Jen Selter: The most Instagrammed ass in the world

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

8vcFiHw Jen Selter: The most Instagrammed ass in the world

Back in May of 2013 we did a little feature on fitness hottie Jen Selter. Fast forward nine and half months later and her butt is the most famous backside on the Internet. What can we say? We were ahead of the curve. (Or curves in this case.)

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We still don’t know a whole lot about 20 year-old Jen other than with now over 1.6 million Instagram followers she’s been able to take that famous asset of hers and turn it into something of a career working as a spokesmodel with dreams of producing her own line of workout wear according to an interview she did recently with the New York Post.

“With hard work and dedication, anyone can get to where I am,” said Selter. Yes, that and a one in a million ass.

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