North Korea Instagram videos are perfect 15-second looks into the crazy

Chris Spags Founder and Editor

Rarely can an average American get a look behind the guarded walls of North Korea. Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder got just that…and turned it into an Instagram video binge that’s amazing to see.

1. Video propaganda playing at a bar

I guess we can’t expect to watch the Real Housewives of Chongju out in a bar, huh?

2. Sick roadside propaganda bro

Say what you will but at least it’s colorful.

3. Pyongyang during the nighttime

About as beautiful as a sumo wrestler’s anus.

4. Soldiers hanging in front of a hilarious portrait of Kim Il Sung

He looks so fun loving!

There are a ton more on Guttenfelder’s Instagram page if you want to see even more behind the curtain.

(via Gizmodo)

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