Impressive flair bartending on ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’
See, this is why you spell check your app
Face eating guy’s friends have best quotes about his zombie face chomping
5 of the best office pranks ever
Spurs fan gets really excited about Kawhi Leonard dunk
Rihanna nude for her new fragrance
Sucker punches and cat fights during Thunder-Spurs game
GIFterpiece Theatre: Cheerleader FAIL, Super Mario gets revenge and Justin Bieber
Rhett & Link want you to ‘Rub Some Bacon on It”
TWO FOR TUESDAY Spotify Songs of the Day
Leaked footage of ‘Halo 4′ is fascinating, impossible to watch
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Bottle Cap Blues demonstrates fun ways to open a beer
Note! Pretending to pee in public will get you arrested
‘The Dark Knight XXX’ trailer is… SFW?
‘Diablo 3′ publisher party featured a whole lot of champagne
The 25 laziest athletes in sports today
Guyism Speed Round for May 29
The military has built a spy rock
Maria Sharapova in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Glenn Danzig wouldn’t have been a gay Wolverine
Mark Zuckerberg allegedly doesn’t tip in Italy, waiters take to Twitter to complain
Jenna Jameson has still got it
‘Such Great Heights’ trailer gets punchy
The classiest tortoise humping narration you’ll hear today
The 12 hottest movie amnesiacs
Arianny Celeste was arrested for domestic violence on Saturday
Miami face eating incident happened over this weekend
ODOC is a future-proof iPhone dock
Kendall Jenner did a bikini video
Robots dancing to ‘Thriller’ is the latest sign of the apocalypse
The 10 most overrated stand-up comedians of all-time
Futulele lets you play the ukelele on your iPad
Drunk man blocks traffic and gets knocked out
8 things to keep off your dating profile
High school pitcher makes spectacular diving catch
Cannes wrap-up
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Red Band trailer
8 things to master before you’re 30
Summer TV premieres and return dates
‘Game of Thrones’ season 2, episode 9 recap
10 actors with the most insane acting range
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
9 haircuts parents should STOP giving their children
GIFterpiece Theatre: Memorial Day, Homer Simpson, and more!
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘Real American’ by Rick Derringer, your Spotify Song of the Day
Sending you off for the holiday weekend with terrible ‘Final Countdown’ cover
In China, their meter maids look like Lara Croft
Google wants to impress you with its seven inches of tablet
This week in e-cards
If they made a ‘Tetris’ movie, it would look a lot like this
Did this girl flash her ladybits in her high school yearbook?
Broken Lizard’s Jay and Kevin hilariously answer ‘Which animal would you blow?’
Game consoles are superior than PCs says guy in his kitchen
A very special Memorial Day weekend Guyism Speed Round
Blazed Movie Reviews: Moonrise Kingdom
5 new tricks for the bedroom
MindWave lets you control your phone with your mind, protects your virginity
You won’t see Robert Pattinson’s balls in ‘Cosmopolis’
Redhook joins a long list of craft breweries canning beer
The new cover of French ‘Vogue’ looks… awesome…?
The dumbest quotes from supermodels complaining about their lives
Little league umpire is douchiest douche ever in his strike three call
7 awesome alcohol accessories
Miami Heat advance despite LeBron James’s battle with an inflatable flamingo
Facebook Camera is not Instagram, thankfully
13 unlucky celebrities who blew it all
Nicole Kidman peed on Zac Efron
This new Taz Arnold song is totally getting you laid
7 of the hottest things a woman can wear
GIFterpiece Theatre: Dark Knight Rises, Mario, and more!
