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Melanie Iglesias getting geared up at an armory combines a multitude of fantasies
Today in delicious ideas — the 25 best hip-hop songs about food
Joey Bada$$ presents ‘Mr. Wonderful’ — UFC 172
WTF Russian dating pics, time travel, Marisa Miller and more are winning the Internet today
Guess which former ‘Baywatch’ babe dined and dashed at a Red Sox game
Jamie Foxx did a LeBron James impression and it was damn near perfect
Taco Bell is getting into the fancy food business
Klondike advertises new Kandy Bars with porn parody
Teen arrested with loaded gun in her vagina, according to cops
Just how ‘influential’ is Beyonce? She has her own church and religion now
‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ gets the bad lip reading treatment and it’s pretty damn funny
11 bizarre vending machines that somehow actually exist
Guy attempts to collect every single VHS copy of ‘Speed’ in existence
Iggy Azalea would really like her fans to stop trying to finger her
Here’s President Obama playing soccer with a robot
Marc-Andre Fleury kinda sucks, single-handedly blew a lead with seconds left in regulation
Man fakes own kidnapping, mom refuses to pay $200 ransom
Here’s what ‘Forrest Gump’ would look like if it were a Wes Anderson movie
You’ll never guess which athlete performs miracles, according to ‘Jeopardy’
Who Would You Rather: Sex and the City edition
Michael Pineda was just ejected for having pine tar on his neck
Katy Perry once tried to crowd surf in a dress. Things got weird in a hurry. [GIFs]
The 17 beers you need to drink this Spring
Hump day hilarity, wise wisdom, and more Must See Imagery (pics)
Sara Malakul Lane is the sexiest construction worker you’ll see all year
Giant Wrigley Field cake looks amazing, tastes like defeat
Stone Cold Steve Austin makes powerful statement about same-sex marraige
Angry vegetarians, people who need birth control, and more Facebook Idiocy (pics)
Here’s Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend showing underboob while getting her armpit licked
Unattractive ways girls show they’re attracted to you
The most popular bars in Brazil are Osama bin Laden-themed
Shut up about catching souvenir balls and doing ‘the right thing’. You look like an idiot
Ashley Sky all wet in a bikini is best thing the song ‘#Selfie’ has created
The 25 best fictional sports teams ever
If you’re not following model Constance Nunes on Instagram you’re doing it wrong
If you like to hug people when you’re drunk, don’t, because you might die
The Buffalo Jills were allegedly told how to wash their vaginas
The perfect craft beer and protein bar pairings
Lupita Nyong’o named The Most Beautiful Woman in the World
The 10 most misheard song lyrics
20 celebrities with tattoos so awful you won’t believe they’re real
Bar Refaeli shared a rather epic bikini picture you might want to see
Dude gets pissed at ‘Call of Duty’ loss, sends SWAT team to teen’s house
Definitive proof of why dogs are man’s best friend (and better than cats)
First Look: MTV ‘Guy Code’s April Rose in hot new lingerie and bikini pics
5 ways to make a t-shirt last longer
Penis pudding, best beer fests, Gemma Lee Farrell and more are winning the Internet today
Julia Louis-Dreyfus got naked again, had ‘sex’ with a clown in new photos
WWE news and rumors: Daniel Bryan’s status and updated Extreme Rules card
This is an important GIF of Kate Upton
Jessica Chastain to play Marilyn Monroe because more movies about a dead sex symbol are needed
The Loch Ness Monster has been spotted on Apple Maps
Margot Robbie in a tiny bikini top holding a giant fish is pretty hot
8 incredibly romantic getaway spots to dump a girl
Local news does interview with woman’s massive camel toe
Sweet… Kate Upton revealed what she looks for in a man
Every F-word in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ in less than 3 minutes — it’s not what you think
Player sets rugby back generations with worst flop in sports history
Jimmy Fallon introduces David Duchovny to beer hockey on ‘Tonight Show’
Flyers fan delivers beautiful 2-fingered message to Daniel Carcillo
Colbert visits his new job, takes selfie with Letterman on ‘Late Show’
Who Would You Rather: Ginger or Mary Ann?
