Alana Blanchard strips to her bikini for new T-Mobile commercial

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

w06MHZU Alana Blanchard strips to her bikini for new T Mobile commercial

Alana Blanchard stripping down to a bikini for the new T-Mobile commercial promoting the Sony Xperia Z is not a new thing for us to see, but that doesn’t mean we ever get tired of seeing her do it. In fact, we welcome it as often as possible. In this new commercial Alana Blanchard plays the part of a spy, who along with several other really hot female spies are out to save the world. Naturally, Alana is required to be in a bikini, do some surfing on her super spy surfboard, and use T-Mobile’s Sony Xperia Z. It’s quite the concept and Alana, who is no stranger to the camera pulls it off with flair.

Your move, Anastasia.

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Photo credit: YouTube/T-Mobile

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