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Prancing baby lamb–now with 500% more street cred
Kid gets suspended from school for 5 days after dropping legendary FHRITP
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Reporter gets nailed with not one but TWO ‘f–k her in the p—y’ bombs on live TV
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Donald Trump took the ice bucket challenge which means the whole fad is officially over
WTFlorida: 10 of the weirdest, wackiest, and most WTF news stories from Florida
This parody of The Pentagon’s 1033 Program would be hilarious if it wasn’t so close to reality
Bird poops on woman’s ice cream cone; you can guess what happens next
Manning Face is in full effect in ‘Madden 15′
Every bite you take, every crumb you bake, I’ll be watching you
Combined GIFs: because sometimes two GIFs are better than one
15 of the most hilariously dumb warning labels on today’s products
If you’re not following Italian bombshell Bianca Balti on Instagram, you’re doing it wrong
LeAnn Rimes thinks rape jokes are funny, because of course she does
This remix of Jason Derulo’s ‘Wiggle’ is the song of 2014
Courtney Stodden is still putting on a boob show on Instagram
13 party essentials discovered at Sir Ivan’s Sex Dungeon
Someone needs to tell this adorable dog that he’s not a human being
10 scenes that happen in EVERY ‘found footage’ movie
The funniest news bloopers of August are a cavalcade of human incompetence
Ugh… Chris Martin is writing love songs for Jennifer Lawrence
So those Beyonce-Jay Z divorce rumors were all bullshit just to sell tickets? No way…
Annoying people, overpriced beer, Michea Crawford and more are winning the Internet today
Watch WWE Divas Champion Paige’s sexy bikini photoshoot immediately
Remember smoking hot model Luci Ford? She looks even better when wet (and in slow motion)
Johnny Manziel apparently teaches aerobics when he’s hungry
Little kid goes OFF on his mom for getting pregnant again
Mom finds dead mouse in box of cereal, not the prize she was looking for
Here’s your chance to win free Taco Bell for life
8 of the worst party fouls you might not even know you’re committing
Caroline Wozniacki’s hair got tangled in her racket trying to make a shot at the US Open
Are you cool with living in a world where celebs photoshop the sh-t out of their Instagram pics?
10 awesomely unique hot dogs to make for Labor Day
If it wasn’t for vodka, Russia might actually be a world superpower
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married… five days ago!
Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow reunited for a weird new scene from ‘Friends’
This is what it’s like to live for two weeks entirely under the sea
Who Would You Rather – Underrated Victoria’s Secret Models Edition: Lais Riberio or Martha Hunt?
6 ways to justify your insanely long bathroom breaks at work
40 hilariously random Hump Day photos
Genevieve Morton and her modeling friends bouncing around on the beach makes us ‘Happy’
What exactly does a movie director do? Let’s find out
If Florida was a condom, these speed bumps would be ribbed for Satan’s pleasure
34 times we actually laughed out loud on Facebook
Watch every ‘Goddamn It’ ever uttered on ‘Always Sunny’ in chronological order
And here’s Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ video accompanied by important fart noises
Woman fights leopard to the death for half-hour, wins
Megan Fox threw out a first pitch in South Korea, expect war any day now
This baby pig is so f-cking cute it’s making bitches squeal
Legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton ‘shoots the pier’ at Malibu—has gigantic balls
Grumpy Cat speaks for us all when it comes to Ice Bucket Challenge videos now
13 reasons why cheaters truly never win
Would you sex up this 73-year-old granny? I bet you totally would
‘Kipping curl’ is the best and worst bicep exercise ever invented
PSA: Keira Knightley posed naked for a sexy new photo shoot
The ultimate ‘before they were famous’ celebrity commercials compilation
Every state in the USA, ranked by its beer
This red panda thinks he’s Sonic the Hedgehog
Joanna Krupa did the Ice Bucket Challenge wearing a very small bikini
Here’s the best ‘Madden’ glitch since the ambulance drove on to the field maiming people
Kendall Jenner soaking wet in a bikini could sell ice to an Eskimo
15 fall seasonal craft beers to drink this Labor Day, with absolutely no pumpkin!
Fashion Fails, Wedding proposal Fails, Daniela Freitas and more are winning the Internet today
Woman opens rarely used spare bedroom to find 5,000 guest wasps living inside
WWE News: Is John Cena’s WWE career nearing the end?
Superman and Lois Lane took the Ice Bucket Challenge (with a good look at his new suit)
Woman spends $215K on plastic surgery for ‘heart nipples’
Woman starts fire to ‘help’ bored firefighters
Move over 50 Cent, we have a new worst first pitch ever (and it’s not even close)
7 wines guys might like even as much as beer
A naked Chelsea Handler was confronted by Ellen in the shower on the ‘Chelsea Lately’ finale
Taste testing testicles—finding out which animal balls taste the best
This is the most ‘Murican ALS Ice Bucket Challenge you’ll ever see
Homer Simpson took the Ice Bucket Challenge in classic ‘Simpsons’ fashion
Who Would You Rather – Aussie Model Edition: Miranda Kerr or Jessica Hart?
