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Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
10 of the best Nickelodeon shows of our youth
Honey Boo Boo/Honey Badger mashup is a thing
GIFterpiece Theatre: Mila Kunis, Dubya and Honey Boo Boo
The Oregon Duck mascot did a fantastic ‘Gangman Style’ parody
Tame Impala ‘Elephant’, your Spotify Song of the Day
This Chinese gamer could care less about the ladies
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Watch this incredible documentary about the real-life ‘Dude’
15 alcohol infographics to waste time and educate
Ryu from ‘Street Fighter’ vs. Scorpion from ‘Mortal Kombat’ ain’t bad
Alicia Guastaferro prostitute article brings out the worst of the Internet
Sony debuts 84 inch ultra-high-def TV that is utterly useless
The sexiest movie posters ever
Dana White has to mediate Chael Sonnen-Jon Jones Twitter fight
Aubrey Plaza gets busy in ‘The To Do List’ trailer
The Labor Day Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Ranking the hot hookups of Orlando Bloom
Unity’s new graphics engine produces near Pixar-level visuals
11 Labor Day conspiracy theories
Charlie Sheen wins: ‘Anger Management’ renewed for 90 episodes
Meet Clarence, the best trolling puppet you haven’t heard of
Fliz: Because cycling needed to be dorkier
‘Jersey Shore’ canceled, new season will be the show’s last
Erin Dimeglio is a 17-year-old girl playing quarterback for her high school team
Control your lights with an arcade stick, because you can
Drunk girl gets paid to take a taser to the neck
Candice Swanepoel did yet another sexy video
Australian anchor has tragic misspeak saying ‘Qantas Airlines’
Our dear friend, the game console, is now 40 years old
Real life Rocky takes down giant
4 common music arguments and what they really mean
Ad Hawk tells who’s behind what ad
Get ready for a mountain of ‘Metal Gear’ goodness
Elsa Hosk makes NFL jerseys look good, again
Charles Barkley singing ‘End of the Road’ is just perfect
Intoxify your next coffee break with Kahlua in a can
8 things every guy should bring on a first date
Renaming items at the department store (hilariously)
GIFterpiece Theatre: President Obama and RNC cheerleaders
Shiny Toy Guns ‘Fading Listening’, Spotify Song of the Day
‘LocoCycle’ is unquestionably game of the year material
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Republican National Convention features Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleaders
The ‘Cosby Show’ cast watches bad late episodes of ‘The Cosby Show’
This week in Facebook idiocy
Garmin Forerunner 10 offers lots of running data on the cheap
Classic ‘Ratchet and Clank’ games getting the HD treatment
Guyism Speed Round for August 29
The 50 best sports TV shows of all time
Malibu Rum wants you to start making your own GIFs
Jackie Chan is almost 60, still insane in ‘Chinese Zodiac’
GasPods cut down on drag, saves gas… admittedly look silly
Dog vs Cat singing ‘Game of Thrones’ theme…there can be only one
Hot on Instagram: Emily Skye
14 delicious regional sodas to try before you die
‘Conan’ breaks down the lousy Presidential slogans of 2012
Someone found a way to make ‘Animal Crossing’ insanely creepy
Quite possibly the worst cocktail glass on earth
‘The Victim’ trailer fights back
Female sports reporters in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
I demand to know what this screencap is from
Facebook Camera gets an overhaul, now much more useful
The PlayStation Vita’s PSone capability is a hot mess
The world’s 8 weirdest food museums
A photo gallery of weathermen courageously covering Hurricane Isaac
Danica Thrall wants you to upgrade your girlfriend
With grape pop and vodka comes Grape Expectations
U.S. Open ball boys are curiously perverted
The ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ script is worse than we thought
Novak Djokovic horribly sings ‘Call Me Maybe’ for U.S. Open crowd
GIFterpiece Theatre: Bar Refaeli and Maria Sharapova
Why? ‘Sod in the Seed’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Kid born without feet is a soccer stud
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Depressing Craigslist ad features guy looking for Facebook comments
This Old Spice-Terry Crews interactive music game is way too fun
Wireless Tags let you keep track of your stuff
New York Post recycles white powder joke at expense of Jets offense
Bruce Lee gets an autotune song ‘Be Water My Friend’
Morgan Freeman is going to be in a ‘LEGO’ movie
The 5 most ridiculous drinking myths you probably believe
This rejected pitch for ‘Guitar Hero 3′ is better than the real thing
A round of updates to the Guyism 100 is out
Sleep If U Can is an app that’ll wake you up
Jessica, Chrissy, Chanel, and Kate are the Skullcandy Supermodel Crew
The 12 easiest cocktails to make that still taste great
Guyism Speed Round for August 28
Wonder what it’d be like to be a multimillionaire at 25?
