Courtney Stodden saying her crazy tweets is worth a watch

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

As much as it pains me to promote anything related to Courtney Stodden, this video of her saying some of her most wacked out tweets is almost a must-see. For those of you who are unfamiliar (and bless you if you are), Courtney is the one who made news last year for marrying 51 year-old actor Doug Hutchinson while she was just 17 (allegedly). This created quite a media storm which she fanned with several provocative photo shoots, videos, and a Twitter account that reads like a Harlequin novel. There’s been some debate about whether she’s really 18 (now), but as you can see from the video, which amazingly I think you will enjoy, there’s no debate as to why people (read: men) are interested in her.

Photo credit: Funny or Die

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