Did Screen Junkies steal HitFix’s ‘superheros introducing themselves’ supercut?

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Screen Junkies posted a supercut of superheros introducing themselves that’s eerily similar to one HitFix posted last week. We’ll let you watch and decide if there’s tomfoolery afoot from Screen Junkies. In any case, there are some great intros here, and it’s well worth watching even if it is sort of for the second time.

I’m absolutely willing to believe that multiple people can independently have the same idea, especially with something as common as supercuts. A new one pops up every day, and it’s not just a few hours from conception to completion. It might just be one of Bob Ross’ happy little accidents, but the overlap of a few obscure superheros gives cause for question.

Check out the HitFix version here and decide for yourself.

UPDATE: Check out the comments for more more details/explanation. Looks like all’s good in Hollywood.

sleepy skunk superhero intro Did Screen Junkies steal HitFixs superheros introducing themselves supercut?


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