‘#HoldYourBreath’ trailer – yes, that is a hashtag
Unnecessarily censored ‘Skyrim’ has yet to grow old
The Dipr: An easy way to take the joy out of childhood
Aaron Hernandez donates $50k to Myra Kraft Giving Back Fund after extension
This might be the least delicious sounding cereal ever
Sanity reigns, FAA will let you use your iPad during takeoff
The dumbest college mascots of all time
‘Assassin’s Creed 3′ in the real world
Does Maria Sharapova look pregnant?
Joe Park’s Costco food challenge is waiting for you
7 ways your job keeps you from excelling…at your job
‘How To Make Money Selling Drugs’ trailer looks educational
GIFterpiece Theatre: The Zoe Saldana booty shake
Van She ‘Jamaica’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
And the award for most bizarre Etsy product goes to…
Penn State bans ‘Sweet Caroline’ because they’re morons
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
‘Virtual Radio’ app puts first responders in contact faster
Guy gets an exploding cake for his birthday in meanest prank ever
Randy man calls 911 to proposition lady cops
Tony Stewart awkwardly throws helmet at Matt Kenseth
Pivotal moment in minor league baseball history captured in 8bits
Olympic sprinter trains to break the beer mile record
Apple isn’t making a TV, and that’s a good thing
The 10 goriest video games of all time
The sexy Carl’s Jr. commercial with Sara Jean Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski
Guyism Speed Round for August 27
Walter White is an American badass
Sony might be making a movie based about the console wars
Howard Stern goes H.A.M. on Jay Leno
‘X Factor Australia’ finds way to make Justin Bieber songs worse
The strangest whiskey commercial you’ll see this week
The very best and very worst of Tim Tebow in two simple GIFs
This is a cat throwing a vicious dropkick
Marinekart is a tiny, agile boat
Surviving the nightclub scene as an adult
Destroying the 3DS XL for your education and amusement
Candice Swanepoel strips down to sell shoes
Pop Chart Labs shows everything you need to know about coffee
KTLA reporter thinks Vin Scully should get his sh-t together
8 things to do your first week of college
This ‘Captain Planet’ fan trailer might be the best thing ever
10 actors whose careers were ruined by one horrible movie
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Security cam catches kid hilariously crashing into mailbox
7 things women should know about men
GIFterpiece Theatre: Tyra Banks, drunken FAILs and angry girlfriends
Hooray for Earth ‘Never’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Monkey drinking classily painting is the Internet’s eye of the storm
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Microsoft ‘life-streaming’ sounds creepy, patented anyway
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Kate Upton shows her charitable side
A love letter to ‘Nintendo Power’ in the form of a rap
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Premium Rush’
Celebrate Go Topless Day!
DMX edition of ‘Reading Rainbow’ theme is perfect in every way
‘Butter’ trailer melts in your mouth
Is this the greatest police chase ever?
