Little kid’s letter to a rapper is adorable, a sign of society’s downfall

Chris Spags Founder and Editor

Middle schooler Grayson is a big fan of rapper A$AP Rocky and wanted to write a letter to him for a school project. But the letter is simultaneously adorable and kiiiiind of the worst thing ever.

The letter went to one of A$AP Rocky’s reps, Ray the Destoyer, and was posted to Instagram.

kid letter ASAP rocky Little kids letter to a rapper is adorable, a sign of societys downfall


While the kid’s taste in music vis a vis A$AP Rocky’s song “F**kin’ Problems” is solid — who doesn’t love a song about liking “bad bitches”, really? — it’s probably not the best thing for a sixth grader to think is a good thing to cite in a school project.

You should probably prefer good bitches until at least eighth grade in my professional opinion.

(via Buzzfeed)

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