Who is the sexy actress in the Toyota ‘Big Responsibility’ commercial?

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

ypsfafh Who is the sexy actress in the Toyota Big Responsibility commercial?

So have you seen the new Toyota “Big Responsibility” commercial in which a dad and his hottie of a daughter are discussing buying a new car and she ends up being really “psyched” about it? Want to know who that actress is? We’ve got the answer. The actress in this Toyota commercial for their #1 for Everyone Sales Event is Hannah Kasulka. Hannah Kasulka is an actress from Macon, Georgia. Go Macon! And she’s appeared on TV shows such as Nashville, Up All Night and Guys With Kids, as well as been in films like What to Expect When You’re Expecting. You can check out Hannah Kasulka’s acting profile more in-depth here. Girl has gone some beautiful eyes on her. She could be a real keeper if Hollywood can hook her up with the right roles. She’s also on Twitter if you want to keep in touch and see how her career is rolling along. I’m hoping for bigger and better, but I think I already made that clear.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Toyota

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