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Chinatown chick fight features haymakers and an aerial plate assault
‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is officially slated for spring 2013
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Guyism Speed Round for Halloween
Your semi-serious 2012 NBA Preview
New ‘John Dies At The End’ trailer is slimy
Sara Jean Underwood in sexy costumes is Halloween perfection
It’s not ‘blackface’ when you’re dressing up as Michael Jackson!
What’s winning the Internet today (10.31.12)
Disney buys Lucasfilm
Here’s a pen you can’t stab anybody with
Arianny Celeste wins best Halloween video of the day
This is the punt return of the year
WBAL reporter gives us the Hurricane Sandy blooper we’ve all been waiting for
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Hunter Pence and the San Francisco Giants love them some Katy Perry
Zombie Gut Punch is the perfect Halloween drink
Google Voice Search versus Siri: Who wins?
Coco’s wet t-shirt gave the best hurricane report ever
Kevin Garnett gave Ray Allen the cold shoulder last night
Spooked: The funniest haunted house reactions
Stone Brewing celebrates 15 years with ‘Lukcy Basartd Ale’
What’s winning the Internet today (10.30.12)
Snolo: The Ferrari of sleds
Sommelier breaks record for most wine glasses held at once
Spraytect iPhone case is an entertainingly bad idea
It’s Nastia Liukin’s birthday; celebrate with 10 gymnastics Fail GIFs
13 year-old finds whiskey in a bottle of Mountain Dew
6 things every sucker should know before buying a used car
Two incredibly handy apps for weather disasters
Emily VanCamp is half-naked again, this time on video
Jolly Rancher producing the sweetest candles on Earth
11 of the best voice-acting performances in video games
GIFterpiece Theatre: Melanie Iglesias, confused girl and more
Relive the Bob Ross autotune for his birthday
Must See Imagery: Monday Edition
Ranking the funniest news moments of Hurricane Sandy (so far)
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
‘Patient 0′ isn’t just a zombie FPS, you actually live it
BoostTurbine: A backup battery with a backup charging crank
Gisele Bundchen in a bikini is still a must-see
The 7 dumbest myths about working from home
Bengals cheerleader who banged a high schooler getting her own TV show
Dexter recap: The winners and losers of episode ‘Swim Deep’
Ranking the hot hookups of Robert Downey, Jr.
Guyism Speed Round for October 29
Look with envy: The best beach houses in the world
MIT says screw nukes, we’ll deflect asteroids with paintballs
The horse head jogger has won Hurricane Sandy
G4 pulls the plug on their video game content
What’s winning the Internet today (10.29.12)
Zombies love Dogfish Head’s bottle-fermented beers
Toddler finds used condom on playground. It gets worse.
Kate Upton made another ‘you must see this’ bikini video
‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ trailer: Yippie ki yay!
Rob Gronkowski’s TD celebration on Sunday was one for the ages
Drunk girls go ‘Fight Club’ to get their first black eye
Catarina Migliorini may not be able to prove virginity, say experts
Security cameras about to be able to predict what you do next
It’s Winona Ryder’s birthday; celebrate with 10 fun Winona GIFs!
Some guy was waiting in line for a Wii U during the hurricane
Stoli mixes the world’s first zero gravity cocktail
‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 3 recap: The Governor
Boardwalk Empire recap: The winners and losers of episode ‘Sunday Best’
Saturday Night Links: Ready
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Ninel Conde has one of the best Instagram accounts on the Web
GIFterpiece Theatre: Victoria’s Secret training and a dog dunk
Alex Clare ‘Up All Night,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Lingerie Football League player known as ‘Big Country’ goes flying into stands
Yet another reason why you never throw away a video game
Can this be the video that kills Gangnam Style?
