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What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
9 products that aren’t better with bacon
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The Belt Buckle Flask is perfect for a complete degenerate
Of course there should be a ‘Minecraft’ anime
Aubrey O’Day is shooting a hot music video
Google Glasses coming 2014 to mark virgins
Rafael Nadal is a sore loser
Canadian National Canthem uses beer cans as instruments
A rap about old school gaming starring Notorious BIG and two other guys
Octomom talks about ‘Home Alone’ porn and masturbation
Bikini girl pool backflip ends about as well as you’d expect
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are dating
‘The Human Fly’ might be the weirdest superhero movie ever
Interviewee bungles his way off-set in awkward news blooper
10 comedians who deserve their own TV show
Crazy German has built a slingshot revolver crossbow
Jena Sims is back with another awesome video
Hawk bros go on epic rant about draft pick
This is the proper way to celebrate using a big word
7 of the dumbest mistakes you can make with online dating
Chris Bosh celebrated championship with a fourth meal at Taco Bell
Tom Cruise apparently rubs bird poop on his face
GIFterpiece Theatre: Pippa Middleton, Mario Balotelli’s incredible goal and presidential videobombs
Lemonade ‘Softkiss’, your Spotify Song of the Day
‘That’s My Boy’ subway poster vandalized hilariously
Reminder! Just hours left to win a $500 Amazon gift card from MeetMoi
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The worst drunk driving PSA you’ll ever see
Time to become formally acquainted with The Pyro
Google Nexus Q wants to democratize your playlist
New ‘Total Recall’ trailer: Three boobs ahoy
Orioles pitcher uses funky one-wheeled motorized vehicle to get around
The 100 most attractive women in sports today
New book about dating claims dating is extinct
Google+ gets Events function: No more Facebook photo hunting
Gerard Butler: The complete hookup history
Michael Strahan did a striptease this morning
Fox News reporter has interesting way of saying the word ‘bitches’
A day in life of Max Payne
WTA to curb grunting from players with ‘grunt-o-meter’
Guyism Speed Round for June 28
The 100 best cereals of all time
People tripping on subway stairs is a hilarious video montage
‘Red Hook Summer’ takes Spike Lee back to Brooklyn
Science has eliminated the need to breathe
This is what an 8-year-old searches for on YouTube
10 rumors you didn’t know about the founding fathers
Ann Curry cries as she departs as co-host of the ‘Today’ show
Epic’s iOS side project more profitable than Xbox headliner
The new Selena Gomez perfume commercial is very good
Dad offers free beer to anyone who will hire his son
The ‘Starship Troopers’ remake misses the point
GIFterpiece Theatre: Ann Curry gets dry humped, dancing moms in bikinis and comical nut shots
Art of Sleeping ‘Empty Hands’, Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The King of Queens does MMA in ‘Here Comes The Boom’
Infographic tips for how and why you should be drinking beer
This week in Facebook idiocy
Book’s words disappear in two months
‘Heads Up! Hot Dogs’ name accurately describes a video game
KFC Philippines releases burger with cheese on top of the bun
9 actors who do the exact same thing on every movie poster
UnLoc uses invisible landmarks to get you around indoors
English and Italian fans react to penalty shot thriller
Kaley Cuoco looks really good on video
Pregnant girl fight at McDonald’s is what the Internet was made for
Guyism Speed Round for June 27
Whiny ‘Mass Effect 3′ players finally got their brand new ending
What Michael Jackson’s doctor wishes he had done
Screencap of DeWayne Wise botched call proves umpire lacks peripheral vision
‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 trailer is pure goodness
Hot on Instagram: Natália Fell
LIPC: The weapon that blasts you with lasers AND lightning
News report on dead man flying features ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ clips
Dan Abrams eviscerates Nancy Grace with hilarious S&M joke
7 classic hook-up spots in a guy’s life
Nintendo’s 3DS XL actually looks pretty decent in real life
Minka Kelly is in the new Maroon 5 music video
Drunk driving arrest leads to the greatest mug shot ever
LeBron James made sweet love to the championship trophy
7 unfortunate realities about becoming an adult
‘Frankenweenie’ trailer barks like a dog
GIFterpiece Theatre: Emma Stone, alien Olympian and Darwin Award candidate
Cute girl’s ride in mini car ends badly
Goldroom ‘Fifteen’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Three ‘Avatar’ sequels all filming at the same time
The JuiceBuddy: A phone charger on your keychain
Forget horses; use wheels to get around ‘Skyrim’
This Yankee fan is your jerk of the week
Kate Upton shows off her many talents… on video!
