Coco’s ass swallows thong on ‘Conan’

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Ice-T and Coco discussed a picture of Coco’s ass swallowing her thong on Conan last night, which led to potentially the quote of the year. “You need some butt because that’s the impact area.” “You don’t want to break a pelvis or anything. Ya dig?” That’s right, folks. Ice-T prefers a big ass for her safety, and for that, we commend him. That’s true love and selflessness.

And for those of you too preoccupied to pause the clip during the three-second window, here’s the picture of Coco’s ass swallowing her thong.

CoCo Conan booty swallows thong 640x448 Cocos ass swallows thong on Conan


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