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Jen Selter’s amazing butt made another amazing video
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Hot pics of ALL 100 ENTRANTS in the 2014 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant
Kickass motorcycles, food-based sports, Candice Swanepoel and more are winning the Internet today
Here’s proof that riding on the back of a grocery cart is a bad idea
How to get a million views on any YouTube video
Watch Gary Oldman absolutely crush a cover of ‘Fancy’
‘Bad Kisser’ is Jay Pharoah’s homage to girls with stank breath
What does it sound like when thousands of people crack their knuckles at the same time? This!
Sammy Watkins shows why he was taken 4th overall with dazzling one-handed catch
The next Will Ferrell and Adam McKay movie will be based on a 1980s show you’ve never heard of
It’s a sex toy… and a camera!
Hold up, did Naya Rivera get married this weekend?
The Associated Press accidentally sent out this disturbing tweet about the Malaysian Airlines flight
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This is the mother of all twerking videos
Watch the world’s first shotgun silencer in action, because ‘Merica
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The Rock got a fanny pack action figure, did hilarious workout skit on ‘The Tonight Show’
Somebody check this bus boy for performance enhancing drugs
Jack White looks a lot like that girl from ‘A League of Their Own’
Who Would You Rather: Scarlet Johansson or Elisha Cuthbert?
12 sports moments we wish happened every year
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15 lies you hear on every blind date
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Abigail Ratchford shared another brain-melting slow-motion underboob video
Over 4,000 migrant workers will be dead by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
15 signs you’ve overstayed your welcome at a friend’s house
Guy walks into a store with $10K in a sock and that’s the most normal part of this story
25 reasons sitting down all day (aka your office job) is killing you
Finally! A sport for all you pussies who hate breathing oxygen: underwater bass fishing
Shut It Down: This ump has the best strike 3 call since Leslie Neilsen
Arianny Celeste also got in on the bikini butt photo action
These 2014 Comic-Con pick-up lines are guaranteed to not get you laid
Watch a deranged case of road rage that somehow didn’t kill anybody
Leah Remini made Jennifer Lopez share another smoking hot bikini picture
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The 7 Snapchats you should be getting from girls this summer
The Environmental Protection Agency tweeted about playing Kim Kardashian’s game
Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee ends live interview in historical fashion
Florida woman learns the hard way she isn’t Cinderella, causes mayhem
19 hot chicks jumping on trampolines
Even the ‘The Daily Show’ has something to say about Lana and Rusev
Alexandria Morgan jogging in a strapless bra in slow motion is simply breathtaking
Kayakers get too close to whale, end up getting stuck on top of the whale
Confessions of a Russian mail order bride
Yo mama so weird she let you pee inside her, and other weird parenting facts
Rachel McAdams used to be in awe of Lindsay Lohan… seriously
Ana Cheri made the SEXIEST choose-your-own adventure video EVER
Guy gives Judge Judy the best answer ever for committing a crime and it’s only one word
Best one-liners, Frisbee trick shots, Ashley Sky and more are winning the Internet today
‘Fight Club 2′ is happening but obviously don’t tell anyone about it
Here’s Miley Cyrus topless in the desert, because why the hell not?
Jason Grilli joined MLB’s Intentional Talk—then he took his clothes off
Check out the 1954 Ferrari going for $10 million dollars at auction
Watch Molly Schuyler destroy a 5 pound plate of chili dogs
Wife keeps hilarious sex diary and this is SO much better than sex spreadsheet guy
What was the deal with Stephanie McMahon’s cleavage last night?
The Rock’s beard for Hercules was made from testicle hair
Video surfaces of couple having sex on the beach — and it ain’t the delicious drink
Woman tries to hide stolen vibrator in child’s stroller, fails
Dad and kid react to dad getting home from work with an insane dance
33 of the funniest police blotter reports ever published
Guess who the highest paid actor in Hollywood is?
A breakdown of Shane Greene’s blooper throw to first base
This 10,000 calorie Sumo wrestler diet is not for the feeble stomach
Kate Hudson looked pretty hot playing Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon
Idiot does ‘drugging girls in public prank’ and surprise, surprise, people didn’t like it
Who Would You Rather: Behati Prinsloo or Maria Sharapova?
