Courtney Stodden in a lettuce bikini happened

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

gShF1fe Courtney Stodden in a lettuce bikini happened

As much as I loathe feeding the beast that is Courtney Stodden and her dad/husband this is her wearing a very revealing “lettuce” bikini so basically my hand is being forced here. I tried to to ignore this. I really did. I made it almost 24 hours, but in the end Courtney Stodden in a very skimpy lettuce bikini was just too much to resist. Oh, this is for PETA, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. And is it just me or is Courtney dang near unrecognizable at this point compared to what she looked like just less than a year and a half ago? And I don’t mean just because of her new breast implants.

Want even more Courtney Stodden? Sadly, we do have more, right here.

Photo credit: YouTube/Maximo

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