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BlackBerry 10 looks great, probably nothing you’ll care about
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Kaley Cuoco looked pretty good on ‘The Late Show’
Baltimore Sun tries to get taunting Pats fan, Katie Moody, fired from job
Woman arrested outside a sex shop for drunken biting of a man
Why you can’t win the Cinnamon Challenge
Sex on the beach leads to arrests
Fashion finally engineers a baseball hat you can’t squish
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Stephen Jackson never works out
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Fantastic Fest award winners
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‘Vamps’ trailer sucks
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Expert level bad parenting
Sofia Vergara celebrated the Emmys with some sexy dancing
Guyism Speed Round for September 24
Mind-controlled robot tail now available for creepy people
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Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episode 2 recap
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Two guys in suits fight over a cab
‘Liz & Dick’ trailer with Lindsay Lohan screaming ‘Wench!’
Melky Cabrera takes himself out of batting title
Kate Upton did a video with babies and small animals
12 out-of-control, completely bogus faith healers
How to bet on football more like a sharp and less like a sucker
Boeing really wants you to use your phone on an airplane
The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Gangnam Style mash-up is finally here
Ranking the hot hookups of Mark Sanchez
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Girl fight at a gas station is the epitome of class
What American cities looked like 100 years ago
Oru: The kayak that folds up
Texas high school bans religious banners from football games
‘Baywatch’ movie gets a new director
Ricky Gervais takes unflattering self-portraits
Surveillance video of Lindsay Lohan’s hit and run
Homer Simpson voting in the 2012 election is on point
Couple has sex in moving car, pull gun on family who watched
This is a pig saving a baby goat from drowning
Facebook on Android updates with more chat features
Martellus Bennett goes Happy Gilmore in touchdown dance
Tokyo Game Show In A Nutshell, Part 2
Kate Kelton is an actress who’s certainly ‘one to watch’
Help Sam Adams set the record for beer hoisting
The Nerlens Noel-Kentucky experiment almost ended last night
8 pop stars who were successfully sued for plagiarism
‘The Collection’ trailer is one you should pick up
GIFterpiece Theatre: Shakira and censored wet t-shirts
What TV shows we should watch tonight
An argument against beer snobbery
Travel surge protector is the best ten bucks you’ll ever spend is exactly what you thought it would be—a dating site
Photoshop Wizardry: This week’s best funny photo edits
Gallagher smashing things in slow motion is beautiful
Alessandra Ambrosio and Lais Ribeiro are absolutely fabulous
Have no fear, they’re still pumping out the zombie games
Guyism Speed Round for September 20
The 10 most deadly foods on the planet
New ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ images punch hard
Transparent toaster is the greatest thing since sliced bread
Google Maps gets an overhaul, sticks it to Apple
Chris Kluwe is the most interesting man in the NFL
Kelly Brook is really good at modeling her own clothes
The 25 greatest villains in American sports history
Conan takes dead aim at replacement refs
This is a tree that looks like Homer Simpson
Tokyo Game Show in a nutshell, part 1
Here’s the new international trailer for ‘Skyfall’
Beer prices for every NFL stadium
Nostalgia makes lame things seem good, says this YouTube song
Tina Barrett of S Club 7 fame did a lingerie photo shoot
Julie Bowen gives us the GIF of the year
DMX trying Google for the first time is the greatest video ever
iOS 6 is out now, already getting hacked
10 insane things you didn’t know about sex
It’s like ‘Antiques Road Show,’ but with video games
Meet Kaki West: Red Sox fan, ‘one to watch’
