News anchor pledges allegiance to the wrong thing

Chris Spags Founder and Editor

Minneapolis ABC affiliate anchor Bill Lunn was trying to make one of those punchy intros that local news shows love so dearly. Unfortunately, his attempt at “pledging allegiance” featured a homosexual epithet instead.

Obviously a totally innocent blooper. Unless it’s just Bill Lunn making a courageous stand for his rights to equality. Yeah! Hoping it’s the latter and, even if it isn’t, let’s pretend it is. I salute you, Bill Lunn, you courageous gay soldier.

UPDATE: As Twitter user @Antimidas pointed out to me — and you can see if you start the video at 0:00 — Lunn’s blooper followed a news story about a church dropping their support for the Boy Scouts in the wake of their updated stance on homosexuality. Awkward.

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