Wolf & Cub ‘Shut Me Out’, your Spotify Song of the day
Someone re-wrote the script to ‘Shaq Fu’
New Meme You Should Know: Advice Homer Simpson
Two-year-old girls have li’lest cat fight at dance recital
What TV shows we should watch tonight
9 clever cocktails based on The Avengers
New study shows men like their women drunk and/or asleep
‘Kickbeat’ combines kung fu and your music collection
Clip-on iPhone lenses give you better pictures without editing
Kate Upton in another wonderful bikini video
Guy playing ‘Aerodynamic’ from Daft Punk won yesterday’s Google Doodle
The 10 best ‘Simpsons’ sports episodes of all time
‘Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’ for Kinect lets you control a robot tank
First look at Michonne from ‘The Walking Dead’
We are all this kid stuck upside down in a laundry hamper
Justin Timberlake: The complete hookup history
Here’s how the chairman of the FCC just screwed you
Fake reporter who tried to make out with Will Smith talks about the situation
Guyism Speed Round for May 24
Four Loko gets classy with new Moskato Life
A stellar compilation of professional wrestlers beating up inanimate objects
‘The Apparition’ trailer wants you to believe in it
Judging the 8 most iconic bras ever worn
Flock of seagulls plays ‘Flock of Seagulls’ to sell potato chips
Kristen Stewart ‘wanted’ to be topless in her new movie
An infographic cost breakdown of your new man cave
Bill Clinton with porn stars is Quintessentially Clinton
Jet-engine powered Datsun is useless, but awesome
The best NBA shooters, and why field goal percentage can’t identify them
Heidi Klum has an awesome new music video
We won’t see ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ until March 2013
MIT created the first non-stick ketchup bottle
15 celebrities who are older than you thought
GIFterpiece Theatre: Jessica Alba, Snow White, and more!
Placebo ‘Running Up That Hill’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Meet Guiseppe, the other Mario Brother
This week in Facebook idiocy
The word “popsicle” poses quite a challenge to these girls
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The best bars in America for 2012
Little kid’s to-do list is adorable, probably not particularly helpful
Parking Douche is an app that needs to come to America
‘Street Fighter’ 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set will cost you
6 things I learned by watching HBO’s ‘Girls’
‘Moonrise Kingdom’ set tour with Bill Murray
The Feligan PowerBrick lives up to its name
The dumbest things Americans eat
Good news everyone! David Clowney doesn’t have AIDS
Sara Jean Underwood in one hell of a video
Open your beer cooler by checking in on FourSquare
Slinky on a treadmill is the most inspirational Slinky video you’ll see today
‘Great Gatsby’ trailer confuses me a lot
‘Zombie Playground’ might be a Kickstarter worth funding
Guyism Speed Round for May 23
The 10 funniest podcasts on the Internet
Anderson Cooper kicks ‘Human Barbie’ off show over Beyonce sweat discussion
Hot on Instagram: Sofia Skvortsova
Carl’s Jr. is testing a new ice cream burger
“Awesome, did you hear Donald Driver won ‘Dancing with the Stars’?” said no one
ooVoo: More people, and more flexibility, than Skype
The 10 craziest festivals on the planet
Mexican congressional candidate Natalia Juarez is topless on a billboard
Kim Kardashian is also the hottest woman in the world
Tracy McGrady starred in a Chinese beer commercial
GIFterpiece Theatre: Ice-T & Coco, NPH, Bulldogs and more!
Michael Kiwanuka ‘I’ll Get Along’, your Spotify Song of the Day
‘Kung Fu Superstar’ might be the first good non-dancing Kinect game
10 new trends in the whisky industry
What TV shows we should watch tonight
FreezePaint: A photo tool that lets you clone your friends
New Bond game ’007 Legends’ doesn’t look half bad
Woman claims she was fired for being ‘too hot’
Abstinence pamphlet has the best reason to not have sex
Happy Foods by Yum Yum London solves an age old problem
Disgruntled girlfriends of ‘Diablo 3′ players in France offered a free vibrator
The 100 hottest sports babes from movies and TV
Leap: Give your computer the finger and it’ll finally understand
Stanford offensive coordinator position now named after Andrew Luck
‘Saved by the Bell’ in GIF – The Guyism animated GIFs anthology
Kid’s attempt to threaten maintenance guy with belt shockingly ends poorly
What do you think of Peyton Manning in his Broncos uniform?
Guyism Speed Round for May 22
Nick Offerman blond looks like the bad guy from ‘Justified’
6 types of apologies that aren’t apologies at all
What the hell, Matthew Fox?
Taco Bell introduces the delicious new Beefy Nacho Burrito
Russell Westbrook’s absurd and-one helped end the Lakers’ season
Bar Refaeli tops the 2012 Maxim Hot 100
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ parody with Selena Gomez and Nick Kroll is much better
VICE photo series challenges taboo, is also gross
Let the Internet clothe you with Facebook hangers
22 Father’s Day gifts dad will actually want
Science proves Whole Foods shoppers are terrible people
First footage from ‘The Master’ looks intense
GIFterpiece Theatre: Rihanna shaking, missed high-five and the greatest catch ever
Bear in Heaven ‘Sinful Nature’, the Spotify Song of the Day
Watch R2-D2 totally tear it up in ‘Grand Theft Auto 4′
Men gravitating towards jobs for women, says NY Times
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Jam Sofa: Finally a couch you can effectively hide things in
Sex positions to satisfy her… emotionally
If ‘Star Fox’ X ‘Metroid’ sounds crazy, how about ‘Left 4 Dead’ X ‘Payday’?