ESPN graphic includes important information about Kobe Bryant and a Black Mamba
12 conspiracy theories about TV shows
Spider-Man hangs out in the real world in Poland
8×10 inch instant film is available again, for rich snobs
‘Super Mario Bros’ on an Atari 2600 is super impressive
Boyfriend-girlfriend fight is the most awkward video on YouTube
Jimmy Fallon crushes Maria Sharapova in beer pong
The 7 sexiest ladies on the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list
Manager suspended, umpire fired after on-field altercation
This is Bruce Willis dancing in an 80s Levi’s commercial
Your hotel room lock has the stupidest design flaw imaginable
50 items that should be on every college student’s bucket list
Someone combined a synthesizer with an arcade stick
Here’s Miranda Kerr singing in a Japanese tea commercial
“Pinot Greej N Coke” is the best wine related rap song since UB40
‘Bangkok Revenge’ trailer is best served cold
GIFterpiece Theatre: Olivia Wilde and Korean pop sensation Psy
Poolside ‘Why You Wanna’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Fox News trolls America by branding greatest NBA player of all-time as a failure
What TV shows we should watch tonight
How ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ should have ended
AT&T limiting FaceTime because their network stinks
Dogfish Head shows how to pour the perfect pint
Comedian Amy Schumer had ‘athletic sex’ with WWE star Dolph Ziggler
The 100 funniest sports quotes of all time
‘Anchorman’: How Will Ferrell’s classic almost didn’t exist
Japanese Toyota commercial uses androgynous model to mess with you
Ranking the hot hookups of Edward Norton
A rabid bat may have landed on a fan during last week’s Ravens game
Guyism Speed Round for August 23
‘Gyoretsu Nageloop’ is like a ‘Mulholland Drive’ video game
Tom Hardy won a male modeling contest
Guy tries to throw raging house party in IKEA
Four weird but effective ways to hack your workout
Heatproof face paint protects soldiers, firemen, shmucks
‘Skyrim’ mixed with ‘COPS’ is a very good idea
Baseball WAG jokes on Twitter about husband using ExtenZe
Battle of Alcohol & Marijuana infographic
John Travolta will play the Toxic Avenger
Mexican beauty Ana Patricia Gonzalez is ‘one to watch’
Guy pretends to be celebrity, everyone thinks he’s famous
Should you buy Windows 8?
10 of the most notorious Internet hoaxes
It’s Obama vs. Romney in the form of ‘Infinity Blade’
The Most Interesting Food Truck in the World
Serena Williams wore a dress that really, really impressed David Letterman
7 ways not to end a relationship
‘Videodrome’ remake is the worst remake ever
News anchor makes awkward canoodling joke to weather girl
GIFterpiece Theatre: Alison Brie, Vanessa Marcil and an Avengers blooper
The xx ‘Angels’, your Spotify Song of the Day
From Talking to Doctors: New Meme You Should Know
What TV shows we should watch tonight
You need to fund this ‘Airwolf’ documentary
This week in Facebook idiocy
Echograph: Add some motion to your photos
Guyism Speed Round for August 22
18 great inventions that never saw the light of day
Paul Ryan tells the same joke at every speech
Bartolo Colon suspended 50 games by MLB
‘Bullet To The Head’ trailer blasts brains
Watch a guy rant about a $50,000 game on eBay for 8 minutes
‘The Return’ follows Derrick Rose as he makes his comeback from injury
Dogshaming Tumblr is the Internet’s final frontier
Hot on Instagram: Larissa Steininger
Couple’s orgy gets unlawful
Clopen is both a floating shelf and a hidden drawer
Did You Know Gaming’s informative look at ‘Grand Theft Auto’
Study: Women who have unprotected sex are happier due to jizz
‘Stone Enjoy By 09.21.12 IPA’ is beer with a 35-day deadline
Prince Harry pictures show him partying naked in Vegas
This is a soccer player getting kicked in the genitals
Guy’s attempt at tennis strengthening at the gym looks stupid, pointless
Handgun screwgun is silly yet awesome
10 facts about beer that will blow your mind
‘Nintendo Power’ has been unplugged
Roger Goodell is persona non grata at Jonathan Vilma’s restaurant
PAMA liqueur plays with any and all spirits
9 of the most unclever sexual rap and R&B lyrics of the 90s
‘The Office’ will end with Season 9
GIFterpiece Theatre: Michael Strahan, Honey Boo Boo and more Olivia Munn
Jenn Brown freaks out during make-shift toboggan run
The Cast of Cheers ‘Human Elevator’, Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The ‘Lebron X’ basketball shoe will retail for $315
Burner: An app that constantly generates disposable numbers
