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‘Cheese Curls of Instagram’ belongs in the goddamn Smithsonian
Whoever thinks Punk Rock is dead hasn’t seen this chick wailing on her dog
‘Sharknado 2′ star Vivica A. Fox: A sexy retrospective
Girl can’t stop dancing like a freak to ‘Pump Up the Jam’
Kate Perry’s video for ‘This is How We Do’ is another lesson in whatthefuckery
6 kinds of shoes all men should have, if they want to get laid
What does this cloud look like to you? Keep in mind, there’s only one correct answer
Did Jennifer Lawrence get dumped because of her ego?
Watch this woman drive straight off a bridge because she forgot she had brakes
51 women who think underboob doesn’t get enough attention
This cat stealing fish filets from a freezer is a goddamn ninja
The art of the perfect sports photobomb
Tara Reid now has her own fragrance called ‘Shark by Tara’ and no I am not kidding
Erin Andrews just got ZINGED so hard on Twitter
Vin Diesel singing Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ has ALL the feels
Watch this informative video from 1997 about how to cybersex properly
‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ done using LEGOs is a movie I would go see
Fantasy football tips, crazy Russia GIFs, Chelsie Aryn and more are winning the Internet today
Watch this moron get trampled while taking a selfie during a bull run
Here’s what WWE Raw would look like as a 1980s sitcom
Celebrate National Orgasm Day with a few stats about what freaks we really are
Back in 1914, women had a huge issue with men in tight pants
High school SS channels Ozzie Smith for sweet behind-the-back throw
WWE reports $14.2 million dollar loss and it’s all WWE Network’s fault
Woman calls cops to complain about the purity of her meth, guess what happened next?
Jimmy Fallon got to look up Heidi Klum’s dress last night
8 things the Amish do that are absolutely right
Paulina Gretzky went wake surfing her in bikini and here is that important moment
Brian Williams pulls ultimate dad move when announcing his daughter will play Peter Pan
Just a video of Deadmau5 and Rob Ford in a Ferrari going for coffee
Greatest cooking show ever: Mutha f-cka this is not no prison food
Sharknado 2 just produced the greatest scene in movie history
Who Would You Rather: Miranda Kerr or Eva Longoria?
25 GIFs that restore your faith in hot women
12 essential tips for vacationing alone
40 hilariously random Hump Day photos
Paranomal Pugtivity is the best video I’ve seen this week, ever
Ireland Baldwin breaks out the sexy for hot new photo shoot
30 pictures and GIFs that sum up the music festival experience
Ray J says he regrets banging Kim Kardashian on video, basically
TNA Impact Wrestling is for sale…on Craigslist
43 times we actually laughed out loud on Facebook
Enough is enough, it’s time to nuke Denmark
You’ll love Arya Stark even more after seeing this photo
Miranda Kerr shares topless pic on Instagram in wake of Bloom-Bieber beef
Conservationists want to know how four elephants ended up addicted to heroin
If you’re not following WWE Diva Paige on Instagram, you’re doing it wrong
I need to punch something to feel manly again after watching this video
This compilation of super cars crashing is a gearhead’s worst nightmare
20 athletes who are REALLY good at Instagram
16 games that make it painfully obvious as to why no one plays the Wii anymore
Holy shit, Jessica Alba’s ‘Maxim’ cover is hot
The Lingerie Football League, where you can drink beer during the game
These emails to Joss Whedon reveal Tom Hiddleston’s true feelings about ‘Avengers’
Bradley Cooper works at Burger King now
Teens are dumb. Teens are so, so dumb
Watching people take one shot after another to the face is the perfect pick-me-up
Vivid’s 10 best celebrity sex tapes, ranked
Carmen Electra works the stripper pole, and GOOD GOD she’s never looked hotter
Richard Sherman just bitch slapped Patrick Peterson across the face on Twitter
Kate Upton wants a puppy, Justin Verlander’s dog cutely objects
Watch this kid make an ill-advised leap into a pool from the roof of a 5-story building
Matthew Stafford’s fiancee is having a big, big week
Dating today vs. dating in the 90s: nostalgia vs. technology
Flight attendent warned passengers to dump their drugs before landing — was she wrong?
Fail GIFs, ‘Game of Thrones’ quotes, Bar Paly and more are winning the Internet today
Actual video of Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at Justin Bieber, and why he did it
Jim Beam bravely lets internet put statement on bottle
Why do I keep laughing at this video of Rihanna snapping at a fan?
