Expectations and reality: A celebration of life’s little fails

hearing your own voice expectations vs reality
getting out of the pool, expectation vs. realityexpectation vs reality of leaving Facebook.com for a few daysno shave november expectations vs realityonline dating profile expectations vs realitystudying with friends expectation vs realitykissing expectation vs realityripping tape with your teeth expectations vs realitymicrowave meals expectations vs realityfriday night expectations vs realityexercising expectations versus realitycutting your hair expectations vs realitytanning expectations vs realitypolar bear plungesand castle expectations vs realityslinky expectation vs realityputting on toothpastepiratessauna expectations vs realitybiting my lipred solo cup usagesleeping with pets expectations vs realitybefore and after the gymwearing a fedorahair flip expectations versus realitydog riding in the carclown expectationplaying tennis expectation