Victoria’s Secret Angels are in really good shape
Dog slam dunk will make your Friday 1000x better
Shocking return: Man shows up at his own funeral
G-GRIP Bluetooth is a teeny speaker that can take a beating
Two hard things to do, combined into one impossible game
25 GIF Salute: Your weekly tribute to hot chicks in GIF
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
Hayden Panettiere kicks butt in her new music video
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Cloud Atlas’
Hidden health care costs that are ripping you off
Lawrence Taylor only lasted a few minutes in sexual encounter with prostitute
Recollect: Back up your social media stuff in one place
Little girl’s hatred for princesses ruins Pippa Middleton photo op
The truth behind Taco Bell’s World Series taco giveaway
What’s winning the Internet today (10.26.12)
Arnold Schwarzenegger will be Conan once more
Family loses all of their possessions…to Craigslist
Visual proof that Laetitia Casta has still got it
Thursday night sports GIFs: Romobomb, wardrobe malfunction and a belly flop
Probably-stoned woman thinks her sunglasses are a shoe
Meet the chair you can crush to the size of a pizza box
The 5 stupidest lies advertisers expect you to believe
So many games coming out that you might need some help
Kate Upton made another super sexy video
‘Wines That Rock’ are perfect for a music lover
Some jackass screamed ‘white power’ during a Josh Freeman interview
There might be more ‘Twilight’ movies
Giants fan has hilarious wardrobe malfunction during crucial play
GIFterpiece Theatre: Jennifer Morrison busts out and the Shawshank omelette
Coach hit with flying helmet during Mississippi high school football fight
Time for another double dose of Sifl & Olly
What to watch tonight
The GooPad Mini might look a little familiar
Words on Pictures: Your weekly popular quotes
Sara Jean Underwood takes the top spot in the Guyism 100
‘Monster Roll’ pits sushi chefs against sea monsters
Inessa Chimato is another very sexy ‘one to watch’
Let Emeril Legasse pick out your next bottle of wine
How to create the perfect sports costume
Stephen A. Smith defends himself after uttering racial slur
Ryan Gosling quits ‘Logan’s Run’
Woman donates a world record amount of breast milk
Guyism Speed Round for October 25
Grace Potter sure looks good in the morning
Celebs with various unique deformities
Architect thinks people will go near bricks made out of blood
Poor Abraham Lincoln can’t catch a break
Monica and Penelope Cruz are here to pimp Nintendo once again
Man brutally drops child on head during youth football practice
What’s winning the Internet today (10.25.12)
Penis growth and Weight Watchers: A message from Charles Barkley
Who wants a formal suit made out of bacon?
Jennifer Morrison looked amazing on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ last night
Stephen Colbert has a $1 million offer for Donald Trump
Japanese players flash some serious leather in web gem compilation
Finally, a game that’s entirely about shoving people
Brazilian girl sold her virginity for HOW MUCH?
7 things parents will never understand
Chrome extension removes politics from Facebook
Ciara’s new music video is going to wonderful
Denny’s new menu inspired by ‘The Hobbit’
Pablo Sandoval goes beast mode in Game 1 of the World Series
30 of the most amazing and awesome pumpkin carvings
‘Evil Dead’ remake trailer is a bloody good time
GIFterpiece Theatre: Elisha Cuthbert, Happy Endings and more
Justin Verlander/Kate Upton vs. Barry Zito/Amber Seyer in a WAG off
Bad Books ‘Forest Whitaker,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
Magic Johnson wants his assistants to squeeze his red vines
What TV shows we should watch tonight
This guy with Down Syndrome and his sister will make you rethink the ‘R word’
Engineering student builds pinball machine out of K’Nex
This week in Facebook idiocy
Is ‘Ice Cream’ the next ‘Gangnam Style’?
