This adorable girl didn’t want to give up her Pop-Tart—then she ran into a door

A. Isaac Senior Editor

You know how the Steve Miller band said “go on, take the money and run.” Well this adorable little girl didn’t have any money, she had a Pop-Tart. She did run though. She didn’t make it very far.

This, of course, devolved into a political discussion on YouTube. Because politicizing Pop Tarts is a thing we actually do and GOD I HATE YOU INTERNET.

youtube comments This adorable girl didnt want to give up her Pop Tart   then she ran into a door

It’s Thursday morning. By Friday afternoon this girl will have a lifetime supply of Pop-Tarts. Mark my words. That’s how PR works these days.
Ten years from now her parents will sue Pop-Tarts because their daughter has diabetes. Mark my words. That’s how the legal system works these days.

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