Jim Carrey might star in ‘Kick-Ass 2′
This Dutch puberty animation will make you squirm
8 ways your Facebook profile is like a serial killer’s lair
Just a taste of the magical world of racist video games
What is steam beer? Anchor Brewing explains it all
This is a deer poorly trying to mate
Olivia Munn in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Adding a water slide to a superyacht is awesome, insanely expensive
Vanessa Hudgens’ new movie ‘The Frozen Ground’ looks awesome
The 25 most boring athletes in sports
Guyism Speed Round for August 21
Here’s Joel McHale drilling Kelly Ripa with a beach ball to the head
‘Retro/Grade’ combines ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Space Invaders’
Up close and personal look at ‘Hipster Ale’ canning line
Jack Bauer returns for cupcakes in new commercial
‘Stolen’ is like ‘Taken’ but with Nicolas Cage
‘Paterno and Sandusky understood that, in tandem, they could lift each other up professionally’
Good police work takes place behind Sky News live report
Paqchair becomes a bed, lets guests know they’re unwelcome
7 memorable TV appearances from Olympic athletes
Green Day is guest starring in ‘Angry Birds’ for some reason
Behind the scenes with Karlie Kloss, 20 year-old supermodel
Pat Bertoletti and Joey Chestnut have a Guinness pitcher chugging race
Cullen Jenkins and Andy Reid go belly-to-belly on the sidelines
8 old-fashioned things that need to be updated (or abolished)
Warner Brothers passes on ‘The Dark Tower’
Mad Max: Fury Road concept art, vehicles and more
GIFterpiece Theatre: Ronda Rousey, Rihanna and more ‘Breaking Bad’
Moon Duo ‘Sleepwalker’, Spotify Song of the Day
Could we be looking at NFL games with one on-field referee?
What TV shows we should watch tonight
7 unique and questionable spirits to try
Kids cry after seeing Disney’s ‘Odd Life of Timothy Green’
DARPA invents cheap, precise robot hand
In defense of Todd Akin
There’s an iOS ‘Ghostbusters’ game and it’s not half bad
The least helpful Yahoo! Answers conversations ever
Condoleeza Rice, Darla Moore join Augusta National as first female members
‘Breaking Bad: The Animated Series’ would be the greatest thing ever
Bluetooth Bulb lets you control your lights with your phone
‘Anal Tattoo Girl’ tells all
There’s a new Kate Upton Sports Illustrated swimsuit video?
The awkward ‘Breaking Bad’ dinner scene as told in GIFs
Guyism Speed Round for August 20
Bill Murray movie lines mixed into song about Bill Murray
‘Legend of Zelda’ knocks ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ off Amazon top seller list
New commercial shows sexy side of Old Dominion’s ‘Double D’
Airport employee makes his own ‘beep beep’ noises while driving cart
‘The Revenant’ trailer has guts, literally
Do NOT question Nicki Minaj or she will destroy you on Twitter
Chris Perez confronts heckler: ‘Get your d-ck out of your mouth’
This is Shepard Smith getting caught putting on makeup on-camera
Normalize app strips out annoying Instagram filters
24 places Google doesn’t want you to see
‘Madden 13’ reveals top 10 quarterbacks, running backs, receivers
Cintia Dicker in one of the best videos ever
Melky Cabrera is an incredibly dumb human being
Brad Pitt gets hammeredtime with Guy Ritchie for his bachelor party
Tony Scott, director of ‘Top Gun,’ commits suicide
12 types of people you see at the movie theater
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
7 things women love that men just don’t get
GIFterpiece Theatre: Sarah Rafferty, a child failing at life and more Kristen Bell
Is this guy the best goalkeeper in the world?
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Civil Twilight ‘Letters from the Sky’, Spotify Song of the Day
Virgin American now serving craft beer on flights
Unbaby.Me excises your friend’s annoying kids from Facebook
This Little League web gem is pretty amazing
How to get a DUI on a bulldozer
Gillian Anderson fans will enjoy this supercut of her saying ‘Oh my God’
‘Rockman Xover’ is like a bullet in the head for ‘Mega Man’ fans
Can Hope Solo shut up already?
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Expendables 2′
Blackjack Domination improves your game, looks good doing it
The 10 wildest roller coasters on Earth
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Annoying girl hiker has broken ankle on mountain, films herself
Here we have Chinese cops torching a bunch of arcade machines
Sapporo Brewery wants to stop people from headbutting women
Schwarzenegger’s back in ‘The Last Stand’
Adorable dolphin sexually assaults girl (adorably?)