The surprise ending to this version of Frozen’s ‘Let it go’ will leave you speechless
Everyone told this woman her jeans wouldn’t fit. What she did next will absolutely shock you
The 10 most overrated things in sports
50 hilariously random photos to get you through Tuesday
The Guyism Podcast — 4/20 in Colorado, Easter, kids on planes
Here’s the final cut of Gisele Bundchen’s hot new bikini-filled music video
20 things that look like human butts
All the ‘GTA V’ F-bombs and C-bombs in one glorious video
In defense of Matt Harvey’s middle finger
Anyone remember this classic 80s toy commercial for ‘Cock Masters’?
Who is the sexy actress in the Old Navy Dresses commercial with Amy Poehler?
The 5 worst injuries that can happen at the gym
Who wants to see Taylor Swift’s butt in a bikini?
13 irrefutable reasons why Amy Schumer is TV’s funniest woman
This Instagram photo of a naked Nina Agdal will make you scream, ‘Turn around!’
The world’s 7 creepiest ghost towns
For National Jelly Bean Day: The 9 nastiest Jelly Belly flavors ever created
WWE joins NOH8 campaign in support of same-sex marriages
Candice Swanepoel posing as ‘Slave Girl’ Princess Leia creates all sorts of new fantasies
Elvis Andrus tried swinging at a pitch out, hilarity ensued
Man turns to internet for help with his turtle’s swollen penis
Funny lost pet signs, Times Sqaure GIFs, Hannah Davis and more are winning the Internet today
Remember ‘Pervert Dave’? Turns out he killed a couple of people
‘Allure’s annual naked issue features Kristen Bell and three other hot celebs
Louis C.K. tests his darkest material on his kids
Jimmy Kimmel Live asks people ‘did you go to church or smoke pot on 4/20?’
3 WWE wrestlers who would make a strong addition to Evolution
3 secrets behind why YouTube videos go viral
Ha! ‘Mad Men’s Jon Hamm basically called Justin Bieber a shithead
12 most bizarre last meals requested by death row inmates
Brian Williams discusses his rap skills on ‘The Tonight Show’
Here’s a map showing the most popular athlete by state
Everything you know about powdered alcohol is wrong. Here are the facts
Lindsay Lohan mired in huge controversy over ‘fabricated’ magazine interview
Colorado legalized marijuana—now Coors Field has new smoking signs
Tosh.0 introduces new hashtag trends you all should know
Kevin Durant’s wild 4-point play, now set to DMX
All hail Daniel Bryan, the continuously squashed champion — WWE Raw Results
Who Would You Rather: Kat Dennings or Beth Behrs?
This is the dumbest way to tie a tie and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before
10 life rules to make you a better guy
Must See Imagery: 20 funny photos to get you through Monday
This video of Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren putting on her pants is a must-watch
Can Ronda Rousey shut up already?