Energy Gummy Bears are the future of caffeine injection
Buffalo completes Hail Mary at the end of the first half
7 things guys should never do together
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Dredd’
Learn about the villain for ‘Avengers 2′ and ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’
GIFterpiece Theatre: Carrie Underwood and presidential fist bumps
8-year-old pulls off unbelievable touchdown run
What TV shows we should watch tonight
President Obama tweeted a pic with a pirate for Talk Like A Pirate Day
New Amsterdam Red Berry is finally a flavored vodka I enjoy
This week in Facebook idiocy
Amphones let your rock out with no amp
The best alcohol myths and conspiracy theories
Sofia Vergara’s first commercial was pretty awesome
Vince Young has no money
Enjoy a little ‘Minecraft’ in your ‘Borderlands 2′
Check out this badass 80s $800 Radio Shack cell phone
5 store-bought spices you can easily make yourself
The best man cities in America
Guyism Speed Round for September 19
Hot on Instagram: Rose Henna
New ‘The Hobbit’ trailer is precious
Ostrich Pillow lets you sleep anywhere, destroys your dignity
Sony just redesigned the PlayStation 3, again
Busty Tennessee fan ripped on by Kathie Lee
CNN confuses Apple for Nokia in a substantial news fail
Tenacious D guitarist’s Sauceman Satchel is the hottest thing on Kickstarter
Lindsay Lohan arrested for leaving the scene of an accident
Girls undertake what may be the worst parking job ever
Kentucky fan fight features woman brutally punching a man
Growler On Board will transport your beer, mark you as a bro for life
Fail of the Day: Man steals own truck, ends up in pond
At least one guy hates the Wii U, and he is quite large
Sarah Shahi so sexy on video it’s barely legal
The Country Breakfast Shot is a perfect tailgate drink
Behind the scenes video of the Caroline Wozniacki underwear shoot
10 awesome below-the-radar films guys need to see
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book has a trailer
GIFterpiece Theatre: Cowboys cheerleaders and sack dances
This week in Christina Aguilera pretending to grab boobs
Teenage girl crushes Whitney Houston at store karaoke machine
What TV shows we should watch tonight
The 10 best new bars in America
JetBlue to make inflight WiFi not suck
Mr. Wizard: Still a dick
The people who made the Tupac hologram are bankrupt
Is a new ‘Killer Instinct’ game on the way?
WISN anchor talks about Brewers and rough road-head
Candice Swanepoel did another sexy swimsuit video
The 20 biggest cradle robbers in sports
Chew on some ‘Kick-Ass 2′ set pictures
Heineken is redesigning their iconic green bottle
Sofia Vergara in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
XYZ Spaceframe vehicles can be built with crap from the hardware store
Melissa Steuart joins our sexy ‘one to watch’ list
The 10 best ‘This Is SportsCenter’ commercials ever
Guyism Speed Round for September 18
‘Cute kids dancing to Thriller’ video has hilarious twist ending
Replacement ref needs LeSean McCoy for his fantasy team
Obama vs Romney, in a video game-like, autotuned face-off
The Popinator will shoot popcorn at you, one kernel at a time
The New York sugary drink ban entertainingly explained
Behind the scenes again with Jessica Hart
Hitler reacts to Gangnam Style in charming merger of memes
Mitt Romney chooses Snooki over Honey Boo Boo
A sexual positions app is the last thing you need
5 stupid bets that changed the world
‘Borderlands 2′ is finally here
Kate Middleton topless photos get the Taiwanese animation treament
Michael Turner got a DUI hours after Monday Night Football game
Epic wine man is the Isaiah Mustafa of grapes
7 terrible things that women have to go through that men don’t
Manimal is coming back
Replacement refs are incompetent boobs; mark off incorrect distance for penalty
GIFterpiece Theatre: Kelly Kapowski and Seth MacFarlane on ‘SNL’
Diiv ‘How Long Have You Known’, Spotify Song of the Day
Yunel Escobar wears offensive eye black
NBC uncomfortably segues from football to Kate Middleton’s boobs
What TV shows we should watch tonight
What if the iPhone 5 promos were honest?
