Awkward Spaceship presents Roland Ballance, the Eggnog Connoisseur

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor


Holiday season typically means you’re stuck drinking eggnog, even if only for ceremony. The Awkward Spaceship’s Eggnog Connoisseur can teach you how to pretend as if you’re all-knowing when it comes to nog.

I’ll come right out and say that I’m not a fan of egg nog, even when it’s laced with a healthy dose of bourbon. I love raw egg in cocktails, but you’ve lost me once you bring milk and cream to the cup. It’s like drinking a melted vanilla milkshake with extra egg on top. No thanks. I do appreciate Awkward Spaceship’s ability to mock all too many aficionados though. If you’ve been to scotch or wine tastings, you know this is exactly how people act. Grab a couple buzz words, say them with confidence, and you’re ready to play the part of Roland Ballance, Eggnog Connoisseur.

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