The 20 best current players never to win a championship
Corkcicle keeps wine cool from the inside out
Google lets you rebuild Australia with Legos
‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Kate Beckinsale’s cover > Jenny McCarthy’s cover
Tyler Perry gets badass in ‘Alex Cross’ trailer
Guyism Speed Round for June 26
10 beer brands you might not know are owned by AB-InBev
President Obama trolls Boston fans over Kevin Youkilis trade
$40 ‘Max Payne 3′ and other video game deals for today only at Amazon
The 10 worst roller coaster disasters of all time
Baby gives dad fantastic pity laugh after bad joke
Ministry of Supply: Space age dress shirts
Guy dressed like stereotypical nerd dominates thug in street fight
Cringeworthy video of a bride singing herself down the aisle
5 British celebrities that British people hate
How drunk girls take shots: Annoyingly
‘McPixel’ combines adventure games and ‘WarioWare’
‘Easy Money’ trailer with the new Robocop
Tigers pitcher shows us how to properly pick your nose
Bridal party breaks dock, falls into water
Anti-semitic Elmo at Central Park is a classic video in every way
GIFterpiece Theatre: Olivia Munn in a hot tub, scary Anne Hathaway and crazy girlfriends
Deep Sea Arcade ‘Steam’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice posts racy bikini photo on Instagram
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘Taken 2′ trailer: Taken again!
Fourth grader with Down Syndrome rocks hula hoop at talent show
10 most expensive beers in the world
Jeans with a smartphone pocket are amusingly ridiculous
Nintendo to its fans: You complain too much
And now you know what 5000 ducks marching looks like
Let’s all go to this ‘Avatar’ nightclub
British woman’s hilarious fall captured by local news
The 14 worst boobs in the history of video games
The Rechner Calculator makes math beautiful for a buck
Jenny McCarthy’s nude Playboy cover is out
‘The Newsroom’ bombs so, so hard
Guyism Speed Round for June 25
‘Breastaurants’ experiencing a mini-boom
Sofia Vergara looks really good on video
The endings to 50 different SNES games, in just 3 minutes
Stoner dudes save a family from a house fire
Google’s new Nexus tablet leaks
The 8 dumbest extreme weight loss tips
‘Minecraft’ wedding is admittedly cute
San Francisco-Oakland fans square off in brutal interleague fight
Frost Boss Beverage Cooler promises ice cold beer in 2 minutes
8 ways to save everyday situations from becoming awkward
Italy defeats England on penalty kicks
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Amazing cartwheel, between-the-legs dunk
8 lousy actors who had one good performance
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
8 of the weirdest video game weapons ever
GIFterpiece Theatre: Katy Perry makes weird faces and Cameron Diaz pants like a dog
This is a human-powered helicopter taking flight
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Behold the wildest live-action take on ‘Minecraft’ ever
Stair Rover skateboard effortlessly glides down stairs
‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ works much better as a game than a movie
Tips for successfully navigating a beer festival
BBC announcer FAIL: ‘Like an NFL Basketball player’
Doutzen Kroes is an awesome workout instructor
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’
Nintendo announces a bigger 3DS and more is on the way
The 9 most brilliant pieces of comedy hiding on YouTube
New Meme You Should Know: Skeptical Third World Kid
Guy pulled over for being allegedly drugged up asks, ‘What is drugs?’