Reebok is now making bacon. Yes, the shoe company. Yes, the breakfast meat
‘Causcasians’ t-shirt mocking Indians’ logo is a hot seller
‘I’m so Lansing’ is the MSU version of Iggy Azalea’s hit and GOD THIS IS AWFUL
Couple wants awesome middle name but state won’t allow it
Hero toddler heads home to watch cartoons after crashing Jeep
Car crashes are never funny, even if they involve clowns
DMX freaking the hell out on an amusement park ride: The Remix
8 of the dumbest apps in existence today
Watch the best impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger ever for his 67th birthday
Prankster tells news channel UCLA flooded because ‘someone took a really large dump’
Aces vs Aces, the worst bad beat in WSOP history
Justin Bieber posts pic of Miranda Kerr after Orlando Bloom tries to punch him
Who Would You Rather: Megan Fox or Vanessa Hudgens?
6 sexual positions you only use in college
60 hilariously random photos to get you through Tuesday
Abigail Ratchford shared five more wicked hot videos filled with underboob and bouncing
Watch sharks attack Mets fans in ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’ clips
Everything you ever wanted to know about swingers resorts
The best news bloopers for the month of July make ‘Anchorman’ look legit
Pregnant wife didn’t want to pose for maternity photos so husband took her place
Get drunk and stay drunk with these 15 alternative ways to open a bottle
Petra Nemcova has still got one killer bikini body
Goliath Grouper tries to eat Florida Man, settles for swallowing a fish whole
This sibling bond will rip your manly heart to shreds
This Florida State football rap may very well be the worst thing I’ve ever heard
This story about a fan approaching Brock Lesnar for a photo pisses me off
The joys and perils of an automatic sensor trashcan
21 best Urban Dictionary definitions of all time
38th Parallel Beach, an unlikely surfing oasis in Korea’s demilitarized zone (PICS)
This 41-shot table tennis rally is absolutely insane
SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year Sara Sampaio’s outtakes video is pretty hot
15 star athletes who went to colleges you’ve never heard of
DMX losing his shit on an amusement park ride is friggin’ priceless
31 girls whose flexibility will shock you
How to make the perfect beer-flavored ice cream sandwich, for International Beer Day
Chrissy Teigen wore a sweet see-through dress to a party last night
Nobody’s more clueless than the Baltimore Ravens PR team
What it’s like to take a heroic dose of LSD
The ‘typical’ sex diary of a single male with no girlfriend
PSA: Zoe Saldana posed naked for a magazine
Guess which household appliance is making you super fat and sending you broke?
Here’s every time Samuel L. Jackson has said ‘motherf-cker’ in a movie
This is what Today show host Tamron Hall sounds like when she has sex
All-NFL Bust Team, Comic-Con babes, hot women of ‘Hercules’ and more are winning the Internet today
Francia Raisa doing a sexy burlesque dance on stage is pretty excellent
‘Homeless’ man sounds like John Legend but there is another reason to hate him
Batkid Miles Scott is getting his own documentary! Check out the trailer NOW
Check out the female rapper with way more mic skills than Nicki Minaj
This family will piss you off for so many reasons — so many
Check out this drunken brawl turned into ‘Street Fighter’ game
Kendall Jenner is TOTALLY cool with posing naked
Furniture that looks and feels like human skin is now a thing that exists
11 hilarious ways women’s magazines tell women to flirt
Hilary Duff wears a bikini in her first music video in years
Hannah Ferguson is even sexier in extended cut of Hardee’s commercial
Peyton Manning wiggles his butt like your drunk uncle at a wedding
Puppies Rolling Down Hills: you won’t be able to watch this video just once
James Franco played ’5-second summaries’ (badly) then gave selfie lessons
Watch as a pizza snob reviews and critiques your favorite frozen pizzas
Asian Morgan Freeman is the doppelganger to top all doppelgangers
Clayton Kershaw is no William Tell and Jimmy Kimmel found that out the hard way
Matthew Stafford’s fiancee, Kelly Hall, got a starring role in his new commercial
Who Would You Rather: Ariana Grande or Jennette McCurdy?