Kristen Bell steals Ryan Lochte’s thunder during interview
Guy’s revenge prank on little brother goes viral
Black and Decker Gyro 4V Max uses sensors to yank screws
The 24 biggest pro wrestling conspiracies
‘World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria’ is both awesome and stupid
Miranda Kerr did something sexy on video
Clay Buchholz has a perfect inning: Three strikeouts on nine pitches
I will Never Ever get this Taylor Swift parody out of my head
7 important Facebook etiquette questions no one has answered
Creepy new ‘The Possession’ clip gets stuck in your throat
GIFterpiece Theatre: Jenny McCarthy, brutal pitch to face and a mysterious woman
Woods ‘Cali in a Cup’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Joe Johnson selling Atlanta area home for $4.7 million
The Lionel Richie Top Ten list was pure genius
Chrome gets Send to Kindle extension
The 10 sexiest scandals in sports history
A fantastic but spoileriffic ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Curb’ mash-up
Behind the scenes with WFAN’s Evan Roberts, sports talk radio’s next great host
Guyism Speed Round for August 16
Volvo makes woman cross between two speeding trucks for viral video attempt
A burning desire for The Oatmeal’s Sriracha Popcorn
Adam Levine: The complete hookup history
James Harden has a replaceable beard in new Foot Locker commercial
The grossest fast-food items from around the world
Robert Downey Jr. injured shooting ‘Iron Man 3′
The Ubi: A smartphone you plug into the wall
Celebrate National Rum Day with these three dry cocktails
Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen will die in ‘Scary Movie 5′
‘Awkward White Guys in Shorts’ will ring entirely too true to you
Canadian hero breaks up fight over hockey souvenir
TerraTime is fun, surprisingly useful
The 6 most terrifying pets humanity has bred into existence
Relax, the PlayStation Network was not hacked yet again
Beer in square bottles pops up yet again
Study the law with this ‘Dredd’ featurette
9 things to bring on your camping trip
Torii Hunter accidentally spikes umpire in eye
GIFterpiece Theatre: Miranda Kerr doing naughty things and an excellent videobomb
Joe Mauer takes one square in the nuts
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Wow, awesome, CNN is going to make reality shows
Guy steals pot from cops because ‘it smelled so good’
SoCo’s new “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign is dead sexy
This week in Facebook idiocy
The Star Wars Force Glove uses magnets to mess with people
Guyism Speed Round for August 15
Melky Cabrera suspended 50 games after testing positive for testosterone
10 celebrities who wrote really dumb novels
The ‘Daredevil’ movie that will never be made
Vin Scully talks about 63 years in broadcasting
GamesCom 2012 in a nutshell, part 2
Romanian kids will destroy us all
Kate Middleton’s cousin Katrina Darling is in this month’s ‘Playboy’
100 things to bitch about
Agri-Cube is a stoner’s dream
Jay Leno lovingly stares as Kelsey Grammer unbuttons his pants
Monica and Penelope Cruz pimp ‘New Super Mario Bros 2′
Bell’s ‘Octoberfest’ only available in kegs this year
B.J. Upton does not appreciate being called Melvin
Hot on Instagram: Cornelia Westling
1995 student Internet video is everything you love about the Internet
‘Seven Psychopaths’ trailer is ready to kill
Drunk man survives getting compacted twice by recycling truck
GamesCom 2012 in a nutshell, part 1
Lucy Pinder made a really good calendar
Pot Puffs cereal is Michael Phelps approved
7 hard-drinking writers every man needs to read
Hard Knocks airs Chad Johnson’s dramatic release from Dolphins
GIFterpiece Theatre: Nicki Minaj, a self-abusing bear and Han Solo
Diamond Rings ‘I’m Just Me’, Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
This is some guy counting to 100,000
Easy tips to make every food taste better
Catwoman in ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ is only slightly disappointing
New Meme You Should Know: Philosophical Puppy
Looks like the ‘Robocop’ remake is going to suck ass
Imo adds free voice calling
Kevin Durant and James Harden not amused with Dwight Howard questions
The craziest stunts performed around the world
The movies sing ‘Baby Got Back’
Taylor Swift in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Guyism Speed Round for August 14
Oh cool, here’s the biggest snake in Florida’s history
Carissa Rosario is back in a bikini
30 signs that are more than a little full of ‘WTF’
SkiMotion gets you around in the most ridiculous way possible
‘Just Cause 2′ multiplayer is even glitchier and better than ever
Keanu Reeves talks ‘Bill & Ted 3′
Shaq’s junk was the subject of a survey on ‘Family Feud’
Eyeona: An app to avoid losing out
Julia Child gets her PBS autotune like Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross
15 real sex toys that will give you nightmares
‘Borderlands 2′ has a girlfriend skill tree that has many upset
Miley Cyrus cut all her hair off
Golden Corral introduces the bacon basket and more!