Curt Schilling is broke—loses more than $50 million in video game company
OnTheBus: GPS for public transit
Dogfish Head and Brooklyn Brine combine forces to make the ‘Hop Pickle’
Two successful ways to pick up girls on the beach
‘Dredd’ trailer needs judging
Heat fan wants to marry Dwyane Wade
Phillipa Valencia is definitely ‘one to watch’
13 victims of the justice system
The Miami Heat championship celebration in GIF
Amazing ‘Game of Thrones’ political ads
7 ways the Internet can get you fired
GIFterpiece Theatre: Kristen Stewart, nut shots and a seductive Heidi Klum
Mystery Jets ‘Someone Purer’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Conan O’Brien comes up with video game ideas that are not so bad
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Cristiano Ronaldo’s beautiful header gives Portugal victory
$7000 Transformer wine rack will definitely get you laid [18 photos]
Soldering is Easy is the shop class lesson you never got
25 of the creepiest sports fans ever
‘Hara-Kiri’ trailer cuts to the bone
Airplane-breaking landing will probably make you rebook your next flight
‘Jurassic Park 4′ gets ‘Apes’ screenwriters
Ryan Gosling: The complete hookup history
CyberQ: Mess with your grill wirelessly
Crying little girl reacts just like a woman when the camera’s on her
Tom Brady talks hair, ‘Call me Maybe’ and Rob Gronkowski
Guyism Speed Round for June 21
Jokki Hour beer mug is perfect for foam parties
Stan Lee in the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ game is positively nuts
Random guy at gym combines ‘Sweating to the Oldies’ and bar with hilarious results
21 movies every guy should own
Jena Sims is our new favorite actress
Andy Roddick drops racquet in disgust after bad call
Hot girl in bikini has massive skateboarding fail trying to ride on truck
Why your phone may burst into flames
The ultimate summer shopping guide, at any price
Irina Shayk did another sexy video
I did a three day juice cleanse and lived to tell the tale
‘Metal Gear Solid 5′ is officially happening
8 love interests a guy will have in his life
Olivia Munn gets fertile in ‘The Babymakers’
GIFterpiece Theatre: Kate Upton and a popsicle, obnoxious Yankees fan and Mila Kunis
The Men ‘Bataille’, your Spotify Song of the Day
The Super Mario Bros Bank makes your bank look good
McDonald’s behind the scenes photoshoot is fairly interesting, undelicious
What TV shows we should watch tonight
BattroBorg are rock-em-sock-em robots with footwork
‘America’s Worst Tattoos’ might be my new favorite show
This week in Facebook idiocy
The 6 creepiest lies the food industry is feeding you
Self-chilling energy drink shows great potential
Here’s that ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2′ trailer you wanted
Teens making a bus monitor cry is kind of depressing
Guyism Speed Round for June 20
Kristen Stewart is the highest paid actress in Hollywood
MightyText ensures you never miss a text message
Adorable Mila Kunis is adorable: Screencaps and GIFs from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’
Pedobear invades the Jerry Sandusky trial courthouse
Dwyane Wade channels Dwayne Wayne in press conference
Coors Light wants to pay you for pictures
The 7 dumbest things you can do after a break-up
The future of video games is embarrassing to look at
The Every Guy’s Guide: Holding hands in public
Hot on Instagram: Devil Doll
Adam Carolla might never get laid again
Dad spanks daughter’s adult boyfriend for underage sex
Cloth app uses weather data to tell you what to wear
9 catchy pop songs about horrible circumstances
Day 2 of my juice cleanse was the most glorious day on record
New ‘Mortal Kombat’ flick not sounding so hot thus far
‘Game Of Thrones,’ the rom-com
GIFterpiece Theatre: Sofia Vergara, hilarious chair prank and a Snooki orgy
Lingerie Football League All-Star game features sucker punch
Drop the Lime ‘Bandit Blues’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Chinese newscast reports on ‘new mushroom’, is actually plastic butt
Hitler playing ‘QWOP’ is funny, for a minute and a half
Gogo signs deal to make in-flight WiFi more common
Roulette wheel lands on ‘Red 19′ seven consecutive times at Las Vegas casino
Creating the perfect athlete
Girl shows off her new Botox lips, does not look good
Mike Tyson makes his video game return in ‘WWE 13′
Victoria’s Secret models in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Guyism Speed Round for June 19
Vending machine will give you tea if you tweet the right thing
Roger Clemens may be a terrible human being but the government just wasted our money
Denver Beer Co. brews ‘Clown Question, Bro’ Canadian lager
The 25 most clutch players in NBA Finals history
Shake Weight street prank is the best usage of the product
‘V/H/S’ Red Band trailer will scare the pee out of you
Women fighting in Germany near a stroller looks just like the US
Microsoft Surface: Awesome, but is it worth it?
