Wall Street’s fluctuations now tracked by floppy robot wieners

Cass Anderson

Each year for thesis presentation NYU’s Tisch School of Arts holds a ‘thesis show’ in which the floppiest and most magnificent penises, or ‘art installations,’ are showcased.

This year the ITP Thesis Show was dazzled by this wall of 81 3-D printed animatronic wangers who’s function is to visually represent data, such as the stock market.

penis wall Wall Streets fluctuations now tracked by floppy robot wieners

Why stop so short though? I mean, think about if those moving floppy phalluses were to incorporate technology analogous to a mood ring. So not only could it represent data, we could all be pleasantly treated to a dazzling light show of angry red penises when the market plummets!

Source: DeathandTaxes And for more from the creator of the d*ck wall, Peiqi SU, check out his Vimeo page HERE.

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