SoCo’s new “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign is dead sexy

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Booze companies are some of the biggest proponents of “sex sells,” and this is easily the sexiest ad you’ll see all month.

If you ask women to lie about the first thing they look for in a guy, confidence is always number one. Confidence is sexy. Southern Comfort’s new campaign, “Whatever’s Comfortable,” is about exactly that. What else could allow a fat mustachioed man to stroll down the beach in Europe’s finest swimwear and pedo glasses? I think the top two commenters nailed it:

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I only recently discovered the joys of SoCo on the rocks. If you’ve only had it in a shot with lime or mixed with cola, give it a try. Just don’t do it while wearing a Speedo, please. I beg you.

SoCo Comfortable 640x426 SoCos new Whatevers Comfortable campaign is dead sexy

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