14 disturbingly honest bad date confessions
Statue of former first lady sent back because the breasts were too large
Let’s help Anastasia Ashley answer this very important question about buns
I watched a guy get a hand job on a crowded street today
The 25 most fun guys to watch in sports
Kelly Brook is busting out all over in sexy new bikini pics
This ‘how guys play video games vs. how girls play them’ video is pretty accurate
12 strange photos from a pretty much abandoned Chinese replica of Paris
Two bunnies adorably hump each other on the news, are the Easter heroes we deserve
This video of Nicki Minaj shaking her ass will literally blow your mind
WWE news and rumors: Former superstar takes issue with Warrior tribute & Batista already taking time off
Robert DeNiro made his first Vine video and it was pretty damn funny
A creepy Easter bunny interrupted the Nationals’ President race
SI swimsuit model Hannah Davis makes plain white tees look really hot
5 body parts you didn’t even know you had
10 Mike Woodson GIFs that perfectly describe his time with the Knicks
Benching a baseball player for lack of hustle is absolutely pointless
Lea Michele had a major nip-slip wardrobe malfunction this weekend
WWE news: Former superstar refuses to sign latest Legends contract
3 must-watch promos for the new season of ‘Louie’ on FX
Boston Marathon, dogs being awesome, Nina Agdal and more are winning the Internet today
We have a rare Victoria Justice bikini sighting at Coachella
Last few minutes of Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ video were insane — too bad few people have seen it
The Zombie States of America: The best and worst places to survive the zombie apocalypse
Mom ordered to ‘cover up her cleavage’ by Disneyland employees
Yes, the Boston nose picker was a big, fat faker
WWE News: Referee suffers gruesome injury at live event
10 of the funniest product reviews ever written
Lindsay Lohan drops bombshell in season finale that she had a miscarriage
Kid hits a homer while being intentionally walked
Instagram roundup of sexy models and celebs in bunny ear pics on Easter
Teen runs away from home, hops on flight to Hawaii, hides in plane’s wheel well
Jesus rose from the dead, then attended the Boston Bruins game
‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Review of Season 4 Episode 3′s ‘Breaker of Chains’
Gregg Popovich delivers heartfelt words about Craig Sager
Family sent to the hospital after pet cat goes on vicious attack, firefighters called to the scene
Blues fan flashes her boobs to rally St. Louis to titillating overtime win
Nothing says Easter like a buxom blonde in a bikini and bunny ears
Very attractive sports reporter gets clocked in the head by soccer ball
This could be the most ridiculous cat video in the illustrious history of internet cat videos
10 craziest high-octane alcohols from around the world
Doris Burke dropped this hilarious quote about Larry Bird
Haunted insane asylum, naughty words, sexy FS1 ladies and more
Skater kid gets an excruciating dose of instant karma to the balls
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
INJUSTICE: High school student suspended for asking Miss America to the prom
Astros prospect taken to the hospital after being smashed in face with 90 mph fastball (it isn’t pretty)
The Stoner Bucket List: 20 things to do for 4/20
Boston Bruins’ Milan Lucic viciously slashes Danny DeKeyser in the nuts
Pavel Datsyuk beats the Bruins with magical goal
Who Would You Rather: Mila Kunis or Paulina Gretzky?
Adorable little girl confuses pool slide with toilet [GIFs]
What your workout clothes say about you
Here are the 50 funniest photos we saw this week (Must See Imagery)
If you liked Aussie model Renee Somerfield’s sexy pictures, you’ll love this video
Easter egg hunt disrupted by a dead body
Let’s watch this guy eat 100 peeps and oh God, this is so gross
31 amazing photos that were timed just perfectly
Music is removed from Pharrell’s video ‘Happy’ and it makes everyone look nuts
WWE news and rumors: Wrestlers told to ‘avoid’ Nancy Grace & Vince’s reaction to Warrior death
51 babes dressed up as bunnies to wish you a Happy Easter
Ginger goddess Leanna Decker made yet another silly hot video
The 22 best athletes born in the ’90s
Hailey Clauson is the latest criminally sexy find by Beach Bunny Swimwear
20 simple life hacks to make your microwave more useful
We lost a good one this week — Rest in Peace ‘Pervert Dave’
5 things you might not know about Spring allergies
The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pictures this week
Ariana Grande’s cover art for her new single ‘Problem’ is crazy hot
The 7 every day struggles of the unathletic male
Here’s what Ryan Getzlaf looks like after taking a puck to the face
Lindsay Lohan explained why she wrote her now famous sex list
How to make Peeps-infused vodka
Cool teachers, crazy crimes, Elizabeth Loaiza and more are winning the Internet today
Ford is releasing limited edition Mustang for 50th anniversary and it’s pretty damn impressive
Mike Tyson kinda throws like a girl
The 36 most entertaining celebrity tweets this week
Every member of Congress has a subscription to Hustler — here’s why
10 things you eat all the time that could poison you
Everyone remember Cheryl Cole? Yeah? Well, she’s still really effin’ hot
9 mind-altering facts you probably didn’t know about pot for 4/20
11 unforgettable moments from the Bad Boys documentary
‘Shopped Tattoos’ re-imagines the world’s most beautiful women with full body ink
Tracy Morgan was once a barbershop model and here’s the hilarious proof
Hero of a man involuntarily vomits whenever he sees Kim Kardashian semi-naked
Caffeine is the world’s most popular drug — but how does it work?
