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GIFterpiece Theatre: Baby goat is the biggest jerk and LeBron James embraces the Olympic spirit
Twin Atlantic ‘Free’, your Spotify Song of the Day
AMC released zombies in NYC for their ongoing war against Dish
Elin Nordegren may be dating NHL player, Doug Murray
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Do we really need a ‘He-Man’ movie?
Why you should care about the new Census API
The 50 worst screw-ups in sports history
Charity solves bullying problem with free plastic surgery
The most important Olympics headline yet
Alex Morgan in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Nielsen ratings are apparently totally corrupt, getting sued
17 images you won’t believe aren’t Photoshopped
Guyism Speed Round for July 31
‘Dead or Alive 5′ is again tops in the creepiness department
Why have just one cocktail when you can have 20?
WWE apologizes after Abraham Washington tells Kobe Bryant joke on ‘Raw’
Tomorrow, a city will stop entirely for one minute
Fastec TS3 100-S is high-speed, high-price
Ubisoft has managed to make DRM even worse
The 10 most innovative hackers of all time
The Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards for best bars and bartenders
‘Tai Chi 0′ trailer is kung fu steampunk
8 Presidents who could kick your ass
Umpire gets drilled with line drive
NBC runs Missy Franklin gold medal promo before race airs
GIFterpiece Theatre: Serena Williams, wardrobe malfunctions and an Elaine Benes doppelganger
Ms Mr ‘Hurricane’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
7 bacon cheesecakes to celebrate National Cheesecake Day
Twitter and NBC place Olympic critic in social media exile
Six-year-old kid tells you why not to vote for Obama
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
Google Wallet hacked for Verizon phones
Australia’s Belinda Snell drains miracle heave to send game into overtime
15 conspiracy theories about the Olympics
Horny Goat Brewing wants to show you their melons
What if ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ was on the Commodore 64?
‘The Hobbit’ will be three films after all
This Tom Waits interview was the inspiration for Heath Ledger’s Joker
Your 3D printed mixtape is bad and you should feel bad
The Guyism Speed Round for July 30
The 10 most humiliating retail uniforms
O.J. Murdock, Titans wide receiver, commits suicide
Gamestop wants to sell used downloadable games too
Lady Gaga cast in ‘Machete Kills’
Here’s your supposed iPhone 5
Cute baby girl plays with toy like a dog
Skyler lost her mind on ‘Breaking Bad’
Crazy British woman interrupts reporter with kiss
Drunk girls stab old man for politely asking them to be quiet on subway
Could pole dancing become an Olympic sport?
Mega 64 assures us all that ‘Dead Space 3′ will be scary
German band jams with nothing but beer bottles
Aly Raisman’s parents have weird sex faces
9 of the most quotable movie characters of all time
New ‘Skyfall’ TV spot
7 ways your cell phone is making you look like an idiot
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
6 things gay guys have that straight guys wish they did
GIFterpiece Theatre: The greatest Jessica Biel GIF ever and Michelle Obama sneaks one past Spongebob
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Tom Hardy raps while holding a baby
The Figure Eight wrench is the only wrench you need
The dumbest Summer Olympic moments of all time
The greatness of ‘Nick Arcade’ has finally been detailed
2012 London Olympics: Photos, screencaps, GIFs
Dane Cook made an Aurora shooting joke (with audio)
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘The Watch’
Alexa Vega is really good at Instagram
10 of the strangest hotels on the planet
Blind archer, Im Dong Hyun, sets world record at Olympics
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round An app that lets you start over on Twitter
Windows 8 is doomed says very powerful man in the gaming biz
A bear in a bikini wants to party with you in Miami
Check out the six-minute ‘Cloud Atlas’ trailer
Some guy printed out an AR-15 rifle
NBC’s Olympic coverage includes the Iron Sheik
Cops bust in on naked former Miss Nevada
Russian sidewalks have officially defeated American ones
Part Android, part PlayStation Vita, all crap
Model Lorry B1rd is now part of our Dream Team
Female reporter hilariously confuses Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow
Twitter is making reality shows
GIFterpiece Theatre: Kate Middleton wants to tap that and a gold medal soccer dive
Lotus Plaza ‘Strangers’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Kevin Love is tweeting hilarious photos of his Olympic teammates
Mama bear watches while baby bears are freed from a dumpster
The PopFab is a high-tech tool in a briefcase
Guyism Speed Round for July 26
Suelyn Medeiros looks really good in a bikini
Kate Beckinsale ordered a stripper named ‘Reverend Balls’ when she was 14
Will Ferrell’s 21 funniest sports moments
NBC only going to make garbage shows from now on
Bradley Cooper: The complete hookup history
Carlos Gomez does an excellent Forrest Gump impression
PBS uses ‘Minecraft’ to explain something called the ‘post-scarcity economy’
5 terrible jobs anyone can (and no one should) do
Go for the gold with BrewDog ‘Never Mind The Anabolics’
The Japanese built a robot trash can; probably fake but still awesome
‘Branded’ trailer gets dystopic
Have you made your Carly Rae Jepsen Twitter joke yet?