The 10 WORST uniforms in sports right now
72 hilariously random photos to get you through the day
Vintage exercise equipment for women is proof your grandma was lazy as f-ck
27 smoking hot pics of April Summers that show why we’re really big fans
The ISIS terrorists have won: rich condo owners change name due to negative connotations
The 25 most dangerous cities in the world
The Nashville Predators Ice Girls did the greatest Ice Bucket Challenge yet
This ‘Who Ice Bucketed Who?’ flowchart is monumental in its detail
Father of the Year: dad catches daughter taking embarrassing selfies, takes video
Fugitive arrested after posting ice bucket challenge video online
Marloes Horst proves once again that she’s really good at modeling lingerie
The 178 best GoPro videos of 2014 (so far) all mashed into one epic compilation
Red squirrel chasing Russian military in circles is a shining symbol of Capitalism
This man had sex with 9 celebrity Fleshlights… for science
That homeless guy Miley Cyrus took to the VMAs has a warrant out for his arrest
This woman just set all white women trying to dance back 500 years
9-year-old takes shooting lesson, shoots instructor in the head, needs more lessons
‘The Brady Bunch’ with no jokes, all plot is so very Brady
This infant is already a photobomb master
Austin Beerworks introduces 99-pack of beer. Yes, 99 beers!
Unemployed bro covers Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ with a recorder, is a goddamn hero
Passive aggressive: When celebrities who hate each other have to hang out
The new ‘Bang Bang’ video with Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Jessie J is quite a sexy watch
Turn your volume down and watch 15 rockets intercepted at once by the Iron Dome
5 cocktails to drink this Labor Day
2 year-old girl does Ice Bucket Challenge then drops an F-bomb on her parents
Why is Selena Gomez violently rocking out in a car showing off her bra?
Best smack-talkers, people being awkward, hot model Kaitlynn Carter and more are winning the Internet today
This ‘Billy on the Street’ segment was the funniest moment of the 2014 Emmy Awards
Now there’s a petition on asking Floyd Mayweather to watch ‘Reading Rainbow’
Matt Damon did the Ice Bucket Challenge using water from his toilet (for a great reason)
Hero man fakes kidnapping so he can party without his girlfriend
Mile Hile Melee — Passengers fight mid-flight over leg room
Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in the booth at a Mets game was truly priceless
The 11 worst scandals in the history of college football
Leonardo DiCaprio took the Ice Bucket Challenge, donated $100K to ALS like a boss
The 20 hottest ladies of the Emmy Awards red carpet, plus the list of winners
Robin Williams tribute at the 2014 Emmys was spectacular and worth another watch
This is what $1,000 in rent gets you across the USA (Hint: NYC is brutal)
How to troll someone on the race track
Who would you rather – Makeout Edition: Carla Gugino or Malin Akerman?
12 sports TV shows that need to be rebooted now
44 hilariously random photos to get you through the day
Lais Ribeiro restates her case as the most underrated lingerie model in the world
Some stranger in a crowd handed Lady Gaga their newborn baby, amazingly she did not eat it
26 news headlines that show just how crazy the world we live in really is
Disney Channel star Bridgit Mendler took the Ice Bucket Challenge in a tight, tiny tank top
I can’t tell if these people are orgasming or getting shot with a taser
Here’s a straw that will finally make you look like a man
57 of the funniest things ever shared on Tumblr
Dog proudly carries groceries for owner, is best dog ever
Jordan Carver wearing the best bikini top in the history of bikini tops
The Scottish ‘Aladdin’ will ruin your childhood with unimaginable profanity
The 7 best Vine remixes of Taylor Swift’s white girl dance at the VMAs
Courtney Stodden’s comically giant boobs took the Ice Bucket Challenge in a bikini… sort of
Howard Stern takes the Ice Bucket Challenge — challenges Barbara Walters and a dead guy
Hot wings: A gallery of celebrities you didn’t know worked at Hooters
34 seconds in Heaven with Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie
In Soviet Russia, dirty muffler cleans you
Coolest thing you’ll see today: Video of an F1 race car filmed using an infrared camera
That gluten-free diet you’re on is bullsh-t, and here’s why
Guy shoots up strip club because they wouldn’t let him leave with a beer
Five Playboy Playmates took the Ice Bucket Challenge, about fell out of their tops
16 ways you’re making your waiter/waitress hate you
NOPE: Nest containing up to 35,000 stinging yellow jackets discovered, destroyed
We may now FINALLY know what causes those dreaded hangovers
Minka Kelly and Mandy Moore pouring ice water on one another is kinda cool
Instant karma GIFs, WTF signs, Lucy Hale and more are winning the Internet today
50 Cent spent the weekend just DESTROYING Floyd Mayweather on Instagram
If ‘The Simpsons’ ever ends, here’s how one show insider thinks it will happen
Taylor Swift’s isolated vocals from her VMA performance are, ummm, not good
‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ trailer is the Bible on HGH
Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman made out with each other during their Ice Bucket Challenge
Yesterday was Go Topless Day, how did you celebrate?
