What TV shows we should watch tonight

A. Isaac Senior Editor

The Office season premiere What TV shows we should watch tonight


Tune into The Office I guess but truthfully, they ruined one of America’s great comedies. Had it ended before its decline it would have ranked among the best. Here’s what else you need to watch tonight.

Giants-Panthers @ 8pm, NFL: It’s the Cam show and I don’t think the Giants want any part of it.

The Office @ 9pm, NBC: It’s the last season of The Office. A show that should have ended some five years ago.

BYU-Boise State @ 9pm, ESPN: The Cougs invade the Blue Turf. A place where seemingly no one wins.

Conan @ 11pm, TBS: The always entertaining Ricky Gervais makes an appearance.

Parks and Recreation @ 9:30pm, NBC: Finally, an NBC show that’s actually, you know, good.

Louie @ 10:30pm, FX: The conclusion of a three-part episode.

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