Want to win $100,000 to own the bar of your dreams? Here’s how!
Liberty Ross’ response to Kristen Stewart sleeping with her husband?
Custom ‘Halo 4′ Xbox 360 looks better than expected
Nicki Minaj fan touches her on stage, subsequently gets beat
Savannah Guthrie panders to the foot fetish, upskirt crowd
The top 10 most inspirational Olympic moments of all time
New York Times yanks its BlackBerry app
USC quarterback Matt Barkley did a Q/A on Reddit
$2,300 hot dog being sold at a rooftop bar in New York
7 things to do with your dad (while you still can)
First shots from ‘Cloud Atlas’
GIFterpiece Theatre: Kelly Ripa stars in Awkward White People and an impressive glutes workout
Weird Dreams ’666.66′, your Spotify Song of the Day
Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson fan has the mother of all meltdowns
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘Life Of Pi’ trailer looks really weird
Zane Lamprey’s 25 best beer cities in the world
Little League umpire ends game after coach flips out on him
This week in Facebook idiocy
The Wrap keeps your iPhone charger untangled
Sara Jean Underwood played a little dress-up
Guyism Speed Round for July 25
JWoww says Snooki does not even look ‘that pregnant’
Celebrities read mean tweets in new Jimmy Kimmel video
100 cable channels we really don’t want
Why LSD when you can DYAD?
Teens shopping like douches is the worst prank video ever
BugASalt lets you blast flies with a salt shotgun
Sly Fox Brewery wants you to respect the can
18 cops save inflatable sex doll from drowning
Wait, now there are hacked Carly Rae Jepsen naked pics?
Conan O’Brien gives ‘Minecraft’ a shot
Denzel Washington is ‘The Equalizer’
Hot on Instagram: Leigh Fox
Newspaper accidentally mentions local man ‘pleasing 15 women for an entire day’
Kenguru: The dorky car that actually helps the disabled
The 2012 London Olympics features its first major catastrophe
Raccoon fixes a car, probably doesn’t actually fix the car
15 sci-fi predictions that came true
Some people love it when Lara Croft dies
A day in the life with Victoria’s Secret supermodels
Hanley Ramirez traded to Dodgers
Finally a good use for non-alcoholic beer – better sleep
7 of the most hilarious punches in movies
‘Homeland’ season 2 trailer
GIFterpiece Theatre: George Jefferson boogies down and Jaime Edmondson is a hillbilly
Fast Romantics ‘Funeral Song’, your Spotify Song of the Day
R.I.P. Sherman Hemsley, lover of LSD and prog rock
What TV shows we should watch tonight
A Joe Paterno quote about NCAA sanctions
‘Gangster Squad’s theater scene getting cut
The hottest cheerleaders from each sport
It’s another Gold Box day for gamers over at Amazon
So Skype is listening in on your calls now
And here’s a bus doing pushups to promote the London Olympics
Minka Kelly in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Guyism Speed Round for July 24
‘The Hobbit’ production video from Comic-Con
The 12 most unusual discontinued Olympic events
Rihanna is really good at Instagram
Your car’s next coat of paint will make it self-cleaning
If your PC can bring this fairy to life, then it’s up to snuff
Martin Prado is a stumbling, bumbling mess
Behind the scenes of a Miranda Kerr lingerie commercial
Guy pranks sleeping wife with towed truck in cruelest video ever
Jack Daniel’s writes the nicest trademark infringement letter ever
Check out the face of this local news reporter after he gets tased
Why you should be really annoyed at the new Apple dock connector
8 ridiculous animal myths you probably believe
‘Super Mario’ stop motion clip made with 7,000 Post-It Notes
Trish Stratus is still in really, really good shape
New alcohol named ‘Air’ tastes just like carbonated water
Sayonara Ichiro Suzuki, sayonara!
