Ewok ‘Sex Den’ is the sickiest thing to hit the web since…ever

Chris Illuminati


It’s really creepy to imagine what goes on behind the closed doors of strangers. Especially when they might be banging Ewoks.

A really creepy story popped up on Reddit about an “Ewok Sex Den” that a reader stumbled upon. Here’s his explanation of event.

“My friend and neighbor told me he found something strange in the abandoned house next door. I went and what we found was a mess of abandoned housewares, socks, boxes… and two very strange homemade ewok costumes. The two costumes appeared to have had the crotches deliberately and delicately cut out.”

May the f*ck be with you or whatever you’re into.

ewok sex den Ewok Sex Den is the sickiest thing to hit the web since...ever

Ewok “Sex Den” Is An Urban Legend For The Ages [Kotaku]

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