Remote control amphibious beer delivery car

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Need proof that the RC car generation has grown up? You can now buy a remote controlled amphibious beer delivering vehicle.

remote controlled amphibious beer delivery car 214x214 Remote control amphibious beer delivery car


The smartest guy is the one who sits one seat away from the cooler. You never have to get anyone a beer but you’re close enough to still be handed one with ease. With the “Electric Amphibious Vehicle” almost every seat is a good seat. The person next to the cooler gets to play with a remote controlled car, and the people at the far end get to drink without getting up.

Before you get your hopes up, it does have its drawbacks. The most useful situation would be for delivering beers to someone in the pool. Unfortunately in boat-mode the cup holders are occupied by the wheels. It’s only capable of carrying your drinks on land. You still have a water cannon to shoot your friends if they won’t toss you a beer though.

It’s not a bad deal for $99 if you happen to spend a lot of time poolside. Then again, you could probably just tape a McDonald’s drink carrier to the top of any other remote controlled car and accomplish the same thing.

remote controlled beer boat Remote control amphibious beer delivery car


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