Inessa Chimato brings the heat in another sexy stop-motion video

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

4oodXUO Inessa Chimato brings the heat in another sexy stop motion video

It’s been 12 whole days since we’ve checked in with our pals over at Kaloopy so I figured it was a good time to see what they’ve been up to. And what they’ve been up to is shooting another sexy video of Inessa Chimato. This is the fourth time we’ve seen Inessa putting on a smokeshow for our pals at Kaloopy Media and with each shoot she just keeps getting better and better at it, don’t you think? (If you do, be sure to drop her a note on her Twitter account because we want to keep encouraging her and all the other models to keeping shooting these videos. Positive reinforcement you know?

For more from Kaloopy, check them out on YouTube and on Facebook.

Photo credit: Kaloopy Media

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