‘Weird Science 2′ creates Alessandra Ambrosio

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

VxJ3lKw Weird Science 2 creates Alessandra Ambrosio

Remember the movie Weird Science where two nerds created Kelly LeBrock (arguably the sexiest woman on the planet at the time)? Well, it’s 2013 and now two nerds have gone and “created” Alessandra Ambrosio. In this case the two nerds are Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte and Mad Men’s Marten Holden Weiner. They’re no Anthony Michael Hall and that, uh, other guy, but the results still ended up being about as good, if not better. And here we’d been wondering why we hadn’t seen much from Alessandra Ambrosio lately.

Want even more Alessandra Ambrosio? We’ve got more right here.

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