Kid from ‘Two And A Half Men’ thinks his show is garbage

K. Thor Jensen Contributing Writer, Entertainment

And he’s getting paid $300,000 an episode. What’s your excuse? Even with Charlie Sheen gone, Two And A Half Men still gets insanely high ratings, making it one of the most profitable shows on television. But the series is obviously on its last legs, especially if this new video is any indication. Angus T. Jones, who plays Jake the titular “half man,” has been with the show since 2003 and has made millions from it, but apparently it’s getting to be too much for him. Jones seems to have converted to Christianity in his free time, and his new church just put out a video, shot in the star’s production trailer, in which he rips apart the hit sitcom, calling it “filth” and saying that people should stop watching it. Damn!

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