Megan Fox in a bikini ain’t bad

Douglas Charles Managing Editor

uv3o9 Megan Fox in a bikini aint bad

Back in August we enjoyed seeing Megan Fox wearing just a bra in a trailer for the film This is 40. Now there’s another new trailer and this time she’s wearing a bikini. This could be a good film. Of course, any film featuring Megan Fox in a bikini automatically jumps near the top of my must-see list. Plus, I like this career path that Megan is taking. Wearing just a bra? Check. Wearing a sexy leather outfit showing off her tight bod? Check. Wearing a bikini? Check. I’ve always said that people should stick to their strengths and as you can see from the three examples I have given, those are hands down Megan’s.

Can’t get enough Megan Fox? There’s even more right here.

Photo credit: YouTube/AMC Theatres

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