First look at Jennifer Lawrence’s blue body suit as Mystique

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Jennifer Lawrence is 10x more popular now than she was when X-Men: First Class hit theaters, so there’s 10x more attention on her blue body in X-Men: Days of Future Past. This first look at her in costume shows she will more than stand up to the scrutiny.

Jennifer Lawrence Mystique body suit paint 640x853 First look at Jennifer Lawrences blue body suit as Mystique


Some fanpervs whined when it was announced that she’d be wearing a blue body suit instead of body paint, but I doubt they’ll be disappointed. She explained a few months back how tedious the painting process was for X-Men: First Class and how happy she was to be in the body suit. I’ll take a happy J-Law in spandex over a miserable J-Law in paint any day.

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