10 inventors killed by their own inventions
Epic Ghost Squad Player is back, and more epic than ever
9 cars guys love the most
‘Fight Church’ puts Jesus in the Octagon
I survived one day of a juice cleanse
Matt Cain reads Top Ten list on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’
GIFterpiece Theatre: Best videobomb ever, scary kids and Emma Watson
Euro 2012 hotties of Monday’s Group C games
2:54 ‘Creeping’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Local news anchor makes ‘anally’ blooper talking about the Queen
New Meme You Should Know: Pickup Line Scientist
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Michael Bay’s ‘Ninja Turtles’ is in trouble
Grisly beach soccer injury will make you weep like a child
Rugbeer makes you body check a vending machine to get a beer
Songkick: Never forget a concert again
‘Team Fortress 2′ becomes an augmented reality Android app
Charlie Sheen will quit acting after ‘Anger Management’
The 11 worst covers of 80s songs
Construction sign preemptively apologizes for stereotypical construction workers
BMW dorkmobile to have dorkier bikes in the trunk
Dogfish Head and Deltron 3030 collaborate to brew Positive Contact
Woody Allen’s son tweet-burns him on Father’s Day
Little kid ruins Father’s Day by throwing foul ball back
WTF? ‘Prometheus’ has aliens we didn’t see?
Guyism Speed Round for June 18
How to become a secret agent
Michigan man accidentally shoots self in penis, makes you squirm
New Microsoft tablet will likely stream sports
Bulletproof vest put up against other weapons is an interesting watch
5 ways your nerd gadgets are killing you
Guyism’s alcohol writer attempts a 3-day juice cleanse
Metta World Peace rips James Harden on Twitter
Supposed Xbox 720 details released to the wild
6 of the most dangerous foods in the world
7 things to do the morning after a one-night stand
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
12 athletes who never looked right in their new uniforms
GIFterpiece Theatre: Salma Hayek, tickling uvulas and middle fingers
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Rock of Ages’
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Cubs slappy Jeff Garlin: ‘You Tigers fans suck’
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
InaTrap gets rid of mosquitoes stylishly
The 10 strangest job interview questions ever
Microsoft to debut new ad platform, will probably quickly retire it
Women finally get proper representation in gaming, sort of
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
‘Magic Mike’ red band trailer boasts Tatum ass
Mark Grace looks into his crystal ball and predicts home run
Nothing scarier in a FPS than a possibly autistic zombie
Flint police scanners are unfortunately entertaining
12 kids who won’t be celebrating Father’s Day
Jimmy Kimmel straps kids to lie detector, hijinks ensue
Bikini-clad Michelle Beadle in a photo you have to see
Facebook wants your phone number: Don’t give it to them
18 things you didn’t know about hair metal
Guy on drugs reviewing ‘Super Mario 3′ isn’t legit, but is funny
6 whiskeys any dad would love to get on Father’s Day
Did LeBron foul Kevin Durant?
