Shay Maria on video is why the Internet was invented

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

defyF Shay Maria on video is why the Internet was invented

Internet legend Shay Maria is back with part three of this epic five part series of videos from our friends over at Kaloopy Media. And amazingly this edition has somehow managed to top the first two. How is that possible when part two featured hairbras and handbras I can hear you asking. Well, in this episode Shay is wearing a crochet swimsuit. You know what crochet is right? It’s kind of, uh, see through. Now you’re starting to get the picture. I can’t wait to see what part four and five have in store. The videos can’t possibly continue to get better, can they?

And don’t forget that Kaloopy has also put together a bonus package of a sweet new Shay Maria t-shirt, “The Bunker,” that you can pick up here.

For even more from Kaloopy, check them out on YouTube and their Facebook page.

Photo credit: Kaloopy Media

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