Karaoke is now just a smartphone away
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
A closer look at ‘NBA Baller Beats’
UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste made a sexy calendar
‘Walking Dead’ season 3 ‘Fight The Dead’ promo
18 innovative inventions you will never see
HS team wins on ridiculous Hail Mary with no time remaining
Woman’s gym shenanigans ends with a complete fail
5 underrated Irish drinks to celebrate Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day
Olga Kurylenko is finally getting her due
The 9 worst teachers of all time
Touchdown celebrations, booty grabs and nipple twerking: The 20 best sports GIFs of the weekend
‘Vulgaria’ trailer is crazysexycool
The keg stand granny makes you feel young again
You too can own a bulletproof briefcase
Conan O’Brien reviews ‘Resident Evil 6’
First review of Red Robin’s Sam Adams Oktoberfest milkshake
Lindsay Lohan has a problem with Amanda Bynes
Russian wedding reception features bizarre sex games
Should you switch to the iPhone 5? Ehhhhh… maybe?
The 8 most bizarre pre-game rituals of all time
The Wii U is selling like hot cakes
Heather Graham made a sexy appearance
‘Please reset the glame cock’ is now the the replacement referee motto
I’m Kilbeggan you to celebrate Halfway Day with me
9 of the worst things about being drunk
Here’s the first real picture of the new Robocop
Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episode 1 recap
We have a dance off in the NFL
Eric Wright picks off Eli Manning and returns it to the house in incredible fashion
NFL photos, screencaps and GIFs for Week 2
Replacement referee Brian Stropolo is a Saints fan
9 famous people you didn’t know were star athletes
100-yard kickoff return TD features spectacular juke move
John L. Smith goes John L. Smith during interview
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Chris Fowler confuses Brian Kelly with Charlie Weis
Martha Hunt shows why she’s so popular
GameDay signs, screencaps and GIFs from College Football Week 3
7 video games that were ahead of their time
GIFterpiece Theatre: More Emma Watson and a Lingerie Football League highlight
Stars ‘Backlines’, your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch
Three classic cocktails for the ‘Boardwalk Empire’ premiere
News of ‘Bayonetta 2′ for the Wii U not going over so well
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Garfield held a Twitter chat; it did not go well
Worst person in the world robs unconscious guy, lets him get hit by train
Emma Watson did a little dancing on ‘Jimmy Fallon’
The hardest hit of the week comes to you from the Lingerie Football League
Blazed Movie Review: ‘The Master’
The 8 weirdest celeb-endorsed energy drinks
cPRO+ makes Craigslist far more usable
Roof-to-ground slide lacks an important piece
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Ranking the hot hookups of Brad Pitt
Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout is one of the world’s best
Donald Glover getting his own sitcom about Donald Glover
Woman offers roadside stripteases to passing motorists
This John L. Smith t-shirt seems very appropriate now
Malaysian pamphlet has gay people all figured out
Fujifilm ends production of motion picture film, and good riddance
Time to learn how much the gold coins in ‘Super Mario Bros’ are worth
New infographic shows binge drinkers are happier than you
Rutgers holder suffers brutal pinky dislocation
‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ trailer is coming at you
Kate Middleton topless pictures hit the Web
Deadpool Gangnam Style parody is the best it’ll get
The iPhone 5 adapter is expensive and terrible
15 reasons why the US Presidency is the dumbest job in the world
EA’s return to basketball is not going according to plan
Georgia May Jagger looking gorgeous as usual
Packers used this fake field goal to beat the Bears
’50 Ways to Love Your Liver’ is best drinking song ever
7 of the best times pro wrestlers tried to act
GIFterpiece Theatre: Britney Spears and a rotund ballerina takes a tumble
What TV shows we should watch tonight
People think they’re testing an iPhone 5, actually a 4S
The final Wii U details are in
Britney Spears and Simon Cowell are really weird around each other
Ready for the dumbest movie idea ever? Meet ‘Line Of Sight’
Oh good, a stationary bike in a hot tub is an exercise machine
Torque Pro: An app that talks to your car