Who wants Batman and Superman caped pint glasses?
Here’s a woman with a diatribe on how she’s not racist
‘Anchorman 2′ has a couple of teasers out
10 things learned from New York City’s sex hotels
‘Skyfall’ lands with first trailer
How to use financial apps on your phone without getting ripped off
And here’s Will Smith doing the ‘Fresh Prince’ rap on a BBC show
Laura Vandervoort shows us around her sexy place
Guinness builds submarine bar at the bottom of the sea
Olympic hottie Jessica Ennis sets personal best only to find out organizers screwed up
The dumbest people to have an affair with
Guyism Speed Round for May 21
‘Blade Runner’ sequel news: Ridley Scott will return and more
Bad parenting at laundromat ends with toddler getting a rinse cycle
Courtney Stodden in the dumbest video in the history of the Internet
Man covered with 30,000 bees, local news spares no puns
Classy catfight in Wrigleyville
Audi’s new vehicle is…a bicycle?!
20 celebrities you didn’t know were badasses
SITE NEWS! Introducing ‘Women’, a new section helmed by Katie Nolan
Shoenice chugs bottle of Frank’s Red Hot in 9 seconds
‘Community’ will be back, Dan Harmon won’t
‘Game of Thrones’ season 2, episode 8 recap
8 actors that most personify manliness
Kevin Durant all but ended the Lakers season last night
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Oh, You: New Meme You Should Know
Justin Verlander drops an f-bomb in response to stupidest question ever
11 TV characters totally caught in the friend zone
GIFterpiece Theatre: Facebook fist-pumps, J-Lo and RGIII
This week in e-cards
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Aliens behind the scenes in ‘Men In Black 3′
Tiny molesting robot amazingly not made by the Japanese
‘Thank You Facebook’ song is the worst thing to ever exist on many levels
The 25 greatest ‘SportsCenter’ anchors in ESPN history lets you find mixtapes famous and obscure
Lindsey Vonn really likes posting bikini photos
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Battleship’
Univision is holding a beauty contest; here are your finalists
Behold the ultimate gaming man cave
Former amateur boxer Eric Kelly trains Wall St. nerds, mocks them hilariously
How to lure a depraved girl
The Rock selling exquisite California estate for $5 million–not located on Jabroni drive
And the most popular Guyism Speed Round of all-time is…
Doesn’t it suck that you can’t play ‘Diablo 3′?
Joss Whedon might not make ‘Avengers 2′
11 people on Facebook with very important things to say about its IPO
Magical iPad can pour beer from a tap
Insane slingshot genius turns steak knives into Steaksaw
Steeplechase jumper falls in most hilarious fashion possible
Fat man falls out of window behind reporter, seems confused
5 favors people love to offer (that no one wants)
Harley Quinn is looking for revenge as a DLC for ‘Batman: Arkham City’
Help start Arcade Brewery on Kickstarter!
10 pick up lines that would get any guy’s attention
WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ expanding to three hours
Trending Turds: The week’s worst Twitter topics
Condom company asks women what things they’d never put in their vagina
GIFterpiece Theatre: Christina Hendricks in slow motion, suggestive John Travolta and Olivia Wilde
The Cribs ‘Come on Be a No One’, Spotify Song of the Day
‘The Possession’ trailer: Kids are scary
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Germans have invented the porn shower
Chloe Sevigny really didn’t like wearing a fake penis
Doutzen Kroes, Lindsay Ellingson and Lais Ribeiro are sexy
Dog’s desire to play with rake ruined by door frames
Time to see, and hear, a bit more of ‘Halo 4′
How to survive her bachelorette party
Point Brewery’s ’2012 Black Ale’ might be the end of the world
Alexander Skarsgard: The complete hookup history
Fun. and Hayley Williams kill a cover of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’
Alyssa Milano will control the NHL twitter account tonight
Girls named Nguyen plot clever combo yearbook quote
Oh great, now flying drones can hunt you down inside buildings
Lawrence Taylor puts Super Bowl ring up for auction
Counting down the best of Guyism Speed Round – #2 all-time
The 15 stupidest cults ever
Nick Offerman would do anything for a Cubs World Series victory
Jennifer Lopez is the world’s most powerful celebrity
Now ‘Pokemon’ is being used to endorse Ron Paul
Korean teacher’s English lesson sends wrong message about Coke
This week in Facebook idiocy
7-11 creates diet Slurpee and gives it away for free
The 100 best hip-hop one-hit wonders
‘Call Me Maybe’ reaches nadir with SMU-Harvard showdown
Have a Verizon unlimited data plan? Not anymore you don’t!