Another day, another batch of ‘Assassin’s Creed 3′ trailers
Jakki Degg is back and better than ever
Guess what Liam Neeson did to make Justin Bieber seem cool
Grigor Dimitrov hit a blind, behind-the-back drop shot
The 10 grossest things in America
Boeing’s CHAMP screws up every computer it flies by
It’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being jerks in ‘GTA’
Canadian hooker gets unexpected response on the subway
Hot on Instagram: Nikol Klein
The 7 dumbest marriage proposals of all time
Guyism Speed Round for October 24
Trailer for ‘Empires Of The Deep,’ the Chinese ‘Avatar’ ripoff
GIF reactions to Donald Trump’s announcement
Kyle Lowry throws up wild H-O-R-S-E shot during preseason game
What’s winning the Internet today (10.24.12)
The origins of revolutionary beer Sam Adams Utopias
Never has demonic possession looked so terrifyingly real
Alessandra Ambrosio looks good in a multi-million dollar bra
This is what an apocalyptic hail storm would look like
Wet field leads to hilarious FAIL from U.S. Women’s soccer team
The iPad Mini vs. the iPad
7 horrifying uses of the human body to create art
Zynga axes 5% of its staff during Apple’s keynote
Lisa Hochstein is a ‘Real Housewife’ to watch
Will Ferrell loves Skrillex and Old Milwaukee
Missouri football employee pays $7k strip club bill with school credit card
9 types of people whom you’ll split the bill with
‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 7 recap: Ladies Man
GIFterpiece Theatre: Halle Berry and a DWTS blooper
Wild Belle ‘Keep You,’ Your Spotify Song of the Day
Watch some guy connect every video game ever made
What TV shows we should watch tonight
9 vodkas even Mitt Romney can’t afford
Winston Garland just walked onto the court as the sixth player during a Game 7
Google has a flood of phones and tablets coming next week
New ‘Django Unchained’ international trailer reveals even more
UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste has a music video?
The 10 people you’ll encounter on Halloween
Top-notch French wine in a pop-top can
Is this Mitt Romney making a gay joke in his high school yearbook?
Rick Carlisle continues evolution into Jim Carrey by cracking jokes
Beyonce in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Guyism Speed Round for October 23
This is how you carve a pumpkin with a gun
Megan Fox wants to show you something
How to steal chicks away from your competition in 7 steps
CBS buys the worst TV show ever
Meet the LiquidPiston X2: Your next engine
Sky News reporter taunted by kids with ball to the head
Everything you need to know about ‘Assassin’s Creed 3′
What’s winning the Internet today (10.23.12)
Ketchup counterfeiting schemes are apparently a thing
Does this deranged clown look like someone who’d traffic kiddie porn?
Smart DeBlur: Finally, the “ENHANCE!” button exists
Halle Berry and her sexy legs made a ‘Tonight Show’ appearance
Watch the new ‘Iron Man 3′ trailer now!
Who wants Carl Crawford’s $2.9 million Boston home?
World’s biggest bra now for sale on eBay
The 10 most disgusting videos ever made
This ad for ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ is simply amazing
Jessica Kylie also has a sexy calendar
Erin Andrews got all wet during the Giants ceremony
Two wasted chicks discuss the special needs of midgets
7 interesting examples of actors playing against type
Tons of new ‘Iron Man 3′ pictures
Pretty much the most annoying fan ever
GIFterpiece Theatre: Crying over Jessica Biel, inappropriate children and more
Guards ‘Silver Lining,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
This is why the Bills can’t have nice things
What TV shows we should watch tonight
‘Need For Speed: Most Wanted’ has Kinect support, looks awkward
How McDonald’s makes their world famous french fries
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
Kid does the ol’ ‘You Got Served’ to teacher, gets it right back
Tom Brady says the Pats spoiled fans
Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg looks great on video
Google Calendar is great… for some people
The Amazing Canvas Nudist Face and Body Painting Event happened
Chubby guy’s dance ends with him going through a table
Guyism Speed Round for October 22
‘Holy Motors’ trailer: The craziest, most important movie of the year
Yao Ming and Charles Barkley should get together and play golf
‘Boardwalk Empire’ season 3 episode 6 ‘Ging Gang Goolie’ recap
Emily VanCamp makes for must-see TV
The 12 dumbest athlete arrests of all time
Polaroid Z2300 is a digital camera that prints out photos
‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ is starting to get interesting
What’s winning the Internet today (10.22.12)
Kid goes from football mascot to starting quarterback
‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 2 recap: New Friends!
Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs in lingerie is quite a sight
This is a blind dog on a skateboard
iPad rumored to be getting an overhaul next week
Natalie Portman applauds, Gangnam invades the NFL: The 20 Best Sports GIFs of the Weekend
Everyday household items that could totally kill you
The first Wii U commercial is exceptionally bad
Dexter season 7 episode 4 recap: ‘Run’ episode review
Melanie Iglesias has a swimsuit calendar
SportsCenter cracks on the Kansas City Chiefs
Who wants to buy a bag of foamy beer?
11 people you see at a rock concert
‘Alter Egos’ trailer with some not-so-super heroes
7 TV shows every guy should be watching
Saturday Night Links: Rather impressive
Samantha Steele has a message for her critics
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Jenna Haze knows how to work it
College Football open thread – Week 8
9 ways to make public transportation more bearable
GIFterpiece Theatre: Miley Cyrus shakes it and crotch shots
Divine Fits ‘Would That Not Be Nice,’ Your Spotify Song of the Day
5 Scotch whisky myths begging to be busted
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Roger Goodell steps aside in bounty appeal case; appoints Paul Tagliabue
New ‘Community’ video: When is this show actually on?
Arizona State fans bully Oregon woman by calling her ‘Honey Boo Boo’
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
Guy singing with a drunk on the street is surprisingly awesome
This David Fincher produced ‘Halo 4′ spot is pretty rad
Alice Goodwin has the ‘hottest body in the world’
GoPro HD Hero 3 is the best tiny video camera money can buy
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Paranormal Activity 4′
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round!
15 wives tales, superstitions and urban legends people really believe
Sixth grade teacher has one student who’s way into bacon
Ranking the hot hookups of Alex Rodriguez
High schooler Austin Rehkow boots 67-yard field goal
Japanese first responders to get robot exoskeletons
6 extreme body enhancements to expect in the next 10 years
Girl gets a wiffle ball bat to the groin in girl-on-girl violence
The Tigers celebration caused a ‘Jeopardy’ blooper in Detroit
Super Mario meets the parents
What’s winning the Internet today (10.19.12)
Anderson Cooper gets first interview with ‘Reddit troll’ Michael Brutsch
Georgia Salpa pranks a guy by being her sexy self
This 49ers fan is no Gene Simmons
Never burn the roof of your mouth again!
Girlfriend wants to dress up as Yoshi or Pickachu? Here you go
Google’s new Chromebook: Should you buy it?
5 most bizarre accidental deaths
Tom Hanks dropped an f-bomb on ‘Good Morning America’
Stefunny C is back and even better than before
The many faces and reactions of Jim Harbaugh
Timelapse of creating a 1.2-acre Shock Top masterpiece
8 of the worst fictional Presidents
New ‘Chinese Zodiac’ trailer has Jackie Chan going nuts
GIFterpiece Theatre: The Britney Spears WTF face and some epic trolling
Blackbird Blackbird ‘All,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
Texans-Packers tailgate party included two fans dry humping
What TV shows we should watch tonight
How to make your own pumpkin vodka
New ‘Mama’ trailer: Kids are scary
Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle pushups
Words on Pictures: Your weekly popular quotes
Rimac Automobili turns ancient BMW into an electric supercar
Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard fell down in India. Hard.
Berenice Marlohe makes her case for hottest Bond Girl
Doutzen Kroes Victoria’s Secret Photoshops in GIF!
The strangest world records in sports
The science behind New Belgium’s new glassware
Livestreaming gamer masturbates, forgets about his Web cam
Guyism Speed Round for October 18
Warner Brothers picks up ‘True Skin’
UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer talks dating, pickup lines
10 insane things you didn’t know about Louis C.K.
