Melissa Giraldo and the sexiest hairbra pictures you’ll ever see

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

Melissa Giraldo hot pics 10 Melissa Giraldo and the sexiest hairbra pictures youll ever see

A couple of weeks ago we saw two Colombian models in what I called perhaps the sexiest photo shoot of 2014. Today we have another Colombian model making her case for that honor in Melissa Giraldo. This is why Colombia scored so high on our list of the sexiest countries last year, people.

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Also as I pointed out in that previous photo shoot, Colombian bikini and lingerie companies do better photo shoots than just about anyone on the planet, especially the company we see Melissa modeling for today, Babalu. As you can see, every single one of these photos involve a hairbra – the most underutilized tool at lingerie companies’ disposal. Granted, it’s hard to sell a standard bra that way, but have you ever seen panties look sexier on a woman?

Photo credit: Babalu

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