The 11 most horrible Emmy Award winners of all time
Adam Levine must have forgotten about that time he said, ‘F-ck you, VMAs’
These popular facts that you’ve been taught for years are complete bullsh-t
The 25 hottest ladies to walk the MTV VMA red carpet, plus the list of winners
Nicki Minaj ‘then and now’ is proof that with enough hard work, anything can happen
Who Would You Rather – ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Edition: Ashley Benson or Lucy Hale?
62 of the funniest photos on the Internet (aka Must See Imagery)
A couple more sexy Jessica Lowndes workout videos are the perfect way to end the week
7 signs that she’s simply just not into you
This week sucked, let’s make it better by laughing at people Failing at life
Watch the trailer for ‘Theodore Rex’ — the worst movie possibly ever made
Keeley Hazell shared another hot bikini pic on Instagram frustrating us even more
‘What if summer movies starred WWE wrestlers?’ wondered no one, but yet, here we are
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s butt and Bar Paly’s see-through shirt did the Ice Bucket Challenge
The 9 craziest moments in MTV Video Music Awards history
Rock bottom eating habits: 40 signs that you’ve given up
Emily Ratajkowski made a very hot, very sensuous new video for ‘Ocean Drive’
Cyclist hits pothole: sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you
Man wanted to have over 1000 kids and was well on his way before getting caught
Mikaela Hoover is one seriously fine actress we need to keep on our radar
10 things I never expected to see at Dave and Busters
Why pretend? The 13 fakest celebrities in the world
PSA: Ashley Benson is posting naked butt pics to Instagram now
Just Serena Williams playing tennis in a belly shirt and stilettos on a street in Manhattan
The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pictures this week
This kid must have been bit by a radioactive spider because his climbing skills are sick
Now 50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to read ‘Cat in the Hat’ on national TV
Farrah Abraham ALREADY spent almost $100K of her $544K stripping contract on one thing
Star athlete Fails, cooking at a strip club, Chanel Iman and more are winning the Internet today
Check out the ‘Back to the Future’ cast after REALLY aging thirty years
The 43 most entertaining celebrity tweets this week
Woman allegedly beat a man who farted in her face
Stone Cold Steve Austin tells story about giving oral to a Sasquatch
Chrissy Teigen might get her own daytime talk show (please let this happen)
Dating advice site has some killer tips for men; guess where they got them?
9 great shows you can Netflix marathon over the weekend
If your eyes can beat these optical illusions you might actually be super human
Watch an episode of ‘Pawn Stars’ with only the parts about pawning — cuz it’s only 3 minutes long
Heavy Metal’s not dead—it’s alive and well, and living inside this beluga whale
JCVD’s smoking hot daughter did the Van Damme splits for her Ice Bucket Challenge
STUDY: 70% of men would rather go fishing than spend time with their family
Kevin Hart is ‘that guy’ at the strip club
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reportedly headed for splitsville
Ze Frank is back to drop knowledge bombs with ‘True Facts About Marsupials’
Who Would You Rather – Country Singers Edition: Hayden Panettiere or Carrie Underwood?
I think I had this dream of two Victoria’s Secret models in a boxing ring together
Stop the noise: 14 musicians everyone is fed up with
Kid gets cutting board as prank gift and his appreciativeness will give you the tingles
These 10 dumbest 911 calls of all time are lessons in human stupidity
How to feel better when you don’t like what you see in the mirror
‘Hold my beer while I light this mortar off my crotch and set my junk on fire’
Ice Bucket Challenge afternoon roundup: Hayden Panettiere, Shia LaBeouf, Cookie Monster and 12 more
Chris Rock proves he’s a good dude but let’s talk about Bobby Cannavale’s hat game
29 hilariously random photos to get you through the day
This Vine perfectly captures what it’s like to take your first shot
10 sex facts about single men you won’t believe
Cliff diver tries to paint sharp rocks with his brains, pulls off epic bellyflop instead
WTFlorida: 10 of the weirdest, wackiest, and most WTF news stories from Florida
Will professional Tinder headshots help get you laid?
