What TV shows we should watch

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders making the team What TV shows we should watch

It’s Friday night, you shouldn’t be home. But if you’re a couch potato, here’s what you need to watch tonight.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team @ 9 pm, CMT: Ok fine, yes, I watch this show when my wife’s not home.

Touch @ 8pm, Fox: So this is really weird. The season doesn’t start until October and yet Fox is releasing this episode as a teaser of sorts. Dumb.

Washington State-UNLV @ 9pm, ESPN: Did you know that Washington State fans and alums have carried the flag to every single ESPN GameDay spot? I swear it’s true, I read it on the internet.

Shark Tank @ 8pm, ABC: Why exactly did they bring this show back?

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: The very talented and beautiful Brit Marling stops by.

High School Football @ 8pm, ESPN2: I understand that college football wants to steal the spotlight on Friday night, but as it stands now it is still high school’s time to shine.

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