The 20 weirdest things ever left on a plane
29 hilariously random photos to get you through Monday
Arianny Celeste is still on vacation, still killing it in bikinis
11 celebs who might actually be immortal beings
Newscaster does what everyone should do when their cell rings at wrong time
The 15 most heartbreaking ways to lose in sports
Alessandra Ambrosio’s turn for one of the best bikini butt pics of 2014
55 of the funniest things ever shared on Tumblr
What ‘Seinfeld’ and other shows would look like with no jokes, just plot
Russian firefighters stop attempted self-immolation in typical Russian fashion
Vanessa Hudgens won the Young Hollywood Awards, plus more hot red carpet pics
Guy popping wheelie alongside Tour De France victory toast is all kinds of awesome
Girl changes her mind about jumping off high dive, leads to amazing blooper
Walmart’s secret weapon against global warming: ice-cream sandwiches that don’t melt
Beyonce shared a boob pic on Instagram, so that was nice of her
Florida Man falls asleep in traffic, shockingly no one got pregnant
Everything you need to properly have sex in the woods
6 lifehacks that immediately lead to having better sex
Jessica Alba was the real hottest thing at Comic-Con this weekend
‘I Know Where Your Cat Lives’—definitive proof that cat people are creepy
Morgan Freeman narrating a documentary on Juggalos must be released in theaters
Buff Bagwell working with Vivid video is the least shocking news of the century
‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ red band trailer is sexy, violent, crazy
Metta World Peace almost went Palace Brawl in the Venice Summer League
The top ten problems with dating an ugly chick
Who is the MAGICAL woman twerking in this Nina Agdal Instagram video?
Behold the greatest water balloon invention of all time
Kate Upton: ‘I’ve been begging for this body my whole life!’
New study proves fist bumps might just save your life
There will NEVER be a better twerking video than this
Bizarre concept cars, WTF pregnancy pics, Carly Francavilla and more are winning the Internet today
Guy forgets about homemade masturbation video, leads to most cringeworthy family moment ever
Nicki Minaj announces ‘Anaconda’ delay with bikini pic while memes of her cover roll on
Can strapping a camera to a tire really be considered art?
10 year-old girl’s guitar cover of Slayer is insane
David Ortiz has slowly morphed into baseball’s greatest villain
Warning: swans don’t want to be in your selfie — especially this swan
Kim Kardashian’s butt stars in TREMENDOUS new Instagram video
12 fantastic movies people should NEVER watch more than once
Watch a bolt of lightning almost kill a couple taking a selfie
TNA ‘Impact Wrestling’ cancelled by Spike TV — Is Vince Russo to blame?
The first full ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ trailer: Katniss is back!
NBA rookie puts on insane dunking display
The first ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ trailer is ridiculously awesome
Taiwan has the craziest traffic in the world
‘The Simpons’ and ‘Family Guy’ crossover preview is intriguing
Bizarre incident at Comic-Con as car plows through a group of zombies
How to stop your friends from texting while driving
These Roombas fighting with knives are proof that the robots are taking over
50 best episodes of ‘The Simpsons’
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: The first picture of her in costume is here
Great reasons to drink, dumbest food holidays, dozens of sexy ladies and more!
GIVEAWAY: Signed glove by undefeated middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin
What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear
14 mind-blowing things you need to know about threesomes
FMK: Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, Naya Rivera
The 28 worst people at every dinner party
Here’s 154 of the funniest photos on the Internet (aka Must See Imagery)
The first full length trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ season five
Kim Cloutier is the hottest thing to come out of Canada since bacon
Which would you prefer: $4,000 or a world record fish?
Watch this fuel truck make an insanely sharp turn because it might go BOOM!
The 25 biggest anti-heroes in sports today
It’s over, Anika Shay is going to be the 2015 Playboy Cybergirl of the Year
‘Expendables 3′ leaks online; over 100K copies already downloaded
Carlos Gomez videobombed Mark Reynolds dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Oh hey look! Kendall Jenner posed topless again
Here’s what happens when you don’t call a woman back after a date
Women 101: A guide to understanding the female species
Megan Fox put on a smokeshow at Comic-Con, more importantly thinks Bigfoot is real
‘Stan Lee’ stops by Marvel HQ to pitch some new comic characters on ‘Key and Peele’
How to make the world’s best GIF in only three steps
Watch this amusing CM Punk tribute video set to awful Taylor Swift song
So what was the deal with Jerry Seinfeld’s Reddit AMA?