9 best acting performances by star athletes
Mariah Carey is ‘American Idol’s new judge
GIFterpiece Theatre: Penn State, Monday Night Raw and spinning girls
Alpine ‘Gasoline’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Beck’s ‘Sound Shapes’ is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita
Here’s a guy making a 64-inch vertical leap
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
German Grand Prix race features 2.31 second pit stop
Naked crime slideshow will change your view of humanity
Podtime: The perfect bed for annoying people
Keyshawn Johnson starts his own cab company
Guyism Speed Round for July 23
Marvel pissed about ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ leak
The worst celebrity parkers in Hollywood
Penn State students react to NCAA sanctions
Bristol Palin laughs when three year-old son says ‘faggot’ on reality show
Google buys Sparrow, hopefully to overhaul the GMail app
Someone actually made a ‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’ video game
Chad Ochocinco breaks news of name change on his own network
Finally, the ‘Matrix’/’Office Space’ mashup the late 90s demanded
Alleged Minka Kelly sex tape reported to exist
Canon debuts the EOS M: Tiny, but powerful
Fat guy in innertube leads to woman unleashing world’s worst laugh
7 things you didn’t know can kill you
Penn State hit with $60 million fine, vacated wins, loss of scholarship by NCAA
‘Sexy Mario’ wants very bad to be an Internet superstar
More models in bikinis at Miami Beach Fashion Week
Music video making fun of mixologists is spot on
Snooki and MLB team up for original programming
7 awesome dishes for the American meat lover
The last son of Krypton is here in ‘Man Of Steel’
New Meme You Should Know: Relatable Romney
Tiger Woods bunker follies at British Open
Joe Paterno statue comes down
8 signs you’re ‘that guy’ at the gym
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
The Weekend (First Anniversary!) Guyism Speed Round
9 types of drunk people (and which one you may be)
GIFterpiece Theatre: Sofia Vergara celebrates Modern Family’s Emmy nominations
Movie Review: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
This Miguel Angel Jimenez stretching GIF is the best thing on the internet
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Little girl on monkey bars is the most perfect daddy-daughter video
Which can take more of a beating: Nexus 7 or iPad?
Jena Sims talks about her new film, in a really great top
$300 for a ‘Street Fighter’ themed chess set?
25 epic ‘only in America’ foods
Kathy Lee is a model to keep an eye on
Online clothing store makes most insensitive tweet EVER about Aurora shooting
Alex Wehrley: Miss Wisconsin, Big Buck Hunter model, news anchor
12 murdered, 50 wounded at ‘Dark Knight Rises’ screening
A government mandated GPS tracker on your car is inevitable
The US government finally thinks video games are not so bad
Jesse Pinkman was on ‘The Price is Right’
Here’s a guy sorting 100 boxes of Legos for no particular reason
Budweiser introducing new small batch beers with ‘Project 12′
Kate Upton in a bikini on the runway at Miami Beach Fashion Week
Dad surprises son at Little League camp after spending nine months in Afghanistan
RIM wants to sense your emotions to format your texts
Jerry Seinfeld interviews (sort of) Larry David in new online show
5 things modern kids don’t understand about being a ‘nerd’
‘Game Street’: The video game reality show that never happened
The Spain Olympic uniforms are quite awful
9 celebrities you wouldn’t want to date your daughter
Female Cubs fan catches foul ball in beer; bro steals it
Trailer for ‘The Master’ commands, and you must obey
GIFterpiece Theatre: World’s sexiest hurdler Michelle Jenneke and the best handshake in sports history
Tanlines ‘All of Me’, your Spotify Song of the Day
A second round of ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ is on the way
Dennis Rodman’s father, Philander, has potent sperm
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘The Walking Dead’ coming to Universal Studios
Cheetah cub drinking from a bottle is my anti-drug
Let’s all listen to Christopher Walken play ‘Batman: Arkham City’
How much are you willing to shell out for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?