Katie Nolan takes the Five Burger King Bacon Sundae Challenge
‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ trailer comes alive
GIFterpiece Theatre: Madonna, amusing kids and hottie gymnast Alicia Sacramone
The dog Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody we’ve been waiting for
New Meme You Should Know: Bad Pick-Up Line Paul
Atlas Genius ‘Trojans’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Angry Birds teaming up with the Philadelphia Eagles
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Italian soccer hottie vs. Irish soccer hottie
Here’s an iguana farting during a bath
Imp Chip will let you control literally anything from your phone
The 20 biggest underachievers in sports
A comprehensive guide to farting around your girlfriend
‘Sinister’ trailer isn’t fooling around
Formula One pit crew offered beer in exchange for better performance
Charlie Sheen: The complete hookup history
This is how Bud Selig should respond to the Mets appeal for a no-hitter
George Bush’s severed head cameos on ‘Game of Thrones’
Micro PackBack can lug 30 pounds
Guyism Speed Round for June 14
Family promises new Macbook Pro to son for not being gay
Perturbed French gamer finds Rockstar ridiculous
7 people who need to get out of the freaking way
Sloppy girl fight ends with less controversy than Pacquiao-Bradley
How to open a beer using a machete
Russian human water cannon turns out surprisingly well
Sous Vide Supreme Demi will cook a steak perfectly
8 summer jobs that don’t suck
7 hilarious moments from the Dream Team documentary
‘Tomb Raider’ producer puts foot in mouth in most epic fashion
Underwater nightclub could be the next big thing
7 popular movie heroes you wouldn’t want to be friends with
Gregor Blanco saves Matt Cain’s perfect game with highlight reel catch
GIFterpiece Theatre: Giada sexily eats hot dogs, Miss Reef Calendar girls and Euro 2012
Meet the Sony Tablet S, aka the PlayStation Pad
Metric ‘Youth without Youth’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Golfer’s attempt to get waitress to kick him in the face gets him kicked in the face
This week in Facebook idiocy
Inside the disaster that is ‘World War Z’
Two cute girls playing ‘Project Zero 2′ is how they advertise in Japan
Remember Ping? In iTunes? It’s dead now
Wild Turkey 81 Rye is a standout in cocktails
The dumbest quotes from celebrities trying to sound intelligent
Jessica Rafalowski shows us her sexy place
Renault gets an EV to go nearly 1000 miles in 24 hours
Aisha Tyler fights back against her haters with… a poem?
Charlie Villanueva is not fat says Charlie Villanueva
‘Trololo’ guy Eduard Khil may be gone but his memory lives on with a metal cover
Guyism Speed Round for June 13
Fiery confrontation between Little League president and parents
15 Father’s Day gifts from Etsy dad will love
Lindsay Lohan, a male porn star, and Bret Easton Ellis
Hot on Instagram: Alea Paddock
Bryce Harper tells reporter: ‘That’s a clown question bro’
You will all relate to this baby who refuses to wake up
There are not one, but three, water-powered jet vehicles in the world
Things your father should have taught you
Burger King introduces Bacon Sundae and BBQ burgers
You ready for three hours of ‘Avengers?’
Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning are quite upset with the Heat’s performance
GIFterpiece Theatre: Yvonne Strahovski, sucker punches and classic Elaine Benes
Dr. John ‘Locked Down’, Spotify Song of the Day
‘Arrested Development’ stars did a new show for ‘Call of Duty’
Two women arrested for being awesome…also for flashing breasts on a golf course
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Mobile app Roqbot is the jukebox reborn
Movie about women blames men for its poor opening numbers
‘Jurassic Park’ proposal defeats all other themed proposals
Sensordrone: Finally, a keychain device to tell you if you’re drunk
The 100 best nicknames in sports today
The best tweets from Sweden’s insane Twitter account
‘Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal’ trailer is hungry
How to make a coffee cocktail with a donut garnish
Scarlett Johansson in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
iOS 6: All the improvements you actually care about
Jena Sims is certainly ‘one to watch’
There is 20 more minutes of ‘Prometheus’
‘Grand Theft Auto’ makes everything awesome, even car washes
Maria Sharapova will be the Russian flag bearer for London Olympics
Guyism Speed Round for June 12
18 Father’s Day cards you won’t find at Hallmark
Hedgehog running in sink is poetic, adorable
Some men just aren’t meant to compete in piggy back races
British Prime Minister’s 8-year-old daughter hangs at the pub
4 things single men will never fully understand about women
Here’s why iOS 6 Facebook integration is a bad idea
This guy spent his entire E3 yelling about stuff
The ultimate Little League FAIL
Drunk girl falls down stairs after banister slide
Lindsay Lohan + surfing + Daft Punk = ???