Madden 13 NFL ratings feature Chris Johnson as the fastest running back
GIFterpiece Theatre: The Spice Girls and comedian Amy Schumer
Canadian camper has creepiest slogan ever
Jesca Hoop ‘Born To’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Alex Rodriguez selling Miami home for $38 million
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Goldilocks and the three brewery expansions
Why it’s worth installing Linux on your computer
‘Dead or Alive’ and ‘Tekken’ cinematics are over the top and nonsensical
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
Cat interrupts class by falling through ceiling
Naked man covered in Crisco ‘was looking…to party’
Insane Clown Posse is suing the FBI
Prism Glasses let you watch TV lying down… if you’re alone
‘Garfield Def Comedy Jam’ is the best Garfield-related parody video you’ll see today
Nobody is happy with the replacement referees
The world’s most mysterious ghost towns
Guyism Speed Round for August 13
Want to lose weight while playing video games? Just stand up
In Soviet Russia trees hug you, especially if you’re drunk
Arrested teen cites quality of woman’s booty as reason for groping her
Kelly Brook in black lingerie for ‘Keith Lemon: The Film’
The 30 best and worst moments from the London Olympics
Target selling a ‘Hunger Games’ pin for $1000
This is a dog who is terrified of low-fat jerky
The Manual Shredder saves space, less of a pain
The most annoying people you see when traveling
That’s one way to react to your Blizzard account being hacked
How about a little more Lorry B1rd?
Video of a man getting Three Floyd’s ‘Dark Lord’ tattoo
Boris Johnson closed the 2012 London Olympics with an awkward dance
8 dating definitions for the modern man
‘Red Dawn’ trailer fights back
McKayla Maroney not impressed with hotel pool hours
Bob Costas thinks Usain Bolt is quite full of himself
10 A-holes you face when playing beer pong
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
7 weird habits you can develop when you live alone
GIFterpiece Theatre: Dwight Howard, synchronized swimming and cheerleaders
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Sleigh Bells ‘Demons’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Liberty City covered in sand is surprisingly neat
Flock app lets you collect and share photos from your night out
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Coming soon: ‘Planet Michael’, a Michael Jackson MMO
The 50 greatest celebrity mug shots of all time
Man, ‘Crysis 3′ sure is purdy
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘The Bourne Legacy’
Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste are in very good shape
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
The 5 craziest clubs in London
Alligator eating a snake is the highlight of the PGA Championship
Oklahoma State lineman punches woman over beer pong game
Cat video proves Russia is just too good at the Internet
LimbIc chair made in an F1 factory, not as awesome as that sounds
One Olympic cocktail that actually deserves your attention
‘Antiviral’ trailer is really, really icky
Guy in bikini on Chatroulette is the last great ‘Call Me Maybe’ video
5 simple things that every bad cook does wrong
Samsung has patented a perfume spraying phone
Man passes out on airport conveyor belt and gets x-rayed
Dwight Howard was finally traded to the Lakers
Here’s the new ‘Red Dawn’ poster
GIFterpiece Theatre: Usain Bolt can fly and the incredible Hope Solo save
Pond ‘You Broke My Cool’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Andre Igoudala awesomely ruins another Serena Williams Olympic moment
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Sony greenlit an ‘Alf’ movie
Woman all f’d up on something has amazing balance
It’s the Dark Knight, playing video games, or at least trying
Photo Locker Pro keeps your photos under wraps
Tamara Lazic is a model you should know
Ben Affleck might direct ‘Justice League’
The 20 hottest viral sensations in sports
Robot automatically pours shots based on Americans winning medals
Metta World Peace talks about Kobe and the ladies in London
Sean Penn: The complete hookup history
Breaking down the McKayla Maroney-Jenna Bush Dougie
14 dumb celebrity party fouls
Guyism Speed Round for August 9