How to use three apps to never get stuck in traffic again
20 NFL cheerleaders to follow on Twitter
Krispy Kreme shows you how they make their crack donuts
Joe Jonas: The complete hookup history
Janko Tipsarevic has diarrhea of the mouth about women’s tennis
Reasons why your home state is dumb
Does your Nexus 7 have a loose screen? Here’s how to fix it
Guyism Speed Round for July 19
Penn State students audition for ‘The Biggest Loser’
Here’s the dumb Emmy nominations
Vyclone is both a great and terrible app
Slow motion destruction of a watermelon with rubber bands
Here’s a guy setting the world record for unzipping his pants
10 tips to survive a trip to Las Vegas
Another mediocre looking ‘Game of Thrones’ game on the way
Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson want to show you something
How to make your own Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich
‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ trailer is epic
9 of the worst places you might take a first date
GIFterpiece Theatre: The lovely Kate Beckinsale and pedobear saves the day
Digits ‘So Cold’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Best ’50 Shades of Grey’ in-store display ever
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Checkmark is a better reminder app
This week in Facebook idiocy
Man with bizarre anatomy has run-in with TSA
Boxer arrested after FBI uses blood soaked Q-tip from ringside
Guinness stout marshmallows rolled in crushed pretzels
Mr. Wizard being a dick to kids is hilarious for all ages
Guyism Speed Round for July 18
MLB Umpires: How baseball’s umpires are fighting technology’s influence
Girl imitating all 151 original ‘Pokemon’ is as crazy as one expects
Julia Lescova wants to show you even more of her place
The 5 scariest sex toys
ReadySet lets you use your gadgets anywhere
A pile of ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’ pics
John L. Smith asks: “Do I look stupid?”
Asian kid completely nails lipdub of Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’
Fan-made ‘G.I. Joe’ game blows away all official offerings
Sky Sports anchor Charlotte Jackson’s biological clock is ticking
Hot on Instagram: Debbie Sath
No, you do not need a Kevlar iPad case
Woman in scooter riding Boston escalator ends in stupendous failure
The 10 best fighting games
Mega Man, Pac-Man not coming to 360 ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’
The most terrifying voicemail I’ve ever received
The Jeremy Lin Facebook page is pure comedy right now
People who haven’t seen ‘Batman’ upset that people don’t like it
15 reasons your beach getaway sucks
GIFterpiece Theatere: Jennifer Lopez, adorable children and an unapologetic Morgan Freeman
Keep Jeremy Lin in New York says lame petition
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Southern Comfort wants to pop your cherry
Bomb-proof rechargeable flashlight is cool, indestructible
The coolest sports pictures of 2012 so far
New dating site aims to get gamers laid
‘Ouija’ movie is in your future
Guyism Speed Round for July 17
Japanese guys play Russian Roulette with Nerf Gun and thumbtacks
Batman in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
15 video game myths & conspiracy theories
Skype just sending your messages to whoever
‘SuperF*ckers’ is going to be your new favorite cartoon
Local news videobomb features guy getting pantsed
Erin Andrews talks about her move from ESPN to Fox
‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2’ swimsuits are more scary than sexy
Isabeli Fontana looks good on video
‘A Defiant Dude’ is one man’s stand against Chick-Fil-A
Watch annoying tech nerds struggle with the Nexus 7 box
The most insane roadside car explosion you’ll ever see
The 15 best mixtapes of 2012 (so far)
‘Silent Hill’ is coming to Universal Studios this Halloween
Ridiculous 21-pound lobster caught in New England
The FIFA media account is not very accurate
‘Sons of Anarchy,’ but one’s a daughter?
