What TV shows we should watch tonight: ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Following’

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Shakira What TV shows we should watch tonight: The Voice and The Following


Forgive me, I’m all sported out from the tourney-gasm over the weekend. Everything tonight is either reality, drama or comedy. Here’s what you need to watch.

The Voice @ 8pm, NBC: No Christina, no Cee-LO, gonna be tough for me to hang around this season.

The Following @ 9pm, FOX: You know what I love about the show? Any time they seem to lose themselves, they simply throw in another obscure “follower.” Roderick, Chris, Emma. By the end of the season, the cast will be 100 deep.

Conan @ 11pm, TBS: Magic Johnson’s on tonight, presumably to relive his days as a late-night host.

Revolution @ 10pm, NBC: Show’s back after a brief hiatus and goes head-to-head with ABC’s Castle.

How I Met Your Mother @ 8pm, CBS: No, you do not find out who the mother is tonight. Carry on.

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