What TV shows we should watch tonight

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Nikita 640x429 What TV shows we should watch tonight


Friday night’s are devoid of quality television so my deepest apologies. Here are just a handful of things to keep your eye on.

Nikita @ 8pm, CW: I feel like I should start my own Nikita fan club. Who’s with me?

The Tonight Show @ 11:30pm, NBC: Does anybody else find Leslie Mann hot? No? Just me? Cool.

20/20 @ 10pm, ABC: Tonight’s show has a holiday survival guide. Because, you know, you probably haven’t seen that on like 50 different websites already.

Lakers-Thunder @ 9:30pm, ESPN: The Lakers are a dumpster fire and they’re probably going to get smacked tonight. So let’s all point and laugh at them.

Jungle Gold @ 10pm, Discovery: There’s gold in the jungle apparently and of course, Discovery is there to record the whole thing.

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