Golfer jumps into lake to avoid swarm of hornets
19-year-old moron pisses in water supply so there goes 38 million gallons of water
Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville argued a call by grabbing his genitals
Who Would You Rather: Nicki Minaj or Paulina Gretzky?
Why is Alek Trebek so sexist?
Let’s watch this woman twirl and twirl forever and ever [GIFs]
10 of the most epic real-life vacation disasters ever
Men vs. women, canine selfies, and more Must See Imagery (pics)
Bianca Beauchamp shared the greatest workout video ever posted to Instagram
30 for 30: Bad Boys airs tonight at 8pm
9 Eddie Murphy quotes that remind how damn funny he once was
10 facts you didn’t know about butts
This just in: Sofia Vergara is quite an attractive woman
Nick Kroll, Seth Green, Topanga and Blake Griffin did a live reading of ‘Space Jam’ and it was spectacular
WWE News and Rumors — Superstar suffers 100th TV loss & Mick Foley knows real reason Punk walked away
12 most unforgettable NBA playoff moments
Angry kickball manager asks team to not have sex with female teammates until the end of the season
How to cheat in sports and get away with it
Celebrating the return of Jessica Alba: A sexy retrospective
Jason Kipnis said something naughty to an ump, got ejected
Hottest NYC clubs are now packed — with children under 12
Sexy hippie chicks are the biggest reason to go to Coachella. Here’s the proof
Joan Rivers also hates Gwyneth Paltrow, destroys her in new interview (video)
40 sexy reasons why we should burn every bra in the world
Faking it in bed? Your partner probably knows
The first ‘Orange is the New Black’ season two trailer is quite intense
10 horrifying scenes that should have never been in a kid’s movie
In the ultimate showdown of ‘puppies vs. babies’ there can be only one winner
Andrew Garfield has some amazing thoughts on Spider-Man, one of them being he’s Jesus
Mimi Faust sex tape causing super-strength shower rod sales to skyrocket
This ‘Royals’ parody titled ‘Seminoles’ might be the best/worst thing on the internet
Cat returned to shelter because he ‘farts too much’
Kids being awesome, WTF pics, Melanie Iglesias and more are winning the Internet today
Rapper who cut off penis during suicide attempt will survive, penis not so lucky
Watch the ’420 Mix’ — every weed reference in pop culture, ever
7 unconventionally awesome ways to deal with a breakup
ESPN close to stealing Renee Young from WWE
Rajon Rondo honored Boston Marathon victims with custom sneakers
Conan’s prop master Bill Hunt offers incredibly unhelpful Easter gift ideas
Kate Upton comes to her senses, denies wanting smaller boobs
9 crazy facts you probably didn’t know about Easter
Neil Patrick Harris goes full Barney Stinson, talks about a snake down his pants
Man gets postcard in the mail that was sent in 1940
SI cover girl Nina Agdal shows off some serious basketball skills in her PJs
Dead guy performs at local comedy night
Shut it down, this is the best hat ever made
The guys from ‘Workaholics’ are getting new cubicle mates
Who Would You Rather: Jenny McCarthy or Paulina Gretzky?
