19 photos that prove kids crush adults when it comes to selfies

Chris Illuminati


I was better than my old man at weird stuff. Especially anything involving technology.

I’m a father now and I’m well aware that eventually my kid will be better than me at everything. Even stuff that’s really not for kids. Take selfies for example. I’m confident I could try for an hour to take a selfie (I wouldn’t) and my kid could accidentally snap a photo on my phone (looking for his folder of games) and snap a better picture. At least my old man still can’t work his television. I’m still superior to someone.

Kids have mastered the selfie. It’s probably because they don’t really care how they look in photos. They don’t have years of embarrassing photos to hinder their ability to crack a smile when a camera is in their face. Check out these photos that prove kids are better than adults at snapping a self portrait.













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