President Obama one-ups Mitt Romney with kiss cam antics
GIFterpiece Theatre: Batman spanks Poison Ivy, bikini girl wipes out and Jessica Biel
Breton ‘Jostle’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Chubby girl’s attempt at twerking ends in predictable fashion
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Casket pool table is amazingly not a joke
Thomas Jane is back as ‘The Punisher’
Caution: Drink non-alcoholic beer at your own risk
7 women who could kick our ass
Duke Nukem reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a thing
Man claims to work for ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ to suck woman’s toes
Electric kick scooter turns annoying toy into something useful
Awkward video shows online couple meeting for the first time
Miranda Kerr did a really good video for cotton lingerie
Batman may be too thorough during interrogations
The funniest YouTube comments ever
Guyism Speed Round for July 16
Trailer for ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2′ is pandering, effective
Umpire auditions for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ while calling a kid out
‘PAC-MAN’ live action reboot parody trailer should be real
Public Enemy is back with a new album
The 8 best moments from the ‘Breaking Bad’ season premiere
Meital Dohan is a musical ‘one to watch’
Justin Bieber ‘lookalike’ taunts teenage girls at an Australian hotel
The Knicks point guard situation looks real crappy right now
BioLite campstove charges your smartphone with fire
The 6 most terrifying public restrooms in the world
More characters added to Sony’s ‘Smash Bros’ wannabe
Steve Nash gets a high speed Keystone Light assist
7 things that would happen if masturbation were illegal
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
7 things to hope men have in the future
GIFterpiece Theatre: Anne Hathaway versus Scarlett Johannson in superhero GIF off
Imagine Dragons ‘It’s Time’, your Spotify Song of the Day
This is a man eating a Whopper with 1000 slices of cheese
What TV shows we should watch tonight
If you spend more than $10 on headphones, you’re getting ripped off
Blow $700 on a life-sized bust of a Mortal Kombatant
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
10 baffling romance tips from the sociopaths at Fox News
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Big gal slips on waterslide stairs, takes out line of children
How to make ice cream better than it already is
Ronda Rousey would become an American hero if she beat up Kim Kardashian
Blazed Retro Movie Reviews: ‘Friday The 13th’
Japan invents mind-controlled cat ears
Erika Medina can really fill out a bikini
Man writes bomb threat on the back of his job application
Sperm can help women feel better… seriously
15 great moments from the ESPYs red carpet
The most unhealthy fast-food french fries in America
Turns out new BMWs are embarrassingly easy to steal
Arianny Celeste is really good at Twitter
What the hell is ‘The Obama Effect’?
First look at the upcoming live-action ‘Halo 4′ web series
Watch a video showing the BEAUTY of a woman giving birth
9 things that will make a waiter spit in your food
Live-action ‘Street Fighter’ series on the way
10 best fast-food french fries in America
‘Goats’ trailer gets wooly
GIFterpiece Theatre: Bill Cosby, Optical Illusions, and more!!
Conner Youngblood ‘Gold’, your Spotify Song of the Day
LAST CHANCE! Enter to win a full outfit from JackThreads NOW!
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Gingerbread crack house seems like fun for the whole family
The Steam Summer Sale is finally here
How to get a job at Dogfish Head Brewery
It’s time to buy a computer for your TV
The 100 worst athletes in sports history
What happens every time Gotye’s song plays in a car
Guyism Speed Round for July 12
Jake Gyllenhaal: The complete hookup history
Tons of Marvel movie news
MIT students invent three-way power chip
The ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Batman’ mashup we all needed
The 20 greatest signature moves in wrestling history
Caption this Jaime Edmondson photo
Louis Freeh drops a bomb on Joe Paterno and his legacy
Nina Dobrev shows us her sexy place
Sony was once pitched a Kama Sutra video game
Shaq is getting his own TV show again, finally
Facebook finds new way to shame humanity
The 10 most shocking music scandals of all time
What do people like more: beer or church?
Lea Michele is still a Candies girl
Upcoming Batman game sounds potentially awesome
Channing Tatum will play Evel Knievel
GIFterpiece Theatre: Superman, Bruce Lee, cats, dogs and more!!
Apropos of nothing, here’s the woman with the world’s largest natural boobs
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Facebook wants to be a bank? Seriously?
