One to watch: Alexandria Yamazaki, model on the move

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

Alexandria Yamazaki 005 One to watch: Alexandria Yamazaki, model on the move

Since we did such a good job with Tyler Suess (2014 Hooters Girl of the Year) how about we introduce you another model to keep an eye on? Meet Alexandria Yamazaki.

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As you may recall our buds over at Kaloopy are doing a photo series called “Behind the Girl” where they find models like Alexandria, sit down and interview them, and take sexy pictures. Genius, right? Right. So what did they learn about Alexandria? Well, she’s started out in L.A. where a scout discovered her, made some contacts, then moved to Japan to do some modeling. And now she’s back to wow us in the States. In her interview we also get to learn about her ideal night/date, the most dangerous/most daring thing she’s ever done, who she’d have dinner with if she could choose anyone, and more.

Check out the interview and 50 more pics of Alexandria right here.

For even more from Kaloopy, be sure to visit them on Facebook.

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