Lolo Jones and Ndamukong Suh might be dating
A teenage girl caught a bigger fish than you ever will
The 50 most iconic pictures in sports history
Guyism Speed Round for September 13
Flying Dog Brewery issues a call to arms for drinkers
10 restaurants from movies and TV shows you can visit
Some guy turned his entire room into a K’nex Machine
Meet the Army’s terrifying new robot horse
It’s Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, in pseudo-video game form
Bacon Barter is crossing America with cured currency
Giselle Diaz is another woman that’s definitely ‘one to watch’
Miguel Cabrera and his f-bomb catch phrase caught by cameras
Lindsay Lohan is losing it again
Alleged mistress escapes through a window
A closer look at the amazing ‘Real Racing 3′ in an iPhone 5 demo
5 things we all want (but don’t deserve)
The iPhone 5 isn’t nearly as good a deal as the iPod Touch
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dunks babies in terrible cameo
9 of the best food shows that men love
New ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ trailer is chock full of video game references
GIFterpiece Theatre: Eva Longoria and the next Olympic gymnast
Old man with walker dances at rave
What TV shows we should watch tonight
A local beer to represent every NFL team
Oree Wooden Keyboard will class up your cubicle
This week in Facebook idiocy
‘Mega Man’ creator has a new game about zombies on the way
Here’s a bunch of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ set photos
11 dumb toys that made somebody rich
This is a girl with no arms getting dressed
WFAN host Mike Francesa falls asleep during interview
Bourbon infographic tells you all you need to know
Guyism Speed Round for September 12
Honda does the impossible, welds steel and aluminum together
Hot on Instagram: Jazz
Your 2013 Hometown Hotties finalists
Dubstep Scooby Doo is a thing that exists
‘Sons Of Anarchy’ season premiere and predictions
Eva Longoria forgot to wear pants on ‘Conan’
When politics collide with ‘NBA Jam’
Frozen Margarita Cologne is the new Sex Panther
Alessandra Ambrosio on video is always a good thing
Notre Dame joins ACC but remains independent for football
This is Baby from old ABC show ‘Dinosaurs’ going nuts on set
Gay football player kicked off team for kissing 65-year-old boyfriend
Google gives Apple the smackdown with great new YouTube app
Woman charged in breast-biting attack
Everyone is working on fancy new ways to interact with video games
90 year old man drank 30,000 pints in one pub
The Clint Dempsey GIF is worthy of your attention
9 of the most ridiculous celebrity arrests
Can we talk about Chris Brown’s new tattoo?
Stunning rendition of national anthem at Fenway Park
GIFterpiece Theatre: Jennifer Lawrence and a stripper pole FAIL
Wildlife Control ‘Analog or Digital’, Spotify Song of the Day
New ‘Smashed’ trailer pours one out
What TV shows we should watch tonight
3DPCase: Use an app to sculpt your own iPhone case
George Washington vs. Adolf Hitler screenshot is a taste of things to come
This week in Christina Aguilera wardrobe malfunctions
UNC scandal involving Tyler Hansbrough’s mom
Obese dog named Obie is tragically adorable
The most ridiculously expensive athlete shoes
Play a Choose Your Own Adventure with a girl in a bikini
Get your girl a purse filled with booze
Hilarious kids in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Steam is coming to your living room
Guyism Speed Round for September 11
The 10 best video game endings ever
Britney Spears learns ‘Gangnam Style’ from PSY
Meet the Scotsman who wants to go 100 mph on a bicycle
Best game going right now on the iPhone is also the hardest
‘Lincoln’ teaser: No vampires this time
Jessica Gomes and Jessica Hart did a bikini video together
Drunk Iowa tailgater hits girl in the face with a bat
A video rounding up all the pop culture memes you know and love
‘Behind the Drink’ explains why cocktails cost $13
The 5 most hilarious ways anyone ever failed at their job
Gojee: Make food with what you have
Aaron Rodgers lost a bet to Boyz II Men
Shoenice chugs a bottle of Bombay Sapphire in 10 seconds
GIFterpiece Theatre: Emma Watson is dangerous and a Sean Connery fist pump
Pee Wee player goes 99-yards after football thievery
Kevin Spacey farted and nobody wants to sit next to him
Deerhoof ‘The Trouble with Candyhands’, Spotify Song of the Day
Will James Cameron ever make ‘Battle Angel Alita?’