A bunch of people crying, edited to resemble ‘Super Mario’ music
This week in Facebook idiocy
Gary Oldman reads R. Kelly’s autobiography on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’
New ‘Gangster Squad’ trailer brings the noise
Guyism Speed Round for July 11
T-Mobile will get the iPhone way too late
Clubs battling in court for Octomom’s stripping services
Bryce Harper’s gold shoes distracted him from making a routine play
Jessica Alba is good at Twitter, wearing bikinis
It’s the five best game glitches from last month
Look good this summer when you win a full outfit from JackThreads’ Goodale!
Two drunk girls arrested for stealing potato chips
‘Electric City’ trailer packs some shocks
7 useless money-saving tips people were paid to write
Ronaldinho makes $760k mistake with can of Pepsi
Hot on Instagram: Chaunte Jones
Nicolas Cage headshot is best job submission ever
Browser plug-in gives YouTube commenters what they deserve
Woman flees the scene of an accident to save her ice cream
The 6 worst new-parent Facebook mistakes
We all wish to be this fat guy trashing his Xbox 360
Georgia Salpa did another sexy video
Just Robert Kraft helping his special lady friend with an audition
10 long-term relationship issues that may not seem important now
New Meme You Should Know: First World Problems Cat
GIFterpiece Theatre: Jessica Alba, spinners and slumber parties
‘Indiana Jones’ Blu-Ray has seven hours of bonuses
Saint Motel ‘Benny Goodman’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Ronda Rousey, Daniela Hantuchova highlight the ESPN ‘Body Issue’
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The ‘Expendables 2′ video game doesn’t look half bad
Stretchy Bowl keeps fruit fresh, packs flat
The best beer from all 50 states
TV reporter hit by car during report is hilarious because he wasn’t hurt
Understanding how start-ups work with Brooklyn Bridge Ventures’ Charlie O’Donnell
Guyism Speed Round for July 10
Dutch news accidentally gives German chancellor Merkel a Hitler mustache
The 20 best nutshots in sports: 2012 edition
$99 Android home console now available via Kickstarter
‘Breaking Bad’ in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Umpire and coach almost come to blows in Little League game
Kate Upton has outtakes!
Spike iPhone case has a flip-out keyboard
Cookie Monster’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody has to be the last one, right?
Olympic superstars: Where are they now?
Michael Fassbender producing and starring in ‘Assassin’s Creed’
Nina Dobrev is really good at telling jokes
John Kruk eating ribs made Matt Cain’s daughter unhappy
White people come out like this, but black guys come out like THIS
10 infamous female serial killers
Courtney Stodden did another video
Our attempt to spiral cut hot dogs [14 photos]
There’s a ‘Walking Dead’ first person shooter on the way
Get ready to smell your movies
GIFterpiece Theatre: Hope Solo, spectacular wedding FAIL and an awkward Shake Weight moment
Wakey!Wakey! ‘Dance So Good’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Woman arrested after hitting pastor with a Bible
Word Lens finally comes to Android
Beer made with real gold is the latest booze gimmick
13 minute ‘Dark Knight Rises’ featurette
Whiny drunk girl might be the most annoying human alive
The 6 types of people everyone dates (a user’s guide)
Is Amazon building a smartphone?
‘Call of Duty’ comedy starring ‘Arrested Development’ actors is awful
Author tells women they’re all being cheated on
Umpire uses high-pitched shriek to call strikes
Guyism Speed Round for July 9
90 seconds of 90s TV nostalgia for no good reason
Meet the new ED-209 from ‘Robocop’
Super Mario head shop doesn’t sell magic mushrooms
Naked, bath-salts smoking mom gave birth, attacked nurse
Michael Imperioli’s ’1800 Tequila’ commercials get hilariously remixed
Krista Ayne is most definitely ‘one to watch’
Bouquet toss at wedding ends in painful failure
Tigers broadcast disrupted by announcer’s flatulence
Galaxy Tab legally not as cool as the iPad
More conspiracy theories about sex
Pro-tip: Never propose at a fighting game tournament
Georgia May Jagger looks good on stage
The Monday morning walk of shame
Everyone’s scared of a little thunder and lightning in Arlington
9 multi-player games people have probably murdered each other over
‘H+’ looks too good to be on the Internet
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Kate Upton is underage and boozing it up at Tigers game
7 movie characters who should have been arrested
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’
GIFterpiece Theatre: Britney Spears, road rage and dancing dogs
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
‘Why Stop Now’ trailer: Why indeed?
