Melanie Iglesias made another amazing flip book video

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

b9jBv Melanie Iglesias made another amazing flip book video

Just when I start talking about Melanie Iglesias and her awesome flip books, boom, she goes and puts out another one. This video follows the lovely Melanie as she visits a pool party(!) and dances away to the sounds of Tiësto. Along the way, she wears some seriously sexy outfits and the AKG by Tiësto range of headphones, the first headphone line designed for dance. While I have always enjoyed her flip book videos, this one might be the best of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hula hoop video, but the outfits she wears in this are hotter than ever. No wonder she’s a former Maxim Hometown Hotties winner.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Melanie Iglesias

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