Sexy surfer Alana Blanchard and her friends are back

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

0T7pu Sexy surfer Alana Blanchard and her friends are back

Alana Blanchard is back with her newest episode which sees her and her close friends Leila & Camille score some waves, stretch out in downward dog pose, and even learn some badass choke holds. As you will recall from a couple of weeks ago, our favorite surfer, Alana Blanchard, has her own TV show (why this hasn’t been done before is beyond me), and on the show she and her hot friends Leila Hurst and Camille Brady are filmed doing all sorts of fun things on the show. In this episode, the girls do a little muscle relaxation, core strength training, and balance training, then follow that up by learning some Jiu-Jitsu self defense moves. Just like every other sexy surfer girl you know. (Okay, I don’t know any sexy surfer girls either. That’s what makes it so fun to watch.)

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Photo credit: YouTube/Network A

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