9 keys to hitting on girls in the gym
The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pictures this week
Tara Reid thinks that a Sharknado could actually happen
This is what life would be like if dogs got high (24 pics)
‘Transformers’ star Nicola Peltz has got one rockin’ bikini body on her
Unappreciated athletes, surreal GIFS, Jaimie Sullivan and more are winning the Internet today
British inventor builds huge ass machine, farts at France
Watch a gorgeous blonde strip for cops to keep them from towing her car
The 38 most entertaining celebrity tweets this week
Help name this ridiculous Burger King food hack
No legs, no fux given: ratchet gutterbug and legless Muhammad Ali brawling in the mean streets
Forget a bed of nails; this nut lies on a bed of ONE nail
Jennette McCurdy addresses sexy pics with Reddit letter: ‘I am not a role model’
Keith Olbermann channels his inner James Brown, eviscerates Ray Rice and the NFL
Texas Longhorns make huge mistake in 2014 football media guide
8 amazing inventions that were WAY ahead of their time
Morgan Freeman sucking helium then talking will never not be funny
Watch the Ryan Raburn error Indians fans will be talking about forever
Badass new photo of Ben Affleck as Batman appears at Comic-Con
Meetup of Ford Mustang owners proves Mustang drivers are the worst
Recently it’s been flooding in Switzerland which has led to epic surfing–in the rivers
Minor league GM gets prostate exam on stadium scoreboard while singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’
The Rock shared his nickname for his penis on ‘Conan’ last night
Watch Radamel Falcao almost take a pitcher’s head off during batting practice
Amusing catfight goes next level with greatest moment in GIF history
We need to talk about this picture
Throwback Who Would You Rather: Heather Locklear or Alyssa Milano?
Where are they now? 15 top draft picks who didn’t pan out
31 hilariously random photos to get you through Thursday
13 celebrity face swaps that you will NOT be able to unsee
This dog, like myself, wants you to keep your thieving hands off the beer
Isabeli Fontana modeling bikinis is the hottest thing you’ll see today
Kathie Lee is my new favorite person for her reaction to the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer
According to a new poll, Americans really love beer
The Cleveland Plain Dealer is hiring a LeBron James beat reporter
10 reasons why your waiter/waitress hates you
This supercut of people passing out on live TV will make your day
WTFlorida: The 10 most WTF news stories from the Sunshine State this week
These are the top 10 most LIKED videos on YouTube
Abbey Clancy makes her case for sexiest soccer WAG with hot new lingerie video
Guess who showed up at the WWE Comic-Con panel?
Real-life Jabba the Hut is tripping balls, turns the SEXY up to level 11
10 amazing bets you will ALWAYS win
The first ever WORLDSTAR fight involving alligators
Man robs bank wearing the dumbest shirt ever
Paris Hilton compared herself to Albert Einstein, talked sex tape, other jibberish
The Relationship Manifesto: What to do AFTER you get the girl
Presenting ‘Tits and Cats’: the video
Are boyshorts the sexiest thing a woman can wear? We investigate, you decide
Charisma Carpenter got very naked for her birthday
7 of the kinkiest festivals in the world
If you’re not following surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey on Instagram, you’re doing it wrong
Want to donate to a Kickstarter dedicated to drawing the biggest dick of all time?
Jeff Bridges’ Reddit AMA was almost as epic as the man himself
Britney Spears is launching her own lingerie line
Best sports ads, bizarre clone cities, Shannon Ihrke and more are winning the Internet today
Conan O’Brien’s scene in ‘Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda’ is perfect
‘Nightcrawler’ trailer reminds the world Jake Gyllenhaal can kill it as ‘creepy guy’
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts posted the most vile injury photo to Twitter in the history of ever
Giraffe escapes circus, runs down the street and I can’t stop laughing
Read this insane list of ‘dealbreakers’ posted online by the world’s biggest douche
This giant woman named Amazon Amanda gets paid to squash men
Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ cover art is thong-a-licious
Guy films Walmart shoplifter putting cart full of stuff in his car before driving off
8 of the coolest gadgets for your next backyard bash
Hannah Ferguson’s hot Carl’s Jr. commercial has a sexy Paris Hilton cameo
Disney characters falling at Disneyland is the only video you need to see today, ever
9 important questions about Cheese Chester’s broken foot in the pierogi race
The full ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer they couldn’t show on TV
You can now wear jeans chewed up and pissed on by zoo animals
Stupidest woman ever tries to drive away as her car gets towed
The top 10 most disliked YouTube videos is full of familiar faces
Introducing ‘Spray Cake’–the final frontier of laziness
Who Would You Rather: Alexandra Daddario or Olivia Wilde?
40 GIFs of the hottest 40-year-old in the world, Salma Hayek
These different types of barbecue from around the world will have you drooling
These are the 10 sexiest countries in the world, any arguments?
37 hilariously random Hump Day photos
Checking out Martha Hunt in sexy lingerie will NEVER get old
Let this video be a reminder that some kids are massive dicks
This supercut of cats in movies means the Internet has reached it’s pinnacle
Take a peek inside the weird world of Japanese Love Hotels
34 times we actually laughed out loud on Facebook