Who is the sexy actress who plays the Orbit Gum Girl?

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

There has been more than one Orbit Gum Girl over the years, but the one currently holding the position is the one we’re talking about today. So who is the current Orbit Gum Girl? Her name is Farris Patton and she replaced Vanessa Branch as the Orbit Gum Girl back in April of 2010. Farris Patton has done tons (and we mean tons) of commercials over the years including ads for Comcast and Sierra Mist, but says that being the Orbit Gum Girl is “commercial actor’s dream.” She’s got her own Web site which features several gorgeous pictures of the actress and she’s also pretty active on Twitter. Fabulous!

More of Farris Patton’s work as the Orbit Gum Girl…

And an interview she did with E!…

And an American Heart Association PSA she did with Ken Jeong…

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Photo credits: YouTube/Orbit, YouTube/Orbit

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