Letter opener made of letters is pretty awesome
New ‘Transformers’ game lazily attempts to cash in on nostalgia
TLC gets even weirder with ‘Abby & Brittany’
Guys trying to break unbreakable glass is kind of therapeutic
New study shows the world loves beer more than ever
Monica Cruz in one of the best videos ever
U.S. women’s gymnastics team change name to ‘Fierce Five’ because Jalen Rose is a gigantic douche
Cam girl breaks down during live session
Bar10der has a stupid name but a great design
14 BBQ sauces you never knew existed
The Olympics, via super sexy pixels and ultra bizarre machinma
Drunk woman messes with the bull and gets the horns
MMA champ Ronda Rousey likes to have sex before matches
7 weeks that would be even better than Shark Week
This is a woman grinding on Hilary Clinton in South Africa
GIFterpiece Theatre: Misty May-Treanor shakes, wardrobe malfunctions and Hillary Clinton
Patterns ‘Blood’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Was Bane’s origin cut for ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’
New Meme You Should Know: Unimpressed McKayla
Too bad this ‘Shaun of the Dead’ video game is not real
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Female news anchor has no clue what day or year it is
How to plan a beer tasting at home
This week in Facebook idiocy
Obama app may be a bit free with your information
Megan Fox in a pink bra for ‘This is 40′
Woman leads cops on topless car chase
Check out this man’s relaxed attitude towards an attempt at murdering him
And the gold medal for Olympic nut punch goes to…
‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 3 first photos
Google Maps adds a lot of traffic data
Miranda Kerr makes her case for hottest mom ever
Guy breaks out flawless drunk girl impression on ‘Judge Judy’
The 20 highest earning athletes of the 2012 Olympics
Guyism Speed Round for August 8
7 hilarious quotes from the ‘Hard Knocks’ season premiere
The funniest thing in gaming right now is a stupid black cube
Who knew you could operate a nonprofit bar?
Joss Whedon is in Marvel’s pocket for the near future
Hot on Instagram: Lauren Hallen
Andre Igoudala is real happy to see Serena Williams
Guys shot with 21,000 paintballs for…charity?
Well, this is one way add buttons to Android games
Back to school gift guide
Fujitsu develops phone scammer sensors
Miley Cyrus did a sexy photo shoot
Lolo Jones breaks down and cries on the ‘Today’ show
7 kick-ass beer cocktails to try immediately
Will ‘Revolution’ be the next ‘Lost’?
Eric Chavez and Cody Eppley star in amazing blooper
GIFterpiece Theatre: Aly Raisman goes for gold, Nicki Minaj and an Olympic bonanza
Imagine Dragons ‘Demons’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘Real Racing 3′ looks pretty mind-blowing for an iOS game
Handy infographic shows what those mystery knives are for
This is simply the worst performance of the 2012 London Olympics
New Meme You Should Know: Shy Shark
‘On The Road’ trailer is so Beat
‘Mega 64′ shows us how jaded gamers have become
5 things they don’t want you to know about the Olympics
Singapore is promoting a sex day to help its low birthrate
Apple ‘Bluetooth Sharing’ is another interesting concept nobody will use
It’s a guy playing ‘Super Mario Bros’ without looking at the screen
Track and Field FAILs in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Guyism Speed Round for August 7
Belgian fans celebrate bronze medal with multiple expletives
The top 10 raunchiest sex scenes of all time
UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer made a sexy calendar
America might get more ‘Idiocracy’
Mars Rover’s first picture of Mars leaves something to be desired
Digital gumball machine is disappointingly short on gum
Dad of the century mods Power Wheels into legit ride
Glass Popcorn is here to rap your ears off with ‘Goin’ Hamburger’
Kelly Tilghman invents a country called ‘Dominican Republican’
Just some guy riding a shopping cart on a highway in Russia
The hottest Twitpics of July
How to keep the Honan disaster from happening to you
Mixing Coke and peanuts is a thing, but is it good?
Jim Tracy’s meltdown led to a fine moment by broadcaster Vin Scully
11 of the biggest celebrity comebacks
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