Whoever says punk rock is dead hasn’t met these dogs, Sage and Luci-Poose
Jadeveon Clowney tops the Madden rookie ratings, Johnny Manziel left out in the cold
17 sexy GIFs because Monday’s are the worst
Girls and guys’ hilarious misconceptions about sex when they were younger
Ranking the 50 most American foods of all time
33 hilariously random photos to get you through Monday
Man arrested for trying to pay prostitute with food stamps
Jennifer Irene is the sexiest lingerie model/singer you’ll see today
11 gloriously debaucherous stories of rock stars you won’t believe
Welp, that’s it, Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting a divorce (maybe)
Old crippled man gets down on dance floor and why isn’t this video longer?
The ultimate FAILs compilation of 2014 (so far)
48 of the funniest things ever shared on Tumblr
Lana & Rusev mention Malaysian plane tragedy to piss off crowd at WWE Battleground — UPDATED
Hannah Ferguson might just be Hardee’s sexiest spokesmodel ever
Man relieved to find out cancer on lungs is just a shirt button
Divers rescue sea turtle from net, wise sea turtle responds with adorable thank you
In other ‘celebs sharing bikini butt pics’ news, here’s Francia Raisa
‘Simpsons’ fan sets Guinness record for most tattoos of same character
Watch scary raw video of a hot air balloon hitting power lines
22 more athletes who need to stop hanging with Justin Bieber
Cool down with this video of sixteen girls getting wet all at the same time
Leah Remini made Jennifer Lopez post a boob pic to Instagram
The GQ profile of Kanye West revealed two amazing things
The Rock revealed he’s going to play a DC Comics superhero, but which one?
J.J. Abrams would like to show everyone his new X-Wing fighter from the ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ set
Yesterday I watched a  guy drop his pants and show off his micropenis in a bathroom full of people
UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer’s bikini vacation has sadly come to an end
Maria Kirilenko calls off wedding, dumps Alex Ovechkin
The beach where Lego keep washing up on shore
The funniest sports comedy sketches of all time: Baseball Edition
Visual proof Selena Gomez did not get a boob job: Mystery solved
Most popular beers, awesome dogs, Laura Juozaityte and more are winning the Internet today
Greatest product review of all time involves a kid and a Nerf gun
Lea Michele shared even more bikini butt pics from her vacation
Guy puts amusing sign in window to warn other drivers he’s teaching his girlfriend to drive stick
Farrah Abraham wants Jessica Alba or Sandra Bullock to play her in a movie
Remember the guy who ditched his wife on an island after she found out he was gay? Well, she’s dead
Woman arrested after posting Selfie with stolen dress online
10 facts about sex toys you need to know, and 1 reason to never live in Alabama
‘Finger or Dick’ is a game every couple should play
5 romantic places from movies that aren’t actually romantic at all
9 celebrity sex tapes NO ONE wanted to see
Jessica Lowndes of ’90210′ shared one of the best bikini butt pics of 2014
LeBron is an awesome dad, cheers on LeBron, Jr. at basketball game
Kim Kardashian’s bikini selfie game is definitely on point
Remembering the time Buzz Aldrin punched a moon landing denier in the face
Here’s two grown men fighting over a baseball
Mike Trout and Albert Pujols just trolled Fernando Rodney so damn hard
Katherine Webb’s honeymoon bikini is pretty freaking sweet
Did Rory McIlroy have a heckler tossed from the British Open?
17 crazy things you might not know about condoms
We almost had the first alley-oop in WNBA history—then DERP happened
Serena Williams and her giant booty are on vacation
Best summer beers, nudity-themed reality shows, dozens of sexy ladies and more!
Golden retriever hilariously reminds a cat who’s boss
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
50 coolest people in American history by state
FMK: Mila Kunis, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba
The 3 stage guys go through when visiting a Home Depot
Izabel Goulart made two more ‘unintentionally’ erotic workout videos
Here are the 61 funniest photos we saw this week (Must See Imagery)
6 DJs that changed the music game forever
The 16 most emotional speeches in sports history
Lea Michele is now officially the queen of the celebrity butt selfie
How often do married people have sex? This poll will shock you.