What TV shows we should watch tonight
We can now control robots with our minds
‘Hotline Miami’ proves not all indie games are artsy-fartsy
The Lumineers ‘Ho Hey’, your Spotify Song of the Day
The hottest female athletes from every sport
Tsonga-Murray match features somewhat comical nut shot
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Guy moonwalks like it’s a superpower of some sort
Cat videobombs news segment in adorable fashion
First shot of Matt Damon in ‘Elysium’
The GameDock turns your iPhone or iPad into a console
The 7 dumbest things people do in Las Vegas
Adrianne Curry is still into cosplay, Twitter
Taco Bell now delivering via helicopters
Olympus makes an even dorkier wearable computer
Is the ladies Wimbledon final in doubt?
Artist dresses like Hamburglar, throws chewed burgers at bystanders
11 do’s and don’ts for apartment BBQ-ing
Angry Video Game Nerd gets nostalgic over ‘Mortal Kombat’
Ashley Tisdale owns a Vespa, sweet oufit
Meanwhile in Russia, base jump goes horribly wrong
Macallan 64-year old whisky sets record at $460,000
The new ‘Mad Max’ movie is finally shooting
MGM suing ‘Raging Bull 2′
GIFterpiece Theatre: Salma Hayek showing off her assets, weiners and bowling for pandas
Cheers Elephant ‘Leaves’, your Spotify Song of the Day
This week in Facebook idiocy
What TV shows we should watch tonight
6 things women try to change about you
An infographic history of the man cave
Colin Farrell: The complete hookup history
6 great ways to remind yourself that you’re poor
Talking urinal cake wants you to stop driving drunk
Who’s that guy at the end of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’?
Little kid learns the perils of eating a yellow pepper
Time for another dose of ‘Game of Thrones’ in 16-bits
Your smartphone needs a Fat Thumb
Guyism Speed Round for 7/5
Man gets explosive headaches while watching porn
Hot on Instagram: Suheil Lopez
Ouya costs $99, runs on Android, and all its games will be free
Chair umpire shows off his skills during Tsonga-Kohlschreiber match
HealthTap is like WebMD except reputable
This is what an entire fireworks show released in one shot looks like
35 DVD covers that misrepresent the movie
Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?
Tori Vance is another ‘one to watch’
Namco Bandai vs. Capcom vs. Sega game for Japan only, of course
8 types of cleavage you’ll find throughout your life
Excellent rendition of ‘God Bless America’ ends horribly
Can Tom Cruise pull off ‘Jack Reacher’?
‘The Tall Man’ trailer is really creepy
Be safe with your fireworks today, people
8 ways your female friend can help you get chicks
GIFterpiece Theatre: Must-see Hayden Panettiere clip, a first place booty and lots of DERP
Brown Shoe ‘Late Nights’, your Spotify Song of the Day
A compilation of massive fireworks fails takes you into the Fourth of July
The perfect 4th of July BBQ
‘The Hobbit’ publicity shots have been released
Sony has some great deals going on
USA vs. Canada, with models
When breast physics go hilariously wrong
‘Eastbound And Down’ getting a season 4
IBM’s augmented reality app sorts out food, everything else
The greatest (or dumbest) gaming mouse ever conceived
Guyism Speed Round for 7/3
UK teen girls drink more than you do
Google Glass already having creepy apps developed for it
Jennifer Lawrence in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
The 50 funniest moments in sports movie history
Ashley Greene is most definitely a woman we love
Scottish scientists develop the healthiest pizza ever
Amazing photo of bear wrestling man is a must see
The hottest Twitpics of June
Hahn Brewery introduces square beer bottles
Bar Refaeli did another sexy video for underwear
Yet another ‘dad with baby’ foul ball catch
History of Comedy Remix by Mike Relm
50 hilariously awkward beach photos
‘Compliance’ trailer is way too real
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