Kings win Stanley Cup: 8 awesome screencaps and GIFs from the celebration
GIFterpiece Theatre: Kate Upton, kegels for seniors and the greatest fan EVER
Busty adult star Taylor Stevens is back for the Devils-Kings game tonight
Warpaint ‘Undertow’, your Spotify Song of the Day
A Little Mermaid ‘Under the Sea’ hip-hop mashup is a thing that exists
Insane physics calculations figured out by reddit IAMA
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Michael Bay is done with Transformers movies, finally
Nothing brings sons and drunk moms together like ‘Call of Duty’
Dream Team exclusion of Isiah Thomas remains a black eye
New Meme You Should Know: Berks Dog
A supercut of models falling down on the runway
How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew
Pocket TV turns your HDMI TV into a big tablet
The coolest water guns for summer
Guyism Speed Round for June 11
‘Clang’ could be the most hardcore sword fighting sim ever
Sphero, the iPad-controlled rolling ball, actually gets some use
Bill Murray slides on tarp during rain delay
Little kid tries Root Beer for the first time, responds hilariously
6X Torque Corkscrew is a wine opener on a crank
Why this year’s E3 was the absolute worst ever
25 inappropriately hilarious tweets
10 bets you can always win…with trickery
Holding hands with strangers is the kindest prank you’ll ever see
15 more of the world’s dumbest sex myths
John McEnroe’s hair, Djokovic hates Perrier and Hillary Swank highlight comedic moments from French Open final
Apple’s big press event is today, and it’s a yawner
What’s This? A Beer?
7 tips for successfully dating more than one woman at a time
Polish fans viciously beat security at Euro 2012
Idris Elba back to the future in ‘Pacific Rim’
7 reasons she won’t have sex with you
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
GIFterpiece Theatre: More Euro 2012 hotties, faceplants and monkeying around
Man Without a Country “Closet Addicts Anonymous”, Spotify Song of the Day
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Euro 2012-Day 1: Female fan screencaps and GIFs
What TV shows we should watch tonight
E3 2012: What everyone else had to show, part 2
New smartphone screen has keys that rise out of it
Phil Mickelson sells San Diego beach home for $2.7 million
E3 2012: What everyone else had to show, part 1
More great Father’s Day gift ideas
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Stephen King’s ‘It’ to be a two-part movie
5 ways we know Nintendo has lost its mind
Russian policeman beatboxes well for some reason
Not Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Prometheus’
Square Enix’s next generation demo for E3 is impressive
Dropbox gets more useful, now streams video
‘Star Trek 2′ teaser beams down
New karaoke microphone doubles as a breathalyzer
‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ recut as a psychological thriller is too perfect
The 50 worst album covers ever
Ukrainian prostitutes prepare for Euro2012
Drunk guy really wants to go to Electric Daisy Carnival
Girl gets kicked out of club, responds with shrieking tantrum
ZMax zombie bullets means this stupid fad has gone too far
20 ways to sext your favorite foodie
Budweiser Magnum is somehow the most expensive beer in India
GIFterpiece Theatre: Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about her hoohaw and unnecessary censorship
Band of Skulls ‘Sweet Sour’, your Spotify Song of the Day
The Phillie Phanatic gave Paula Abdul a lap dance
Snoop Dogg is in ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2′ for some reason
The new Foursquare app is actually…useful?