Here’s what happens when you ask strangers to turn your Selfies into portraits
Adult film starlet Christy Mack is back, now doing naughty things on video
Woman gets out of car and lays in traffic just ‘cuz
A skill every man needs to have: How to spot a gold digger
Meet British stunner Emily Agnes, your July 2014 Playmate of the Month
Ultimate Frisbee has its own Immaculate Reception
Man dies and leaves $800K to homeless cats
The Rock is starting to become a caricature of himself
A critical review of musical albums released by professional wrestlers
Meet Mastan Khan, this 66yr old father of 22 won’t rest until he has 18 more kids, 4 wives
The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pictures this week
Lindsay Lohan shows off her award winning bikini cleavage
MMA fighter knocks himself out with crazy, flying kick
Oh, so THIS is why Gisele Bundchen makes $128,000 a day? Now I get it
Emotional sports moments, Tinder Fails, Gracie Carvalho and more are winning the Internet today
‘Sports Song’ is a gentle and eloquent reminder from Weird Al that your favorite team blows
Has anyone ever seen this done with a forklift?
The 33 most entertaining celebrity tweets this week
10 best answers from the Iron Sheik’s live Q&A
Tiger Woods just made every weekend hacker feel good about their game
Crashing your SUV into a pool? That’s a party foul
Here’s Kim Kardashian sunbathing topless showing off her butt
Priest freaks after realizing his church is being used in porn
6 types of men’s publications you’ll find on the Internet
Tennis player loses his mind, smashes racquet, calls opponent a ‘gypsy’
Dear America, have we gotten so big our jetpacks don’t even work anymore?
Jimmy Fallon got to play flip cup with Miranda Kerr, but did he win?
Guy pranks cops with Dominoes delivery, and for the first time ever, pizza makes everything worse
This dumbbell workout from an NFL player is just insane
Here’s 9 of the most expensive foods in the world to add to your bucket list
Did Tim McGraw slap a female fan after she grabbed his package?
Adorable dog videobombs news report with epic dump
Throwback Who Would You Rather: Janet or Chrissy?
The 20 strangest sports lawsuits ever
32 hilariously random photos to get you through Thursday
The ‘J’s On My Feet–23′ remix the world desperately needed
Sara Sampaio makes a strong case for sexiest lingerie model on the planet
The top 10 signs that you’re completely and utterly whipped
Fisherman catches a stingray and holy crap what just happened?!?
MSNBC falls for Howard Stern prank call during Malaysian plane coverage
WTFlorida: The 10 most WTF news stories from the Sunshine State this week
Irina Shayk soaking wet, running in a bikini, on video, that is all
This is what life would be like if men were women
Microsoft sends worst memo ever to tell 18,000 people they’re getting canned
Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead rotated looks like a hilariously stoned alien
Mrs. Incredible has some serious junk in the trunk, according to young child
Jason Biggs catching hell for Twitter joke about Malaysian flight MH-17
Church raps about Jesus to attract youth — fails miserably
14 tips for getting ripped as fast as possible
New Elle Macpherson bikini picture proves that she’s literally quit aging
SPF 51: A gallery of women with the sexiest tan lines you’ve ever seen
BREAKING: Amateur video has emerged from the Malaysian Airline crash
Disabled doggies in wheelcarts will restore your faith in dogmanity
The 20 hottest Instagram pics of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Kacy Catanzaro
Fried chicken Oreos are a thing now, perfect for people who hate living
Only in Australia: Great white shark swallows adult sea lion and chokes to death
The 12 greatest sports movie songs of all time
Anna Kendrick’s thoughts on Reddit’s ‘Gone Wild’ section are why we love her so
Miguel Angel Jimenez dry humped a bunker at the British Open
Megan Fox doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you like her in ‘TMNT’ or not
Guy complains of cockroach in salad, waitress eats it for some reason
Secret confessions, best MLB GIFs, Erin Heatherton and more are winning the Internet today
Lindsay Lohan won an acting award this week (that is not a typo)
What if ’1990s Rock’ replaced The Rock in all his movies? It would look just like this
Gisele Bundchen makes $128,000 a day (that is not a typo)
Nestle apologies for putting a penis in a candy bar
A brief story about Stuart Scott from a cancer survivor
Drunk guy arrested for doing something awesome, but illegal, at airport
Dead body falls out of coroner van, chills out on the road for a bit
Congrats to the El Paso Chihuahuas, owners of the ugliest baseball jerseys of all time
16 insane but true Tinder hook-up stories
German water park built inside military blimp hanger is übermensch of theme parks
Ernie Els just gave up on life at the British Open
The Iron Sheik also got an award at the ESPYs: Chrissy Teigen in his lap
The 18 hottest babes of the 2014 ESPYs
Floyd Mayweather’s greatest fight may have come against Maria Sharapova
Guy pours beers with his forehead because WHAT?! How did he do that?