Saturday was fight night at this Chicago Fire-Santos Laguna game
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Jehovah’s Witness ASL anti-masturbation video is a must-see
hi-Call glove is a silly way to make phone calls
This week in NFL wardrobe malfunctions
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
A new restaurant inside a prison is open to the public
The best part of ‘Grand Theft Auto?’ The fake radio spots
The conspiracy against solar power
Big Ang holds least sexy breast conversation ever on ‘Today’
James Dolan wants Isiah Thomas back in the Knicks organization
Next Nook might run Windows 8
Introducing the calmest and creepiest video on YouTube
Octomom banned from celebrity boxing
Crash course in hot dogs and a beer cocktail to match
Guyism Speed Round for September 10
Future of gaming involves getting on all fours and trampolines
Bert and Ernie in real life costumes will haunt your dreams
‘LUV’ trailer: You’re never too young to kill
‘Absentee Parent Cooking Show,’ featuring Dunkaroos
What was the best sports GIF of the weekend?
Blake Lively married Ryan Reynolds
Pizzeria owner lifting President Obama is a terrifying sight
Spotify to enter 21st century, get browser-based player
Sifl & Olly are back and they’re reviewing fake video games
The NFL’s 20 biggest badasses
‘GMA’ anchor Josh Elliott gets pooped on by a kinkajou
Candy Corn Oreos will make you want to cancel Halloween
Bears tailgate features stripper pole FAIL
8 tips for having a date over to your place
Insanely raunchy clip from ‘The Master’
Photos and GIFs from Week 1 of the NFL season
9 signs you may be an alcoholic (and what to do)
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Natalie Portman did more sexy stuff for Dior
College GameDay signs, screencaps and GIFs from Week 2
8 surprising things women appreciate you doing for them
GIFterpiece Theatre: Katy Perry and Rihanna really like each other
Two Door Cinema Club ‘Wake Up’, Spotify Song of the Day
Ester Satorova is a tennis WAG worthy of your time
What TV shows we should watch tonight
This is a crazy lady attacking cars in NYC traffic
BREAKING: Saints bounty suspensions have been overturned
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Admit it, you want a vacuum tube elevator in your house
Mitt Romney with a littleface, now in video form
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
The 18 dumbest moments of the 2012 election
Sonic meets his pathetic, fan-created cousins
New ‘Breaking Dawn’ trailer: Kristen Stewart vs. a puma
Ranking the hot hookups of Josh Hartnett
Wood Luck: A bed that can withstand 65 tons of debris
The hottest Twitpics of August
An able-bodied blooper at the Paralympics
Morgan Freeman ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ reading is hilarious
It’s old school gaming vs. the new guard
The story of two men stealing millions from the NBA
The shape of your beer glass affects the speed you drink
Stefunny C shows that she’s a new ‘one to watch’
MTV Video Music Award GIFs: Katy Perry hates One Direction, Rihanna and some sexual innuendo
Larry David’s Obama documentary is perfectly apolitical
They’d better bring the ‘Heavy Metal’ TV series here
New Amazon Kindles: Should you buy them?
6 petty things that start wars in every office
G4 to dump all video game-related programming
Behind the scenes with Doutzen Kroes (in lingerie)
Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew released just in time for football
Ukrainian fan fight is among the best you will ever see
8 of the most secretly crappy TV dads
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ DVD will have a Director’s Cut
GIFterpiece Theatre: NFL, Charlie Day, and more!
Houndmouth ‘Penitentiary’, your Spotify Song of the Day
Man steals ball meant for little girl
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Pogo Connect turns your iPad into a drawing table
Fan-made Walter White character video is a must-watch
John Clayton’s ponytail is real and it is spectacular
Ubisoft is now cool with those who play alone, but not EA
Jimmy Kimmel parodies Emmy-nominated shows for TV Guide
Strip club claims lap dances are tax exempt
New TV shows sold rundown
Box Office Math: Learn how movies make and lose money
See how Johnny 5 is painting the new Absolut Unique bottles
The best geeky gadgets for the fall
Hot on Instagram: Sharlene Mitchell
Guyism Speed Round for September 6
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