The Doppeldecker transforms from desk to kitchen table
Woman who breastfeeds her dog is just horrifying
The scariest and most obnoxious ‘Skyrim’ mod of all time
What’s winning the Internet today (10.18.12)
Drake graduated from high school, you guys
Alana Blanchard is a surfer girl worthy of your attention
Kid uses Popsicle sticks to score his first girlfriend
Meital Dohan’s new music video shows why she’s ‘one to watch’
Russian guy’s workout proves not all Russians are Drago
Greek soccer team turns to brothel for funding
Nike makes a sneaker out of cork because why not
5 insignificant things that determine if someone likes you
Don’t just look like Mario this Halloween, sound like him too
Emma Roberts has a pair of sunglasses named after her
Martin Miller’s super premium gin well worth drinking
ESPN fails at censoring A-Rod interview
8 TV drinking buddies you wish you had
New ‘Jack Reacher’ trailer Cruises along
This young Sixers fan took bath salts
GIFterpiece Theatre: Cannonball FAIL and sweet, sweet Lorraine
Deaf Club ‘Break It Slow,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
Paul Ryan makes a mistake by the lake
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Gnesa ‘Wilder’ is your song of the fall and winter and forever
If ‘Super Mario Bros’ took place in Chinatown…
This week in Facebook idiocy
MagFilter: Take better pictures with your tiny camera
‘Trapped In The Closet’ is coming back
Courtney Stodden saying her crazy tweets is worth a watch
The coolest sexy and geeky costumes at Comic-Con New York
Kevin Love throws awesome no-look pass
This take on the ‘Mortal Kombat’ finishing move is immature, necessary
Calling all Dead Heads: Help make the Grateful Dead beer
Guyism Speed Round for October 17
Hot on Instagram: Megan Nicole Desire
10 things you didn’t know about ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’
Guy gets a beatdown from a gay crew for homophobic remark
‘Sons Of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 6 recap: Blood on the walls
A guy in a bloody pig mask reminds you about ‘Hotline Miami’
American Presidents: A quick history app to brush up
Replacing famous movie quotes with the #binder meme
What’s winning the Internet today (10.17.12)
Passing out and waking back up on an amusement park ride seems fun
Brewmeister creates ‘Armageddon,’ the world’s strongest beer
Emma Watson got chesty on ‘Ellen’
Lance Armstrong steps down as chairman of Livestrong; Nike breaks ties
German guy’s frozen pool dive ends badly
After 17 surgeries, she was named homecoming princess
Best Buy making an Android tablet for your mom
Ashley Cheadle is back with more bikinis
The 20 best tweets from #RomneyDebateTips
The 20 best tweets from #ObamaDebateTips
9 of the most clichéd rock stars ever
They’re making a new ‘Ernest’ film
GIFterpiece Theatre: Ben Stiller unloads Magnum and Kelly Monaco
Seapony ‘Prove to Me,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
Girls soccer game features dirty knee to face
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Great American Beer Festival Awards: Did your favorite win?
Kid meets swift comeuppance for taunting girl with soccer ball
New ‘Man With The Iron Fists’ trailer is bawse
This new way to walk in video games looks dumb as hell
Richard Mille cuff links are awesome, hilariously overengineered
This is a woman texting with no hands or arms
Jessie Adams is most assuredly ‘one to watch’
The best sports photos of the ’90s
Guy tries Taylor Swift lyrics as pick-up lines
A Saints fan is suing Roger Goodell and the NFL
The ‘high five’ in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology
Guyism Speed Round for October 16
Lea Michele is still working it for Candie’s
ChatPerf, because you want your iPhone to fire off stench
The 20 best Halloween costumes for 2012
Phil Mickelson chokes under pressure again
New ‘Carrie’ teaser brings the blood and fire
Let ‘Catzilla’ see if your PC is up to snuff
How to open a shaken can without it exploding
What’s winning the Internet today (10.16.12)
Paul Ryan is keeping it too real for one soup kitchen
Honey Boo Boo is a Barack Obama supporter
Jennifer Aniston talked about her nipples on ‘Chelsea Lately’
Simple.TV will ensure you never miss a game again
Chalk art Monopoly board on a sidewalk is pretty amazing
‘Dudebro 2′ is another game about bullets, blood, and bros
Weapon myths you probably believe (thanks to movies)
Is this the hottie A-Rod passed notes to during Game 1?
Taylor Swift impresses in sexy new video
How to make a birthday cake shot
Matt Holliday went Cobra Kai on Marco Scutaro
7 things that can help start a relationship
Why the hell are there three Alice In Wonderland TV shows in development?
