What TV shows we should watch tonight

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Private Practice What TV shows we should watch tonight


Series finale of Private Practice and season finale of Parenthood. Elsehwere, Raylan Givens run into some legal trouble on Justified. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

Michigan State-Wisconsin @ 7pm, ESPN: The best rivalry in the B1G today.

Private Practice @ 10pm, ABC: Amazing the show lasted as long as it did. Say goodbye to this Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

Parenthood @ 10pm, NBC: Tonight’s season finale will make you cry. I guarantee it.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart @ 11pm, Comedy Central: What could Jennifer Lopez possibly add to this show? Find out tonight.

Justified @ 10pm, FX: And now the FBI wants to investigate Raylan. Can we just the leave guy alone? Leave him to shoot Harlan County misfits with no regard for the law.

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