Curt Schilling owes Rhode Island a ton of cash over video games
Man takes Double Tequila Suicide shots like a champ
10 types of people you see at the bookstore
Start off your morning with this fat, jiggly Sixers fan
GIFterpiece Theatre: Charles Barkley shake weight, Shakira and incredible foul ball grab
‘The Do-Deca-Pentathlon’ trailer gets sweaty
Foxes ‘Youth’ is your Spotify Song of the Day
‘Hot for Words’ girl now doing personal finance advice
Expect bendy screens on your next phone
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Time for another taste of ‘The Last of Us’
Bryce Harper and Brittney Palmer got cozy with one another
Sign up to win your very own Super Mario RC Kart!
The 50 gnarliest pictures in sports
Bird does the Dougie better than anyone you know
Dessert at ‘Alinea’ is an edible work of art
Little girl writes threatening note about Internet passwords
Will there be a fancy, pricey edition of ‘Halo 4′? But of course
Reed College student fails miserably at Wheel of Fortune
You might be able to print your house one day thanks to Wikihouse
Trends with Benefits spotlights the craft beer boom
The 10 deadliest dwarfs in the history of TV and movies
Counting down the best of Guyism Speed Round – #3 all-time
Someone robbed Junior Seau’s home five days after he died
Kate Upton wants to sell you some headphones
Girl dances with fire, ends up with flaming crotch
How to make a Surfer on Absinthe shot
New Hyundai app for your car is incredibly slick
10 of the dumbest urban legends of all time
Capcom getting the message, might nix on-disc DLC
Man enraged after being ejected from all-you-can-eat for eating too much
‘Whiskey Dick’ is lube that tastes just like whiskey
GIFterpiece Theatre-Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez catfight and a G-spot diagram for the fellas
‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ ad is actually a 20 minute short film
What TV shows we should watch tonight
We are all this Siberian husky with its head stuck in a box
Instagram does something good for Facebook
It’s a Nintendo drawing a day, for over an entire year
‘Prometheus’ has landed, with a new trailer
‘Community’ in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
‘Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman’ is a tour de force of weirdness
A dummies guide to the IBU from the Malt Minute
10 things you need to know when dating more than one woman
Meet America’s top Japanese sword maker
Rihanna got bodypainted like a reptile for her new music video
You can now stick poll results where the sun don’t shine
‘Diablo 3′ is finally out
Four minutes of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’
The complete list of bachelor party no-nos
Counting down the best of Guyism Speed Round – #4 all-time
Kyrie Irving wins rookie of the year
Model fails at walking down runway in dramatic fashion
Kim Kardashian’s IMDB profile got rewritten, awesomely
What the hell is Ivy Bridge?
5 reasons being left-handed screws you for life
The all-new F*** You Pizza from Pizza Hut
The foul line came up and bit Gerald Laird last night
9 worst photo clichés and how to fix them
GIFterpiece Theatre: Kate Beckinsale ‘Dougies’ and the best videobomb EVER
Awkward wedding moment features vows about groom’s penis
Japandroids ‘The House That Heaven Built’, Spotify Song of the Day
Watch random game characters kill each other
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Bloomberg reporter caught with her skirt up
Upfront updates: What TV shows are cancelled, what are coming back
Mens bathroom etiquette, through the lens of a Game Boy
The 50 most hated people in sports right now
New Meme You Should Know: Almost Politically Correct Redneck
David Stern has a problem with floppers; yes, he’s talking about the Clippers
‘Video Game High School’ is officially in session
Plug-in solar panels: Now you have no excuse
Awesome kid wakes up to thrash to Nirvana’s ‘Breed’
Mother’s Day card is thoughtful, completely inappropriate
Mike’s Hard Lemonade commercial features a pirate
Let’s all laugh at this woman getting hit by a foul ball
Counting down the best of Guyism Speed Round – #5 all-time
Sexual fetishes you’ve probably never heard of
Nike’s new track suit makes you look like a golf ball, also a dork
‘CSI: Miami’ cancelled… YEAHHHHHHHH!
