They’d better bring the ‘Heavy Metal’ TV series here

K. Thor Jensen Contributing Writer, Entertainment

Oh, I’m sorry, Metal Hurlant. Excuse me. Heavy Metal, if you’re not in the loop, is the absolute best sci-fi / fantasy comics magazine ever published. Since 1974, it’s been featuring the greatest artists in the world knocking out adults-only stories of gore, sex, and the future. An animated movie was made based on the magazine in 1981, with an awesome soundtrack, but now it’s turning into a TV series. And it looks balls-out awesome. Unfortunately, Metal Hurlant Chronicles hasn’t found a network to air on anywhere but France. Starring Michael Jai White, Rutger Hauer, Kelly Brook and Matt Mullins, it’s a heroic fantasy in the Game of Thrones mold. Who should pick it up here? Starz? FX? Let them know.

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