Candice Swanepoel had a dream in a bikini

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

WtAFM Candice Swanepoel had a dream in a bikini

I really like this new short film/commercial by Juicy Couture featuring Candice Swanepoel. The headline kind of tells you why. I like how happy Candice looks throughout the video. She really seems to be enjoying herself. Of course, it’s all some sort of dream she’s having while hanging by the pool in a bikini. That’s really the part I like the most: the fact that while they may be trying to sell more than just bikinis they made sure that they put that hook in there of having Candice wearing one anyway. That’s just Genius Marketing 101, right there.

Want even more Candice Swanepoel in your life? Give this a click.

Photo credit: YouTube/Juicy Couture

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