Yes! Hilary Duff is finally returning to television

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hilary duff new tv show Yes! Hilary Duff is finally returning to television

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Wow, first Lindsay Lohan gets a movie and now Hilary Duff lands a new TV show. What decade is it again? Not that I’m complaining. I’m all for seeing more of both of these ladies on the big and small screen. Especially Hilary now that she’s all single and ready to mingle.

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Thank goodness for social media and apps like Twitter or we probably wouldn’t have known about this important turn of events. The last time we saw Hilary Duff as the main star on a TV show was way back 2004. The best we’ve had since then were the six episodes she did for Gossip Girl in 2009.

Tweeted Duff the other day, “I am so excited!! Next month I am shooting a pilot for @tvland called #younger with the amazing @sfosternyc.”

Oh. It’s going to be on TV Land? Hmmm. @sfosternyc, that’s Sutton Foster. She’s kind of hot. Yeah, okay, I suppose I’ll still check it out. If I can find the channel.

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