Mo’ne Davis autographed balls going for $500 a pop on eBay
Russian model Svetlana Bilyalova might have the hottest Instagram account on the Web (seriously)
Here’s Jesus taking the ice bucket challenge
Using Instagram in real life would make things SO much better
Teen arrested for writing about killing a dinosaur with a gun for school assignment
Peter Griffin LOVES when they say the title of the movie…in the movie, A LOT
Scientist finds bro’s 200-year-old gin and tonic
The 21 best strip clubs in America
STUDY: Being a virgin for too long will screw with your head forever
25 awesome Hayden Panettiere GIFs to celebrate her 25th birthday today
Jess Greenberg is back with a cover of ‘Breast of Burden’
Kids reenacting Emmy nominated TV shows needs to turn into actual shows
‘Breaking Bad’ scavenger hunt — Aaron Paul hides show memorabilia around LA
Sports pickup lines, genius ideas, Genevieve Morton and more are winning the Internet today
The Dark Knight rises in this little kid’s mouth
Gwyneth Paltrow approves of Jennifer Lawrence, did the Ice Bucket Challenge in a bikini
In honor of @DadBoner getting his own show, here’s the 10 best Karl Welzein tweets ever
Sexy Aussie Jessica Hart puts the ‘super’ in supermodel in hot new pictorial
Hero man calls 911 when stripper won’t have sex with him
This is Serena Williams singing karaoke in Times Square
Brewers broadcasters buys drink for guy who dropped beer going for foul ball
8 amazing sci-fi technologies that exist in real life
This will soften even the hardest Ice Bucket Challenge hater’s heart
24 questions you should totally ask on a first date
This husky kid with a seashell just failed ‘Internet 101′
Who wants to see Lindsay Lohan get soaked with a bucket of ice water on national TV?
Who Would You Rather: Birthday girl Demi Lovato or Ariana Grande?
9 sports stories that have broken the Internet this decade
34 hilariously random Hump Day photos
Ice Bucket Challenge afternoon roundup: Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan, Kermit the Frog and more
Two guys act out a conversation between their mom and aunt again, and again I’m dying laughing
How to cut a watermelon in half using just rubber bands
Nick Offerman reading shower thoughts is better than ‘Parks and Rec’
Something called the UK Twerking Championships happened; here are the highlights
Sometimes in life there are things that you just can’t argue with
This video on how to get chicks won’t work, but it’s funny, and that counts for something
Can anyone explain what Rihanna touching her crotch and saying ‘school kills’ means?
39 times we actually laughed out loud on Facebook
Sultry sexpot Jessica Perez is back and she brought armbras, cleavage and bikinis
PSA: Close your mouth when you chew food
David Spade just won the ice bucket challenge so let’s all stop now
Farrah Abraham supposedly will be making at least $544,000 to be a stripper
Farmworkers allegedly kill co-worker by pelting him with oranges
The 25 best beaches in America
Alaskan killer whale pimp slaps sea lion 20ft in the air
Sexy celebrity babes doing the Ice Bucket Challenge: A compilation
Watch Yasiel Puig’s cat-like reflexes because they’re sick
Watch this gorgeous woman do something crazy to her mouth
If you’ve ever considered surfing watch this supercut of Billabong Pro Tahiti wipeouts first
Bob Costas, of all people, joined the list of those who suck at throwing first pitches
You’re not helping: 14 famous people who completely don’t understand Ferguson
Sexy British actress Helen Flanagan bounces around in bras for your viewing pleasure
9 moments NFL rookies reminded fans they’re overgrown children
Aaron Paul invited the family of a boy with autism who was beaten to Disneyland
Watch a crazy person drive up to a tornado so he can take a selfie
Boy born with 28 pound hands lives an awful life
Amazing fan catches, glorious GIFs, the sexy Nikki Howard and more are winning the Internet today
Supermodel Jourdan Dunn wore the best shirt ever for her Ice Bucket Challenge
Seriously, The Undertaker, is he doing alright? Because this picture has us worried
Bill Cosby talking about sex at age 77 is inappropriately hilarious
Curt Schilling — ‘I have mouth cancer’ and chewing tobacco is the reason
Mike Ditka ‘admires’ Redskins owner for sticking with racist team name
Great, now there’s ANOTHER Human Barbie and her name is Lolita
Jessica Alba talked about her ‘for-adults-only’ action figure last night on ‘Conan’
Jimmy Fallon lives out every kid’s dream — plays GoldenEye 007 with real James Bond
8 ways to tell if your favorite BBQ joint is authentic (from pitmasters and experts)
Goliath grouper swallows shark in one gulp, fishermen nearly crap themselves
Katy Perry in a bikini and George W. Bush lead today’s Ice Bucket roundup (16 videos)