Woman who breastfeeds her dog is just horrifying

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Warning: The story of Terri Graham, a mother who breastfeeds her dog but not her kids, might make you vomit in your mouth.

n1TZc Woman who breastfeeds her dog is just horrifying


According to the article in UK magazine Closer, currently going viral on Reddit, Graham says the dog, Spider, developed a taste for breast milk after tasting a bottle she had pumped for her then-newborn.

Graham, a Californian, says that breast feeding the pug makes her “feel complete and a better mother.”

When reached for comment, Spider the Dog said, “I just spent twenty minutes licking my anus after I took a leaky breastmilk dump. Do you think my tastes are really a credible rationale for any decision?”

Terri Graham, Mother, Breastfeeds Dog To ‘Feel Complete’ [Huffington Post]

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