Paulina Gretzky shows why she is also a ‘great one’

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

paulina gretzky Paulina Gretzky shows why she is also a great one


Rarely has a woman made so much news by doing so little as Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina Gretzky has. Perhaps it’s because she’s attractive and posts sexy pics on her Twitter account. Perhaps. That being said, she’s become something of an Internet sensation thanks to said photographs, and now she’s landed a part in Grown Ups 2 as well as a sexy pictorial and interview with Complex magazine. Today we’re focusing on the latter. In her interview she talks about being the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, her relationship status and the sexy Twitpics that made her infamous. But most importantly, she posed for that revealing photo shoot I mentioned, which they also caught on video. Smart move.

Check out the rest of Paulina’s sexy pictorial right here.

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