New ‘Wolverine’ poster loves the clone stamp

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

I’m not a graphic artists or professional movie poster critic, but I’m pretty sure any of you could have made the latest poster for The Wolverine.

Let’s play a game! How many clones can you spot in this professionally made poster for a blockbuster movie? There are at least couple, but the one I highlighted is so glaringly obvious that it’s hard to concentrate on finding others. I don’t want to get into “an all-ninjas look alike” conversation, but someone over in the art house is definitely racist.

Wolverine ninja poster 640x948 New Wolverine poster loves the clone stamp


With any luck, for the studio at least, we’ll learn that this was all a big joke perpetuated by ComingSoon. Because if this is a legit poster, someone should be committing harakiri.

original image via SuperheroHype

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