Paws ‘Sore Tummy,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
GIFterpiece Theatre: Sexy yoga poses and a Derrick Rose blooper
Courageous Bills fan delivers greatest double middle finger EVER
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Phil Mickelson will attempt a $1 million golf shot during Chargers-Broncos game
‘Arrow’ teaser reel hits a bullseye
Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments
Acoustic barcodes are about to make your life a lot easier
Remember Melissa Steuart? You should…
Drunk A’s fan believed Prince Fielder’s son was a girl
‘Boardwalk Empire’ season 3 episode 5 ‘You’d Be Surprised’ recap
20 crazy sexy Halloween costume ideas
The games of New York Comic Con 2012 in a nutshell, part 2
Miami University flier makes way too many rape jokes
Cooking cheat sheet will turn you into Chef Boyardee
Guyism Speed Round for October 15
PredictGaze pauses the TV when you get up to grab a beer
Xenia Deli dominates the SI Swimsuit Issue in Thailand
The 10 most haunted places in America
This is the most phallic weatherman video ever
Amazon is offering $165 worth of games for just $10
What’s winning the Internet today (10.15.12)
‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 1 recap: Locked Up
Browns fan dunks head in a bucket of urine for $450
It’s Taylor Momsen naked in a new music video
Is this the world’s fastest stroller?
Apple will supposedly have a lot of different iPad minis
Verlander’s dismay, F-bombs and mascot hilarity: The 20 best sports GIFs of the weekend
‘Halo 4′ has been leaked
Dexter season 7 episode 3 ‘Buck the System’ recap
How about a little more Kaki West?
Drunk girl makes a late night admission she’ll regret
Seahaws DB to Tom Brady: ‘U MAD BRO?’
11 movie stars who got their start on TV
David Fincher needs a Kickstarter now?
9 foods that supposedly increase a man’s sex drive
Saturday Night Links: Work it
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
Behind the scenes with Miranda Kerr and Lais Riberio
College Football Week 7 Open Thread
Tom Izzo dressed up as Iron Man for Midnight Madness
7 times when it’s okay for a man to cry
GIFterpiece Theatre: Christina Applegate and a battle of the world’s worst dads
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week
New ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ trailer kills Osama again
Do you know who Brittany Ishibashi is?
Where to go for the best ghost tour
The games of New York Comic Con 2012 in a nutshell, part 1
Wild youth football brawl features devastating tackle
Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Seven Psychopaths’
Smart Tools: Turn your phone or tablet into a toolkit
The Weekend Guyism Speed Round
This husky fellow is the King of guys slashing bottles
Real life ghosts that are still scaring the crap out of people
Ranking the hot hookups of Criss Angel
Harp folding toolkit adds style to the Swiss Army knife
‘BROFORCE’ is all about bullets, blood, and of course, bros
What’s winning the Internet today (10.12.12)
Ever wonder why Russia has so many dash cams in cars?
Did the Lions hide Calvin Johnson’s concussion?
Leanna Decker shows why she’s Cyber Girl of the Year
Learn the sexy way to make a Blonde Headed Slut
Obnoxious woman gets Mortal Kombat uppercut from a bus driver
Roberope: A minimal, space-saving coat rack
5 insanely successful video games that were total ripoffs
The Vice Presidential debate as told through Joe Biden GIFs
Did You Know Gaming takes another look at ‘Super Mario Bros’
Kelly Brook works the runway
The only butt-chuggin’ song you’ll ever need to hear
New ‘Gangster Squad’ trailer lets the bullets fly
GIFterpiece Theatre: Unnecessary censorship and some groping
TOPS ‘Easy Friends,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
Tim Lincecum: ‘Now I know what chicks feel like’ after getting a champagne facial
Words on Pictures: Your weekly popular quotes
What TV shows we should watch tonight
A closer look at ‘Resident Evil’ at Universal Studios Japan
7 myths about beer refrigeration
Rocky S2V Provision: A survival kit in a coat
Tesla coils play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in tribute to science
Brian Hartline is a white receiver dividing our country in two
The 25 most annoying sights in sports
Jenn Kathreen is a model to remember
Is Tom Hanks’s son Chet Haze creeping on girls on Reddit?