Start your Monday right with a drunk girl falling and embarrassing herself
The 10 biggest lies drug companies tell you
Adriana Lima’s hubby selling Beverly Hills home for $1.9 million
7 annoying things on women’s online dating profiles
‘The Campaign’ trailer gets my vote
‘Game of Thrones’ season 2, episode 7 recap
12 of the best college movies and what we learned from them
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
‘Super Monkey Ball’ for Vita promo epitomizes the state of the platform in Japan
Korean pop star Jessica throws like a girl
7 of the manliest song lyrics of all-time
GIFterpiece Theatre-Kelly Ripa being dumb, Ron Swanson and girls face planting
Ellie Goulding ‘Lights’ is today’s Spotify Song of the Day
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Dark Shadows’
What TV shows we should watch tonight
iPhone 4 mirror: Yeah, this isn’t a bad idea at all
Upgrade your Mother’s Day brunch cocktail with the ‘Sloegasm’
Moms get free wings at Hooters on Mother’s Day
The Serena Williams ‘man’ jokes are old and stupid…STOP IT
The 50 most stylish (last-minute) gifts for Mother’s Day
New ‘Assassin’s Creed 3′ footage is filled with pathos, blood, and a bear
Jaclyn Swedberg is the 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year
Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen quit ‘Django Unchained’
SHIRI is the humanoid robotic butt cheeks we needed
Johnny Depp: The complete hookup history
Microsoft figured out a way for you to flip off your web browser
Worst human ever making bank off Trayvon Martin shooting targets
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Six-year-old walks to Marine father for first time
Time for one last ‘Max Payne 3′ trailer
Wrestling fan equipped with championship belt causes announcers to lose their mind
10 celebrity moms we wish we had
This week in e-cards
Facebook testing feature that makes all your friends see your status update if you pay $2
Do We Have Milk? is a preview of your future, pushy, fridge
The 50 biggest mama’s boys ever
Gary Busey wants your mom to get drunk and dance naked
‘Community,’ ’30 Rock,’ ‘Parks & Rec’ all getting mini final seasons
7 of the most mentally unstable MMA fighters
Lakers loss as captured in one hilarious GIF
‘Is it time for dogs to have a social network of their own?’ asks every newscast
GIFterpiece Theatre-Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer, Alison Brie and dancing Giada
‘Divekick’ is a fighting game that is only diving and kicking, period
Trending Turds: The week’s worst Twitter topics
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘The Incident’ looks scary as hell
Silishot is part shot glass, part golf tee, all genius
Etcher turns your iPad into an Etch-a-Sketch
DAILY DOUBLE Spotify Songs of the Day
The worst moms of 2012
Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen investigated for child porn
‘Gangster Squad’ trailer reeks of badassdom
Rihanna and Chris Brown feuding again due to freestyle diss track
Nina Dobrev showed off her flexibility (and legs) on ‘Conan’
Geode iPhone case actually makes mobile payments easy
Bo Jackson in ‘Super Mario Bros’ is just awesome
Guyism Speed Round for 5/10
KTLA does multiple segments with Hooters girls, resulting in hilarious GIF
Would you drink Michelob ULTRA Light Cider?
‘Scary Movie 5′ will exist, parody ‘Black Swan’
The 10 worst concert accidents of all time
TIME Magazine breastfeeding cover is freaking everyone out
Officially confirmed: Printer cartridges are getting less ink in them
5 supposedly fun activities nobody actually enjoys
Guy catches foul ball in beer cup and chugs it
‘Transformers in a Nutshell’ delivers as advertised
8 famous people with drinks named after them
GIFterpiece Theatre-Zooey Deschanel hisses, The Dictator spits, Will Ferrell runs to ‘SNL’
You need to watch this Gary Busey outtake reel
This week in Facebook idiocy
Game On Wrist Shot helps get hockey fans drunk
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Let’s all watch the official ‘Diablo 3′ animated short
PayAnywhere means yard sales can now take credit cards
Little girl teaches dog how to poop in adorable fashion
An MIT student figured out how to make a real life Mario Kart
Kids at the Seattle Children’s Hospital lip-dub Kelly Clarkson ‘Stronger’
The 25 hottest female wrestlers right now
Of course ‘Avengers’ is getting a sequel
Batman could not help the Flyers last night
Craig and Deebo are fighting Coors Light together
Cartoon squirrel talks about why banning gay marriage is dumb
8 great fighters who became kickass actors (and 3 who sucked)
Calvin Johnson is your new ‘Madden’ cover boy
Guyism Speed Round for 5/9
Twitpic turns into Instagram
Man arrested for lighting cab on fire during 2010 Lakers celebration
‘Argo’ trailer: Ben Affleck can direct?