This man might have the best job in the world [GIFs]
How to be more productive while pooping
Game of Thrones memes, Advice Animals, and more hilarious Must See Imagery (pics)
Watch this hilarious video of a guy picking up other guys
Emma Watson turned 24 yesterday; here she is looking like a sexy little minx
WWE News and Rumors: Wrestlemania 31 plans for Cesaro & Reigns, superstar surgery & Evolution additions
Bible quotes, American pride, and more Facebook Idiocy (pics)
The 20 all time luckiest plays in sports
Elizabeth Marxs is your 2014 Playboy Cybergirl of the Year
Comedy lineup announced for 2014 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Taste testing Dominos new pizza topped chicken
‘Granny spinning’ is really popular in Romania and really, really awful
The 5 most bizarre cemeteries in the world
If you’re not following model Renee Somerfield on Instagram you’re doing it wrong
WWE News and Rumors: Former champion taking extended leave of absence?
37 kids totally freaked out by the Easter bunny
That little kid stuck in the claw machine will turn out to be a hoax and you’re all gonna feel dumb
Abigail Ratchford just broke Instagram with this one crazy hot photo
You’ll never guess at what age we peak physically, according to a new study
Pamela Anderson, who literally just posed naked, says she regrets posing naked
Here are several legitimate reasons to shave your stupid beard — one is based on actual research
45 sexy pics that remind us how much we love girls with freckles
Scarlett Johansson did one more sexy photo shoot before getting knocked up
Kickstick helps you bring booze everywhere you go
Rapping doctor explains to little girl how to care for cast, does little to ease pain of broken foot
Smallest penis contest, kids being pervs, Sheridyn Fisher and more are winning the Internet today
Let’s watch the women of ‘The View’ freak out after Jenny McCarthy announced her engagement
New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ preview gives us a deeper look at the characters
John Cena jean shorts available at Kmart in sizes ‘small’ to ‘really too old to like Cena’
The SI Swimsuit models sexed up The Travel Channel again
J.J. Watt catches a sick TD pass from special-needs kid in awesome video
‘Jeopardy!’ contestant loses while wearing the correct answer
15 metaphors you’ll only understand if you’re a millenial
Conan uncovers rare footage of Jesus’ married life
Uh oh, Gisele Bundchen is singing again (but at least there are bikinis)
9 offbeat ways to relieve stress for National Stress Awareness Day
Is that LeBron James, Derrick Rose or just some random black guy?
Lambeau Lovin’: Packers fans have their very own dating website
Dad uses images of sons to recreate iconic album covers
It’s the third and final ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ trailer
This helmet-cam video of an insane bike trip down a mountain is sure to make people vomit
Watch the world’s largest game of Jenga played with construction vehicles
Missing 3-year-old boy found in bowling alley claw machine
Who Would You Rather: Paulina Gretzky or Kim Kardashian?
UFC weigh-in almost leads to wardrobe malfunction (GIFs)
A visual tour of Chernobyl 28 years after the disaster
Rock hard butts, rocks that looks like butts, and more Must See Imagery (50 pics)
The 50 most frustrating moments in video games
Cameron Russell in sexy bikinis makes Tax Day way more bearable
6 reasons to be happy when your girlfriend poops
Paulina Gretzky’s sexy ‘Golf Digest’ behind the scenes video is a fun-filled adventure
Yeah, this clip perfectly describes John Daly’s life right now
Girl gets letter from new neighbor — is it super nice or super creepy?
Now it’s Hilary Duff’s turn to be in a bikini with an inflatable animal
10 sports movies that need to be made
WWE Rumors: Sting to sign WWE contract in the next few days?
‘The Knobbit’ adult film parody is also available for free on Tax Day
13 hip-tastic Shakira GIFs because her booty has never lied
Can you guess who the highest paid athlete in the world is?
Who is the sexy actress in the Alka Seltzer Fruit Chews ‘Eating Chalk’ commercial?