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The best sex scenes in movies, according to porn fans
World’s Smartest Woman gets conned out of $25K
New Meme You Should Know: Overly Attached Girlfriend
Microsoft and Sony killed a lot of video game folk at E3
8 things I learned at the French Open
The most belligerent fanbases in sports
Applebee’s proves it’s as bad at viral marketing as it is at food
John Mayer: The complete hookup history
PBS makes an autotuned ‘Mister Rogers’ remix that will blow your mind
Rob Dyrdek wants to fight Daniel Tosh
Google Maps getting 3D, more detail, and off-line maps
New startup allows you all the joys of going to a nightclub without actually going
Guyism Speed Round for June 7
15 strange and suspicious celebrity deaths
Referee Bill Kennedy gives us the most animated foul call EVER
The new ASUS computer is also a big-ass tablet
Girl’s Justin Bieber ‘Girlfriend’ parody is unbearably creepy
Thunder eliminate Spurs and advance to NBA finals
‘Django Unchained’ trailer breaks out
The funniest newspaper fails of all time
The BrewDog craft beer TV show looks incredible
‘Wii U Dad’ is the only good thing to come from Nintendo this E3
Busty woman invades Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals
11 simple hacks that will simplify your life
GIFterpiece Theatre: Paris Hilton sexually assaulted by a monkey and Kate Upton
Hot hula-hooping Eagles fan will entertain you
Disney’s new CGI movie about video games looks okay
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Hell yeah this is a piglet going down some stairs
This week in Facebook idiocy
Cabo resort selling $1000 tequila popsicle
Spider-Man themed proposal goes even better than planned
DC striking back with Justice League, Flash and Wonder Woman movies
Gisele Bundchen has a bun in the oven
Interrogating the makers and stars of ‘The Wire’
Army pursues new horizons in stinkbombs
People doing extreme tricks on Pogo Sticks is quite a sight to see
Charlie Sheen admits he was in ‘total denial’
’30 for 30′: A look behind the scenes of ESPN’s revolutionary series
Kate Upton did the ‘Cat Daddy’ again
Amanda Bynes to Obama: Fire the cop who gave me a DUI
42-year-old journeyman qualifies for U.S. Open with incredible putt
Dog imitates classic ‘Snoopy on a doghouse’ pose
Guyism Speed Round for June 6
The hottest Twitpics of May
‘Star Wars 1313′ is the other E3 2012 game getting lots of buzz
Former NHL player stalked by groupies
Hot on Instagram: Nina Jade
You might want to delete your LinkedIn app and change your password
Fort De Soto campground party shut down by fun police
11 useful products too embarrassing to actually use
Relax, ‘Tokyo Jungle’ is here to save E3
Black Panther next in line for a movie
14 of the biggest stars created by ‘Saturday Night Live’
GIFterpiece Theatre: Mila Kunis gets all wet and Novak Djokovic screams
Nintendo had a second E3 presentation, and it was a god-awful mess
The Tallest Man on Earth ’1904′, Spotify Song of the Day
New Meme You Should Know: Over-Educated Problems
Big Ang from ‘Mob Wives’ gives Snooki boob job advice
What TV shows we should watch tonight is making a zombie movie?
E3 2012: What Sony had to say and show
Finally, the $30,000 ‘Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne replica you’ve been waiting for
Soon, tiny flying helicopters will charge your phone
12 secret weapons that failed
‘Draft Me Maybe’ video will make you want to punch Carly Rae Jepsen
Precision trick shots rewarded with beers
‘The Wire: The Musical’ is the best Funny or Die thing to ever exist
‘Game of Thrones’ in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Woody Allen’s new movie has some bonkers casting
Woman beats man with her prosthetic leg
Blindsquare makes Foursquare actually useful
Oh good, a President Obama lip dub of ‘Call Me Maybe’
‘Watch Dogs’ is an early contender for E3 2012 Game of the Show
Guyism Speed Round for June 5
10 bizarre things people have married
Drunk guy knocks over cooler full of beer
Hotel staff’s attempts to remove tree do not go well
‘Scream’ turning into a TV show for some reason
13 Father’s Day gifts for dad that don’t suck
E3 2012: What EA and Ubisoft had to say and show
Andes Camouflager ensures you always get the last beer
7 movies that got studio heads fired
GIFterpiece Theatre: Dancing dogs, falling women and Miss USA shows us her O-face
TV reporter thinks the Heat-Celtics ended in a tie
Netsky ‘Come Alive’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Laptop company tweets about model’s booty, gets in trouble
E3 2012: What Microsoft had to say and show
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘World War Z’ going back for massive reshoots
Which falls faster: heavy or light beer?
ASUS puts out the Taichi, a two-screened laptop
Guide to the philosophical messages hidden in the Kardashian family music video
25 future stadiums we can’t wait to see
The most expensive foods on the planet
‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ trailer featuring Emma Watson
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