This is an otter that looks like Tracy Morgan
Rajon Rondo confronts cameraman after Celtics loss
40 hot but forgotten female video game characters
Corona truck loaded with 1800 cases stolen
Ndamukong Suh, Gronk among contestants for dating show
Josh Hamilton hits four home runs
GIFterpiece Theatre: Menounos wiggles, Aguilera says hi and unfortunate nut shots
Movie Critic Kid: New Meme You Should Know
‘Need Your Love’ by The Temper Trap, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Finally, Hulk Hands meets a beer koozie
Mike McQueary is a really crappy witness
Miley Cyrus’ new movie ‘LOL’ bombs hardcore
3 mistakes women make when dealing with men
High-fiving people near the Tower of Pisa as a troll is hilarious
‘Kickboxer’ supercut: All kicking, no boxer
Kid slams into basketball pole in ultimate dunk FAIL
Bowser’s castle is available for rent
A perfect parody of people being dicks while on their phone
Barney Stinson in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Maria Menounos in a bikini is why Twitter was invented
Guyism Speed Round for 5/8
Rocket engineers test parts by putting them in a motorcycle
And here’s a woman motorboating herself
The new Cheryl Cole music video is well worth a watch
Kyocera wants your next phone to blast your jaw with sound
American Airlines’ fight against people with unlimited first class tickets
How to sneak alcohol into any event
The new rules of sunscreen
7 technological advancements that are actually terrible
Metta World Peace talks to Conan about the elbowing incident
Mexican presidential debates are so much better than ours
Best Buy computer form filled out by customer ends in hilarity
GIFterpiece Theatre
In case you haven’t heard, there’s a ‘Perfect Strangers’ game
Bastille ‘Overjoyed’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The Hornster will kill your ears, make cycling awesome
Fred Couples buys Brentwood home for $4.56 million
Psychic thinks he’s changing a cloud’s shape into a square
The 50 worst seasons in sports history
Multiplayer in ‘Max Payne 3′ explained
‘Teen Wolf’ season 2 trailer shows us what to expect
Kid abandons family after seeing giant robot dinosaur
Wedding DJs: The insane stories of the guys making music this summer
Reminder: There is no ‘Avengers’ video game
Soundlazer will let you crank tunes at work, and only you can hear them
Bryce Harper gets plunked, steals home
James Cameron making nothing but ‘Avatar’s from now on
Guyism Speed Round for 5/7
5 acceptable responses to serious injury (according to 80s action movies)
Cat spotting owner during workout is our generation’s Jack LaLanne
Carmen Electra wants you to poker
Beer Jousting at Stagecoach
Facebook Messenger app will out message dodgers
‘The Avengers’: Naming a Most Valuable Player of the final fight scene
Stalker runs on court during Lakers-Nuggets game
The 20 dumbest alleged drunks ever
The lovely ladies of the 2012 Kentucky Derby
The Baron Davis knee injury will haunt you
‘The Avengers’ makes more money than God
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2, Episode 6 recap
7 TV characters best equipped to run for President in 2012
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
The ‘Max Payne 3′ comic is out and totally free
10 of the worst sports nicknames ever
‘Elder Scrolls Online’ is finally happening
Six-year-old suspended for sexual harassment for quoting LMFAO
New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer has lots of Lizard
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Dog hates taking baths, responds accordingly
This week in e-cards
Heatstick boils water without flame
Predators coach benches star players for Game 4
The dumbest celebrity tweets of all time
‘Expendables 2′ trailer kicks every ass on Earth
Weed and wine have finally come together in one product
‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys, your Spotify Song of the Day
The Women’s Pillow Fight League exists
Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys, dead at 47
Emma Watson has naughty tattoos
10 fun facts about tequila for Cinco de Mayo
Miguel Cabrera as ‘Miggy Poco’ in Telenovela
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Falling Bear has died but he will live on in all of our memories
Junior Seau’s brain will be studied for brain damage
How to make a Mint Julep
iPad 2 got a secret upgrade
Justin Bieber and Ryan Seacrest make the ‘Ultimate Viral Video’
Scarlett Johansson takes Jimmy Kimmel to prom
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