Worst local newscast ever features countless screw ups
Japan’s most bizarre restaurants & clubs
Movie Stars on TV: Why big name actors are going to the small screen
Kathie Lee dropped a puppy on ‘Today’
Salma Hayek looked amazing, as usual, on ‘Letterman’ last night
Bengals fan gets creative in down economy
Guyism Speed Round for October 11
Silent Circle: Military grade encryption for your texts and calls
It sucks that ‘Jurassic Park 4′ didn’t happen
Finally, someone has combined ‘Skyrim’ and ‘Super Mario Bros’
What’s winning the Internet today (10.11.12)
Drunk a-hole gets instant karma after bullying family
How to turn a pumpkin into an awesome party keg
Erin McNaught and Ashley Cheadle are double the bikini fun
Pizza driver canned for mouthing off about OSU defense to Luke Fickell’s wife
Hop!: A suitcase that follows you
We are all this dog pulling at a tree root
Seven Kinect games they ought to make
The Delta Six is the most absurdly realistic gun controller ever
Natalie Martinez is back and better than ever
The Drunk Father a short film by Duncan Roe
Canadian fans brawl at Lingerie Football League game
11 date situations from his and her perspectives
New ‘Django Unchained’ trailer is ready to rumble
Playoff baseball open thread
GIFterpiece Theatre: Hayden Panettiere in ‘Nashville’, Stacey Dash and more
Y LUV ‘Driftin,’ your Spotify Song of the Day
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Dad’s attempt at soccer show-off makes a traumatized kid
Woody Johnson was asked about Tim Tebow’s virginity on CNBC
This week in Facebook idiocy
Boxee TV: Dump cable for good
Jessica Kylie might be the sexiest Texans fan
Scott Fujita eviscerates Roger Goodell
Guyism Speed Round for October 10
Here’s a bunch of ‘Robocop’ set photos
Behind the screams: 23 horror movie secrets revealed
New infographic proves that getting laid gets you paid
Video games were not necessarily better back in the day
Natural gas explosion in China is as terrifying as you’d think
Hot on Instagram: Kelly Grace
15 awesomely bad horror movies available on Netflix Instant
Crovel Tactical Shovel: Dig ditches, saw wood, kill people
‘Sons Of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 5 recap: Dude looks like a lady
News anchor has problems enunciating ‘Peanuts’
What’s winning the Internet today (10.10.12)
‘Pokemon Black & Blue’ aims to push PETA’s dogma
Did Carl Lewis orchestrate the Ben Johnson positive drug test?
Gina La Piana is another sexy ‘one to watch’
New contest to pick the best beer label of the year
The Daily Planet: Get news from thousands of sources
The most important breaking news ever on local TV
David Blaine reveals his most dangerous stunt yet
‘Dishonored’ is a game that you should know about
Sara Jean Underwood is good at Twitter, dressing up
The 2012 New Orleans Saints season summed up in one drunken fall
Pizza Hut is giving away a lifetime of free pizza!
9 things from the ’90s that we don’t miss
Why the hell would you make a 3D ‘Peanuts’ movie?
Coco Crisp robs Prince Fielder of a home run
GIFterpiece Theatre: Paris Hilton sexually assaulted by a monkey and Kate Upton
What TV shows we should watch tonight
Samantha Steele FAILS at blowing a horn
Introspective Pug: New Meme You Should Know
The military was actually building a flying saucer
Victoria’s Secret Angels sure know how to work out
Guyism Speed Round for October 9
25 sports videos that will make you laugh
First trailer for ‘The Canyons,’ with Li-Lo and a porn star
Time for rounds two and three of ‘Political Kombat’
Jimmy Kimmel’s Hulk Hogan sex tape seems legit
Connie Britton and her legs looked good on ‘Fallon’ last night
6 TV shows you won’t believe were actually made
Larklife: A bracelet that tracks every aspect of your health
16 incredible ‘Man With The Iron Fists’ posters
Worthless human being Jerry Sandusky sentenced to 30-60 years in prison
The first episode of ‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ has landed
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