Who Would You Rather: Bar Refaeli or Nina Agdal?
Two guys act out a conversation between their mom and aunt and I just died laughing
Here’s an important GIF of Emma Watson and what happened, I just fainted
The 9 most important life lessons of your 20s
34 hilariously random Hump Day photos
Genevieve Morton’s favorite tank top is also now our favorite tank top
Huge bottomless pit in Siberia has scientists flummoxed, is obviously gate to hell
How do you find a newspaper big enough to smack this dog’s nose?
The 10 coolest-looking canned beers in America
Hey there, Kellie Pickler in a bikini, how’s it going?
41 times we actually laughed out loud on Facebook
If you’re not following model Draya Michele on Instagram you’re doing it wrong
Purrkour — the hot new sport for cats
Here’s some surfers shredding the Arctic Circle because surfers are insane
Anastasia Ashley continues her reign as the sexiest surfer in the world
23 unintentionally hilarious sports tweets
Packers fan beautifully trolls Ndamukong Suh
NYC über bros launch Kickstarter for bro-iest belts ever
Bar Refaeli wearing lingerie on video is the best thing ever
13 things women have to worry about that men don’t
A fish that eats testicles has invaded my hometown in Florida
Anna Kendrick says being on a Most Beautiful list would be ‘super f-cking stressful’
The beautiful insanity that is the SkyMall catalog
12 summer beers to try before they disappear
Injured soccer player suffers further damage just being put on stretcher
Watch a kid pull off the most amazing go-kart parking job ever
PSA: Kristen Wiig is going to be completely naked in ‘Welcome to Me’
Girl gets wisdom teeth pulled, talks about penis, banging Ryan Gosling
Glorious GIFs, dumbest math tweets, Krystle Lina and more are winning the Internet today
New gameplay trailer for ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’ sheds more light on the story
This is a crude representation of what happened to me at the gym today
This is probably the stupidest way ever to kill a spider because it’ll cost someone $60K
Rose McGowan told some Instagram commenters to ‘f-ck off’
Is this the hottest court judge in America?
‘Liking’ something on accident and 8 moments of crippling Internet anxiety
19 perfectly looped animal GIFs that you just can’t stop watching
CM Punk added to alumni section of, which is like PERMANENT you guys
55 seconds of Scarlett Johansson being sexy as hell
Ranking the ESPY Awards hosts from the coolest to the most WTF
9 of the most WTF workout videos on the Internet
Chrissy Teigen looked extremely chilly on the set of ‘Chelsea Lately’
Guy makes elaborate model airplane, tests it in the backyard and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE
The Rock like you’ve never seen him before…or will want to again
Watch a guy go from man to ape in 194 seconds
Here’s Charlie Sheen completely hammered at a Taco Bell drive-thru
Somebody photoshopped LeBron James into ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and it made me cry
Kate Upton and her giant beach balls went on vacation with Justin Verlander
POV: This is what it looks like to nearly get decapitated by a race car
Derek Jeter did the most Derek Jeter thing after being called ‘overrated’
Who Would You Rather: Sasha Cohen or Anastasia Ashley?
5′ tall Kacy Catanzaro’s awe-inspiring ANW performance will leave you speechless, empowered
The 12 best athlete retirement gifts ever
TSA agent doesn’t know that Washington D.C. is in the USA, TSA is an absolute farce
54 hilariously random photos to get you through Tuesday
US Marines field testing LS3 robot during RIMPAC 2014, robot apocalypse coming any day now
Christy Mack is like a sexy tattooed slice of Heaven, and a little Hell
Texas saltwater fish record has been shattered, proving everything’s bigger in Texas
Watch one crazy bro pool dunk through a RING of FIRE